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The vast majority of unreadable and unusable emails Strong Bad receives are "DELETED!!" While some are given to The Cheat for filing (or archiving) and others are made into origami by Strong Mad, Strong Bad takes great pleasure in purging his computer of most emails, doing so while screaming "DELETED!!" When he does this, the computer flashes the same word on the screen and emits a loud buzzing noise. When deleting emails, Strong Bad either types the word "deleted" out on the computer screen or presses a single key.

Strong Bad deletes any email that particularly annoys him, but some emails are especially susceptible. In particular, any time he receives emails including the question "How do you type with boxing gloves on?" or other such clich├ęs, he promptly deletes them.

On at least one occasion (sisters), Strong Bad's control of his computer's delete function was nullified by the malfunctioning Tandy 400. This caused him to delete an email which he intended to respond to, and save an email which he intended to delete. A virus also once prevented him from deleting an email (virus). Ordinarily, however, his efforts to delete unwanted emails are infallible, whereas other characters (Homestar Runner and Coach Z) fail in their attempts, sometimes causing a computer error.


[edit] Sightings

[edit] Tandy 400

"And now, would you please join me singing no. 119: a-deleted."

On the Tandy, the DELETED screen is a green background with black letters. (Oddly, "DELETED!" appears in the Compy's font.)

  • Email homestar hair — The message is deleted, but without the formalized "DELETED" screen.
  • Debut: Email spring cleaning — All five emails are DELETED in this episode.
  • Email sisters — One email is "DELETED!!" and another is "SAVED!!".
  • Theme Song Video (DVD version only)
  • Email pop-up — The book includes a pop-up Tandy, with a recreation of the "DELETED" screen. The actual email is answered on the Lappy and is not deleted.
  • Email retirement — The "DELETED" screen uses a different font than usual, due to the unique circumstances of the email.

[edit] Compy 386

"I think I broke my clavicus... majorus."

On the Compy, the DELETED screen is a blue background with white letters.

  • Email 50 emails — Strong Bad types "matt = DELETED!", and the email is in fact deleted with the word "MATT!!" displayed on the screen.
  • Email huttah! — One email is deleted with Strong Bad saying (and the Compy displaying) "MOVING ON!!", the second is "DELETED!!" in the typical manner.
  • Email unused emails
  • Email 2 emails — An email is seen being "DELETED!" during the fast-forward.
  • Email car — Strong Bad is interrupted before he can delete the email (see below)
  • Email replacement — Strong Bad demonstrates a "DELETED!" for Coach Z (see below)
  • Email virusThe Virus blocks deletion attempts.

[edit] Lappy 486

"Everybody! La Dee DELETED!!"

On the Lappy, the DELETED screen is a red background with white letters. It also features an explosion and a Female Lappy with fangs.

[edit] Fun Facts and Abnormalities

Coach Z's best
"What is that stupid word?!"
  • The very first deleted email (a Hairstyle Runner design) was in homestar hair. Strong Bad types "delete that crap" instead of "DELETED!!", and the Tandy responds with "crap deleted."
  • In the email sisters, the malfunctioning Tandy 400 causes Strong Bad to inadvertently delete the email he was trying to reply to. When he tries to delete the second email, it ends up being "saved forever". This save function is never seen again.
  • In 50 emails, Homestar Runner attempts (and spectacularly fails) to perform the "DELETED!" gag. He tries "BALEETED!", "DELTEATED!", "Del Taco?", and many other words. He ends up crashing the computer with a Flagrant Error.
  • Despite disapproving of the emails in huttah!, Strong Bad simply scrolls past the first two. The fourth email is the only time the Compy shows the regular "DELETED!!" screen when deleting the email that is a main subject of the toon.
  • In unused emails, the screen and buzz are delayed about a second after Strong Bad leg drops the Compy. However, unlike most deletions, the text is not cleared after the "DELETED!!" screen disappears.
  • In labor day, when Strong Bad doesn't show up to the Labor Day party, Strong Sad jokes that Strong Bad's invitation may have been "da-leet-ed".
  • In car, Strong Bad is about to delete the email, but Homestar saves the email from a "tired old Strong Bad joke". Strong Bad instead punches Homestar, leaving a "DELETED" mark on his face.
  • In replacement, Coach Z's attempt at the word "DELETED" causes the Compy to flash "DELORTED!!" on a yellow screen, and the corresponding buzzer became distorted.
  • In virus, Strong Bad tries twice to delete the offending email, but he is thwarted by the virus which displays the messages "NICE TRY!" and "NOTTA CHANCE!!"
  • The Lappy's "Do Over!!!" function in do over uses an animated explosion with accompanying sound effect similar to the "DELETED!" function.
  • The pop up book in pop-up features "DELETED!!", but makes the sound of Strong Bad's voice saying DELETED rather than the buzz sound. According to Strong Bad, it sounds more like "the lake head" or "Police Quest".
  • In retirement, the Tandy requests one last email. Strong Bad obliges, deletes the email and, using Mountain Dew and denture tablets, blows up the Tandy in the process. In this appearance, the DELETED screen is in Old English font and is accompanied by organ music.
  • The Lappy has an "Undelete" feature in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. When Strong Bad uses it, the word "UNDELETED!" appears against a light blue background while the buzzer plays in reverse.
  • In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, in the introduction for Extended Play, Strong Bad puts emphasis on "DELETED! Scenes" when listing the "DVD Bonus Stuff".
  • In Fan Costumes '09, one of the pictures is of a "card-carrying Deletehead". Strong Bad responds with "Deleted!"

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