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"Check it out, yo!"
MATT: I sing that "Can you handle my style no you can't handle my style" song a lot. I think maybe I sang it before it was a Strong Bad Email song even.
MIKE: Probably. You tend to sing songs with lyrics that have "style" in them.
MATT: Styles upon styles, Mike.
modeling DVD commentary

The word "style" is frequently used in contexts where it doesn't quite belong and has thus become something of a running gag.



Strong Bad Email

  • caper — The Jumble puzzle in one of the Easter eggs has a "hilarious cartoon style drawing" on it.
  • 2 emails — In an Easter egg, Old-Timey Strong Bad advertises "Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders".
  • the betStrong Bad and The King of Town consume "ice style cream". Strong Bad puts a can of "army-style mayo" in the King Of Town's air vent.
  • different townCoach Z's "cool jacket" reads "Totally Style".
  • other days — The letter from Bubs' Concession Stand says that if Strong Bad does not remit payment of three dollars and sixty-two cents, he will be turned over to a "cut off your toes"-style collections agency.
  • old comics — Strong Bad sings "Let's get it over with! With the email style, get it over with!"
  • pizzazStrong Bad visits Strong Bad on his "Buffalo Style Ranch" and provides "buffalo style journalism".
  • animal — Strong Bad calls the girl in the "Deep-Sea Fangly Fish" scene "Baby Styles".
  • modeling — Strong Bad's email song is "Can you handle my style, no you can't handle my style."
  • radio — Strong Bad's email song goes "I've got miles and miles of the email style!"
  • geddup noise — Strong Bad calls the Git Outcha Seat Sound "everybody's favorite style".
  • narrator — Alien Marzipan confesses that she has always admired Nebulon's "styles".
  • myths & legends — In an Easter egg, Bubs demands more money for a frozen treat that he says is "Shawshank style".
  • disconnected — In an Easter egg, sbemail deodorant (Soccer Scent) appears with the slogan "I'm feeling my style... I've got confidence in my email!"
  • senior prom — The email intro goes, "Can you see that I've got email styles?" After, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat plan to crash "the ever-loving style" out of the Entrapment All Up On the Moon Dance-themed prom.
  • redesign — The menu bar on The Cheat's iMac has a menu labeled "Style".
  • 4 branches — The title of the spread sheet is "A GREAT IDEA FOR PERSONAL STYLE".
  • looking old — After watching The Cheat's email remix, Strong Bad states that he doesn't know whether to puke or have a seizure. A piece of paper is then shown, with silhouettes of Strong Bad throwing up and seizing, labeled "STYLE 1" and "STYLE 2".
  • your funeral — One of the boomboxes used to play Strong Bad's eulogy is named "Twicestyle".
  • pizza joint — The sides of the pizza boxes read "Pizza Box" / "Neighborhood Style".
  • slumber party — The sides of the pizza boxes read "Pizza Box" / "Slumber Party Style".
  • business trip — Strong Bad remarks "Well, cramp my style," after he and Homestar seal the deal with the King of Town.

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