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Several characters star alongside Strong Badman in The Total Adventures of Strong Badman.

Character Description Appearances
"Stiny! Get me a danish!"
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Strong Badman is the main character of The Total Adventures of Strong Badman.

"Who is L'il Stiny?!" Stiny, also known as Li'l Stiny and L'il Stiny, is Strong Badman's sidekick, named after the sender of the Strong Bad Email superhero name, who asks Strong Bad why his name doesn't end in "man" like other superheroes, such as Superman and Spiderman. Strong Bad comments that Stiny is not in a very good position to be criticizing people's names, as he believes that "Stiny" sounded like some supervillain's little sidekick that he's always ordering around. Strong Bad then agrees to change his name to Strong Badman if Stiny agreed to become his sidekick, change his name to Li'l Stiny, and wear "a little mask and a little cape". The Cheat, dressed in a little mask and a little cape, complains that Strong Bad is trying to replace him and takes offense at Strong Bad's mocking reference to his costume.

Stiny lives with Strong Badman in the latter's apartment, assisting Strong Badman with his various evil schemes. Stiny is frequently yelled at by his boss to get him a danish or asked who spilled coffee all over Strong Badman's plans for his death ray. Stiny presumably debuts in the first issue of The Total Adventures of Strong Badman but is never actually seen, only yelled at by Strong Badman.

In Fan Costumes 2016, the first fan shown is wearing a Stiny costume, inspired by The Cheat's little mask and little cape. Strong Bad jokes that the pastry the fan is holding is clearly a coffee cake, rather than a danish.

"Sufferin' schnitzels, it's... Deutschman!!" Deutschman is a character in The Total Adventures of Strong Badman. He is based on Harry Earlenmacherg from the German city of Düsseldorf, the sender of the Strong Bad Email haircut, nicknamed "Deutschman" by Strong Bad. He is the second character based on a Strong Bad Email sender in the Strong Badman universe (the first being Stiny).

His superpowers, if any, are unknown, though he seems to wield a chain of bratwurst as a weapon. He has blond hair, a mustache and, later, a beard. Although elsewhere in the Homestar Runner body of work the word "deutsch" (the German word for "German") is mistaken for the word "Dutch", it seems to be correct in the case of Deutschman, as he wears lederhosen and a Pickelhaube, both of which are German attire. He also wears green tights, green gloves, and green boots. Although he appears to an adversary of Strong Badman during his Total Adventures of Strong Badman debut, in issue #45, it appears both he and Strong Badman teamed up to fight the Deutsch Master, a battle they lost. It is unclear what his relation to the Deutsch Master is, if any.

Deutschman appears once more in the 150th email, alternate universe, in which he has a cameo appearance. As Strong Bad jumps down from the top to bottom panel in the Strong Badman comic, he passes a panel of Deutschman holding a chain of sausage and saying "KINDER UBERRASCHUNG!!", the German name for "Kinder Surprise".

Done in by the Deutsch Master! The Deutsch Master is a villain within the comic book series The Total Adventures of Strong Badman. His first mention is in the Strong Bad Email portrait, where Strong Bad decides that his greatness is worthy of portraiture by a Deutsch Master (a play on "Dutch Master"), one who makes art that is always getting stolen or vandalized by art bandits, such as The Cheat. He creates a portrait, Strongio da Baddio (circa 1658), of Strong Bad dressed in a beret, brown hair, and what appears to be a toga, holding Lord Quackingstick in his left boxing glove. On a small white card located beside the painting, the creator is identified as someone named "DaVantres" (whom is likely either one of the "Deutsch Masters" or even the Deutsch Master himself). Clicking on the card will cause Strong Badman Issue #45 to pop up, depicting the Deutsch Master as a dark, robed figure armed with a paintbrush with blue paint on it and red eyes. He stands over the unconscious bodies of Deutschman and Strong Badman, proclaiming that "Strong Badman and Deutschman are both FINISHED!!!"
"Is THIS Strong Badman's new roommate?!!?" Grossman is a fat, smelly, untidy, and overall gross character who appears in The Total Adventures of Strong Badman issue #56. Grossman was a nickname given to the sender of the Strong Bad Email narrator, whose real name is Grant Gossman, by Strong Bad. He has somewhat dark blonde hair on his head and 37 black hairs across his shoulders. He wears a somewhat green wifebeater shirt, brown pants, a belt, and at least one green glove with which he holds a peeled banana. Along his body he has numerous visible stains of varying colors, including lime green, dark green, yellow, orange, and blue, as well as two sweat stains, one under his right armpit and one on the front of his torso. He has visible green gas rising up from him. He may be Strong Badman's new roommate.
"Moist Molecules!!" Damp Towel Man is a superhero played by Coach Z. His job is to collect damp towels from across the galaxy. His "mild-mannered alter ego" is named Dan Towelman. When Coach Z turns into Damp Towel Man, he dons a costume consisting of a mask and a cape, which is actually a towel. He also sports a yellow "Z" across his chest. In the toon DNA Evidence, he finds a green-stained damp towel on Strong Bad's desk, which he takes to work the next day. When he returns to his janitor cart, he finds it has gone missing. He suspects the culprit was his nemesis, Dry Ragamuffin. His catchphrase is "Moist Molecules!"
"Arid Atoms!!" Dry Ragamuffin is Damp Towel Man's nemesis, and appears to be the superhero version of Bubs. Damp Towel Man suspects that Dry Ragamuffin stole his green-stained damp towel from his janitor cart at the office. His mild-mannered alter-ego is Dreyfus Ragámoofin.
"Overrun by... Moth Mouth!" Moth Mouth is based on John, from Strong Bad's video in hygiene and appeared in issue 81. The cover is similar to the cover of The X-Men #28. His name refers to the email's lines, "John's mouth is an ecological trainwreck and has a nest of rare South American moths living inside it," and "None of the hot college hotties'll show up if you're hanging around, Mothmouth."
"Syntax Error!" Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man was the nickname Strong Bad created for "J.Hazard", who emailed him in winter pool. When the email listed "IN" as the person's home state, Strong Bad mistook it for an unfinished sentence. Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man doesn't appear to wear a traditional superhero costume; he merely sports a pair of glasses and a plain blue shirt.
"I need your help, Strong Badman!"
See also Minor Teen Girl Squad Characters#Scantron

Scantron is a large robot who is the main hero of his own comic book series, having once appeared in a crossover special with Strong Badman. In Issue 14 of Teen Girl Squad, So and So dons the Scantron armor in order to help her ace her final exams. This armor, which Sci-Fi Greg complains looks nothing like Scantron's canonical design, consists of five parts - two separate arms, the chest, the legs, and the head - which link together in a manner similar to Voltron. His series is said to be unpopular, as in Issue #87 of Strong Badman, he seeks Strong Badman's help in raising sales of his comic book in "the CROSSOVER no one was asking for!".

"Look how scary he is."
More than just a sidekick?
In the Sketchbook and the Sketchbook video, the Brothers Chaps reveal a then-unused Strong Badman version of The Cheat. A similar design is used at the end of SBCG4AP Advertisement. The design was finally used in Comic Book Movie as a member of the Strong Badman movie's supporting cast. He is chosen to be the example of a "boneless, constantly wiggling CG monstrosity".
"Oh my! It's Portrait-of-a-Catman!!" Portrait-of-a-Catman is a painting that was hung in somebody's house in Fan Costumes 2016, with hairy legs. He was invented because of a fan's Stiny costume. His catchphrase seems to be "Meow peow!"
"BAMAACIED?!" BAAD MAMDIA is a character similar to Strong Badman, with a bodysuit covering his entire body. He is the main character of Thp Tolgl Adveltrees ool Baad Mamdia, and also has a sidekick named Stiny.
A fan used the DALL-E neural network to generate images of "Strong Bad checking his email"; one result featured a design similar to Strong Badman reading an article with text resembling "BAAD MAMDIA BAMAACIED". The glimpse into his world and comic shows it is similarly distorted and less-than-intelligible.
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