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"Look, look at that girl."

Presidents of the United States are mentioned and seen various times in Free Country, in particular presidents Martin Van Buren and Abraham Lincoln. This is perhaps a nod to They Might Be Giants, who frequently use presidents as a theme in their music. It was revealed in an interview that The Brothers Chaps have an oval portrait of Lincoln hanging in their office.

[edit] Appearances

George Washington (Independent, 1789—1797, left after two terms)

Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican, 1801—1809, left after two terms)

  • @StrongBadActual — November 22, 2016 — Strong Bad, in frustration, explains that his Lin-Manuel Miranda costume is not "Evil Thomas Jefferson".

Martin Van Buren (Democratic, 1837—1841, lost reelection)

William Henry Harrison (Whig, 1841, died a month into term)

James K. Polk (Whig, 1845—1849, left after one term)

Zachary Taylor (Whig, 1849—1850, died from illness)

James Buchanan (Democratic, 1857—1861, left after one term)

  • Email diorama — Strong Bad has a robot in his diorama assassinate James Buchanan with a laser called the "Byoo-Cannon".

Abraham Lincoln (Republican, 1861—1865, assassinated)

See main article: Abraham Lincoln

James A. Garfield (Republican, 1881, assassinated)

William Howard Taft (Republican, 1909—1913, lost reelection)

Herbert Hoover (Republican, 1929—1933, lost reelection)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democratic, 1933—1945, died of natural causes)

  • Email redesign — Strong Bad suggests that the scrolling No Loafing Sign might be misread as "Franklin Delano Loafing".

Harry S. Truman (Democratic, 1945—1953, left after one elected term)

John F. Kennedy (Democratic, 1961—1963, assassinated)

Richard Nixon (Republican, 1969—1974, resigned)

  • imaginary — The question Strong Sad and his imaginary friend Scotty Titi are answering for "Time Magazine: The Game", is "What are Richard Nixon's favorite slacks?"

Jimmy Carter (Democratic, 1977—1981, lost reelection)

  • Email diorama — Strong Bad has robot assassinate Carter in his diorama.

Ronald Reagan (Republican, 1981—1989, term-limited)

[edit] Miscellaneous presidential references

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