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[edit] About Me

[edit] A Wikiday Greeting


My name's Matt, but you can call me LePorello. I joined the wiki on December 30 of 2005, which was the first day I found out that anonymous editing and new user registration had been re-implanted.

[edit] How I Got My Username

If you have to go here to figure this out, you must have crap for brains. In Ballad of The Sneak, The Sneak is called "the Strong Man's Leporello." (Sorry, it's not French!)

[edit] Personal Crap

As mentioned above, my name's Matt. I'm 19 years old and a big sports enthusiast, among other things. Ordinarily, I live in Connecticut, but I'm attending college in North Carolina. What else to add...hmmm.

[edit] My Introduction to Homestar

Sometime in late June/early July of '05 (I'm not sure which, but modeling was the newest SBEmail at the time), my friends Jacob, Zach, and Matt told me about the site. I was hooked. My first SBEmail (and the first thing I watched on the site) was virus. My first game was TROGDOR!

The next day, I looked all over for the site. I (embarrassingly) typed in the wrong URL several times before reaching the site. It took me a while to start watching the 'toons. I only started when, while surfing, I found Cool Things. (The description was "Strong Sad gets lucky".) I've been all over the site ever since.

[edit] My Introduction to the HRWiki

I don't know how long I had been on the site for when my sister started playing Peasant's Quest. She was stumped, so we Googled "peasant's quest walkthrough" and were brought here. I liked the site, so I looked up the URL and have been here ever since. I, however, decided to google "hr wiki" to get here and ended up at Venusy's user page. My first edit (anonymously, of course) was the only goof for flag day. The day I planned to become a user was, however, the first day anonymous editing and new user registration were down. My waiting paid off and I am now a user.

[edit] Unscripted Hiatus

For about 3 years, I just stopped going onto H*R and the wiki. I have no idea how this happened. I just forgot about it, and eventually, I adjusted to life without Homestar.

[edit] Triumphant-ish Return

In February 2009, I was at a birthday party when a friend started talking about the site (someone had started singing "Trogdor"). I mentioned my hiatus and he gave me a brief description of email thunder. I stored this in my mind until May, when I started playing Peasant's Quest and Stinkoman 20X6 again. Towards the end of June, I watched email thunder, before going off on a short-term missions trip in Hartford. When I returned, hremail 3184 had been released, and I spent an evening watching many SBEmails that I had missed. I'm glad to be back, though I'll most likely be much less active than in ye olden days of high activity.

[edit] My Personal Favorite Homestar Stuff

Oh, this thing is so cute. I want one.

[edit] My Favorite User Quotes

  • Homework...invented by someone who didn't have to do it. Bubsty
  • I've got half a mind to get the other half of my mind back. Has Matt?
  • It's people??!!?!?!?!?! No wonder my mom's fruitcake tasted like presbyterians... Homsarroks
  • There are two reasons I hate Valentine's Day. It used to be a holiday of love, a day of caring for the one you appreciated more than anyone else. Now it's just a commercial holiday used for selling crappily manufactured stuffed animals and heart-shaped candies that taste like chalk. Ew. And...I don't have a Valentine. So sad. Teh Frossty One
  • I feel like a bee in a broccoli.......wait— Seriously
  • Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata, hiding with the candy, hoping the kids don't break through with a stick. Thesmokingmonkey
  • Don't put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow. DorianGray


[edit] My Proudest H*R Moments

  • Beating Stinkoman 20X6 (v7) without getting a Game Over!

[edit] My Proudest HRWiki Moments (and other stuff)

[edit] Crispety Cookety Vandalism Log

Vandalism log: This page has been vandalized 8 times.

I was originally ticked off at having my page vandalized, but then I realized that it means that the vandal is ticked off at you. Which is a good thing, right?

[edit] Who the Crap am I?


Which Homestar Runner character are you?

Apologies to MichaelXX2 for swiping your section title.

[edit] Never Fear, I Know How To Fix Your Userbox!

These are my userboxes. Enjoy!


[edit] Stuff I Like

Just some non-H*R-related stuff I like.

[edit] T-TV, TV Shows

Whose Line is it Anyway?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Colbert Report

[edit] Movies

The Lord of the Rings (all three)
The Rookie
Dead Poets Society
Star Wars (all six)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Princess Bride

[edit] These Are Some Websites!

More games!
Even more games!
Weird yet true news! (And some H*R stuff!)
Free fonts!
This cool toon.
A country singer with way too much free time.
H*R! (Duh.)
And obviously this wiki. Double Duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!

[edit] Play These Games!

Heli Attack 2
Heli Attack 3
Jedi Trainer
TROGDOR! (Burninate baby!)
Stinkoman 20X6 (This game is awexome!)

[edit]'s Best Selections

Point Blanc
Skeleton Key
Eagle Strike
Ark Angel

[edit] Battle of the Non-Crappy Bands

Relient K
Steven Curtis Chapman
Casting Crowns
Bon Jovi
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band


[edit] Sort-of-Fun Facts

Here are some facts that may or may not be fun to you. Take your pick.

[edit] Experimental Can

And now, the moment you haven't been waiting for — a parody of "Experimental Film." It is called "Experimental Can." Here are the lyrics, and by the way, no stealing my idea. If you do, I will turn you over to a cut-off-your-toes-style collections agency. And the IRS.

The fizzin’ of a cold Pepsi
Inside a drinking can
I’m chuggin’ it down and burping up
And up and up and up the drink

It’s in this experimental can
Which nobody knew about until
I’m still figuring out what stuff’s inside
This new experimental can

Yeah! This stuff’s gonna be
In this experimental can and
Even though I’m almost there
I can’t tell you just what’s in it

I don’t really know what happens
At the parties where your can a splodes
I don’t know what makes your can a splode
‘Cause you don’t shake it up at all

What’s in this experimental can?
Well, nobody knows just what it is
And I just know the stuff inside a splodes
In la experimental can

Yeah! This stuff’s gonna be
In this experimental can and
Even though I’m almost there
I can’t tell you just what’s in it

The fizzin’ of a cold Pepsi
Inside a drinking can

It’s in this experimental can
Which nobody knew about until
I’m still figuring out what stuff’s inside
This new experimental can

Yeah! This stuff’s gonna be
In this experimental can and
Even though I’m almost there
I can’t tell you just what’s in it

Yeah! This stuff’s gonna be
In this experimental can and
Even though I’m almost there
I can’t tell you just what’s in it

Even though I’m almost there
I can’t tell you just what’s in it

Thank you! Thank you! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Arriba! Arriba! So, that's Experimental Can to you too. Whatever.

[edit] Top Ten List

And now, for your non-entertainment pleasure: my Top Ten list! It's simply titled "Top Ten "Murphy's Law of School." So sit back, relax, and hope you enjoy the show.

Top Ten "Murphy's Law of School"

10.Whatever you think is not important will always be on the test.

9. If you change your answer on a quiz, the other answer will always be the right one.

8. The pop quiz will be on the chapter you didn't read for homework last night.

7. The dog didn't really eat your homework.

6. The teacher will be so busy chewing you out for being 30 seconds late to class that she won't notice other students come in 5 minutes late.

5. You'll be the one caught with the passed note.

4. When you blow off studying for a test because you think that there will be a snow day tomorrow, you'll have school.

3. When you cram past midnight for a test, you'll have a snow day the next day.

2. When you ask your teacher about your test grade, he'll find something else worth taking a point off for.

1. The one test you ace, everyone else aces. The one test you fail, everyone else aces.

[edit] To Everyone (Yes, Everyone)

[edit] Latin Translations: Archive

Due to the fact that I stopped taking Latin 3 years ago (only took it in middle school), I am halting production of Latin Translation 1.00. This section is preserved as an archive. UPDATE: I am currently in college and am taking Latin again. Whether I revive the translation is undecided...but wow, my middle school Latin grammar was, well, middle school Latin grammar. (I'll leave the archived sentence as is, bad grammar and all, but if I do revive it, I promise better grammar.

Congraturation to all who solved the Latin translations! (Winners have a The Cheat-Bot!)

Solvers Hall of Fame:

Quotes Archive:

  1. Strong Bad: Si placet sepulcrum non confodetis. (Please don't dig up the grave.) From replacement. Solved by Domusstella Legushomestar-coder-sig.gif.
  2. Homestar: Dubito. Pellui. (I doubt it. I drove). From The Interview. Solved by Domusstella Cursor .
  3. Homsar Pen Puppet (said by Strong Bad): Persicorum superbia erat! ('Twas the pride of the peaches!) From interview. Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  4. Homestar: Gratias. Adipiscis! (Thanks. You win!) From Halloween Potion-ma-jig. Solved by Martus XCIX.
  5. Coach Z: Vir novus sum! (I'm a new man!) From other days. Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  6. Strong Bad: Senex carus, concludes! Amicus tuus, Validus Malus. (Dear oldie, shut up! Your pal, Strong Bad.) From Halloween Fairstival. Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  7. Old-Timey Marzipan: Ubi phasmatis est? (Where's the ghost?) From That A Ghost. Solved by Domusstella Cursor .
  8. Strong Sad: Malus sum. (I'm evil.) From different town. Solved by Martus XCIX.
  9. Strong Bad: Deceptus non mortuus est, laetus sum Deceptus non mortuus est. (The Cheat is not dead, I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead.) From caper. Solved by Martus XCIX.
  10. Homsar: Delectatio aetatis est. (Now this is the thrill of a lifetime.) From Happy T easter egg. Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  11. Strong Sad: Et subuculae suae nullae accommodant. (And none of his shirts fit me.) From 2 years. Solved by Domusstella Legushomestar-coder-sig.gif.
  12. Strong Bad: Saltutatus viro viro computatoris agimus! (Let's do a dance for the computer genius man!) From virus. Solved by Domusstella Legushomestar-coder-sig.gif.
  13. Strong Bad: Quid fautae feminae vellent vero est aliqui IGNISOFFICINI!!! (What the lady fans really want is some PYROTECHNICS!!!) From lady fan. Solved by Domusstella Cursor .
  14. Strong Bad: Omnes thaleri dulci aliqui vel crustiae futurae velletis frausatis. (Everybody wanna scam some sweet bucks or potential pizza.) From rock opera (and its easter egg). Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  15. Homestar: Terrae Longe? Castra Ductus Barbarus? Lacus Piscis? (Far-off Lands? Foreign Leadership Camp? Fish Lake?) From anything. Solved by — Egitne Mattius? (sermo).
  16. Strong Mad: CITHARAM NON VELLEO CENO! (I DON'T WANT TO EAT A GUITAR!) From haircut. Solved by NckerinfnoIV Unum tempum Habes!
  17. What's Her Face: Zeassulas in caelo habent spero! (I hope they have those corn chips in heaven!) From Teen Girl Squad Issue 10. Solved by Qermaqer - (S/C)Image:Qermaqsigpic.png.
  18. Strong Bad: In, vir, ternos novissimos anni dedisti! (You got me this for like the last three years, man!) From The Best Decemberween Ever. Solved by Qermaqer - (S/C)Image:Qermaqsigpic.png.
  19. Strong Bad: Forsitan picturam puellam pulchram misit. (Maybe he sent me a picture of a hot girl.) From lunch special. Solved by Qermaqer - (S/C)Image:Qermaqsigpic.png.
  20. Senor Cardgage: Unus prandium emptorabit dixit. (One o' them said they'd buy me lunch.) From Senor Mortgage. Solved by StolidusLacertosus.

[edit] A Quiz!!!!

A Homestar Quiz For You! (Possible answers in parentheses and separated by commas)

1. In the loading screen for 3 Times Halloween Funjob, which letter in the word "loading" is tilted? (O,A,D,N)

2. In Ballad of The Sneak, what punctuation mark is after the word "PROHIBITION" on Boss Tweed's leg? (?,!,.,no punctuation mark)

3. What color is The Sneak? (black, yellow, brown, unknown)

4. How many ice cubes are in Strong Sad's glass at the opening of Experimental Film? (2,3,4,5)

5. In rock opera, what number is on Tompkins' shirt? (0,1,8,125)

6. What color is the sky when Homestar goes back to Marzipan's house in Cool Things? (blue,pink,gray,purple)

7. In Lookin' at a Thing in a Bag, how many times does Bubs say "The end"? (13,15,17,21)

8. In Cool Things, which word is underlined on the "Under Old Management" sign on Bubs' Concession Stand when Homestar returns his cool shades? (under,old,management,none of them)

9. What does the "loading" screen read in Experimental Film? (loading,comin' up,gettin' ready,wait a minute)

10. How many evaporating clouds are in Level 6.1 of Stinkoman 20X6? (35,44,49,58)

Answers: 1-D, 2-?, 3-yellow, 4-4, 5-1, 6-purple, 7-13, 8-old, 9-comin' up, 10-49.

Thank You!

[edit] In Closing

Special Thanks to Thunderbird for creating my totally awexome sig!

P.S. Try and find all 15 easter eggs on this page! If you succeed, talk to me about it!

LePorello / T / C

What are you doing down here? The page ended up there! Go away!

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