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Fifty-five days after Halloween

Decemberween (abbreviated as X-berween or D'Ween) is a holiday celebrated by the people of Free Country, USA 55 days after Halloween, on December 25. It bears many similarities to Christmas, with colorful lights, garlands, and the giving of presents, but also has some obvious differences. Though Christmas carols have made appearances ("O Holy Night" in A Holiday Greeting, "O Christmas Tree" in The Best Decemberween Ever and "Jingle Bells" in Decemberween Sweet Cuppin' Cakes), their correct words are never sung and only the tune is used. Decemberween food has some unique variations on more recognizable cuisine. Instead of turkeys and hams, the traditional meal is bunnies, much to Marzipan's chagrin. The origins of the holiday are complicated, involving at least one Angel, two Kobe Bryants, the Santa Claus-like Dr. Christmas, a sailor named Archibald, and The King of Town. Although the holiday's origins are explained in the pageant in A Decemberween Pageant, only glimpses of it are seen in the toon, leaving most of the story a mystery. In the Old-Timey days, Decemberween is described as "the most sanitary time of year", and was celebrated by piling up all the dead rats one has accumulated over the year. Strong Sad is often trapped in the bathtub during Decemberween so he won't be able to enjoy the holiday with his brothers and The Cheat. Decemberween can also be celebrated in July, time permitting.

Unlike Halloween, Decemberween cartoons have been released on an irregular schedule. Several earlier years lacked Decemberween toons, while others featured multiple toons centering around the holiday. Particularly from 2011 onward, Decemberween toons have become uncommon.


Decemberween Characters

Decemberween will come soon!

Decemberween Toons

"Foolish Homestar, Decemberween is not about getting people presents, It's about getting people GOOD presents!"


Decemberween in July (2004)

Decemberween Emails

Decemberween Puppet Stuff

A Decemberween tradition!


References to Christmas

Though Decemberween is the winter holiday celebrated in Free Country, USA, some characters still make references to Christmas.

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