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Welcome to the CoachZiscool1978, the user page that anyone can view.

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Retiring the diary, R.I.P. And the favourite article but that didn't rhyme. — 23/06/23

Infomation 'bout me.

Well, hi. I'm CoachZiscool1978, you may possibly know me as, that guy who calculated how many meeples it would take to stack a million; see here, the guy who started both Onion Bubs iMessage Stickers (now under iMessage Stickers), Strong Bad Sings on Vinyl! and Oldest Downloads Menu, that guy who started writing the transcript for Disk 4 of 12 - World Games, that guy who argued with the sysops about the GAME who's original NAME shall not be named here and that weirdo who fixed every double redirect on the site. (whether they needed fixing is up to debate). I've also been in Fan 'Stumes 2019, as described by the wiki "a guy dressed as Homestar standing next to a small Christmas tree." It was actually a Halloween tree but whatever, I'll take my moment in the limelight.

As you can see, I have no life and even less good costume ability. But what I do have is a passion for Homestar Runner, and this wiki, onto me now. I'm some young adult from the fair British Isles, where tea is in vending machines, knifes are in every orifice of you as soon as you leave the house, and where top hats and suits are the fourth emergency service. I first discovered Homestar Runner sometime in 2016, the exact reason has been lost to time, but it gave me something to build my teenage identity around and also forged my fascination with early 2000s internet, also forged my path into being a Flash animator, I'm sorry Toonboom, but you ain't got nothing on Flash. I also like Eddsworld, Vargskelethor Joel, and a bunch of others I can't be bothered to list.

If you want to check me out, you can find me at:

  • YouTube Channel [1]
  • Steam Profile [2] (Do what you want with that information)
  • Housemoon Sprinter, [3]

Enjoy my userpage!

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This page was "defaced" once. (I don't know if it's been defaced again...)

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