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On a rampage, yo

Hip hop music is a popular music genre highlighted several times in the Homestar Runner body of work.

Hip hop slang is often used by characters, such as the commonly uttered phrase "dag, yo" in Teen Girl Squad.


[edit] Coach Z

According to the Yearbook Character Page, Coach Z claims to have been a chart-topping rapper in his home country. He has dressed up as several rappers for Halloween, and he is also a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. Coach Z and Bubs had once formed a rap duo in cheatday, calling themselves the Two-O Duo.

[edit] Singles Performed By Coach Z

[edit] Songs Performed by the Two-O-Duo

  • We're Good Friends (demo from cheatday)
  • Stealing Stuff From My Own Dang Store
  • Let's TP The Stick
  • Throwing Rocks Through Ol' Man Marzipan's Windows
  • Kick The Chort

[edit] Other

[edit] Hip Hop-themed Halloween Costumes

All right, now ladies!

[edit] Hip Hop-themed according to Coach Z

[edit] Strong Bad

Strong Bad is a fan of the genre. He has rapped many times, including his Number One Jam Everybody to the Limit. He has collaborated with Coach Z on Fish Eye Lens. Also, many of his email intros feature a rap style.

[edit] In Strong Bad Emails

  • Email 12:00 (Easter egg) — A VHS cassette labelled with the show Yo! MTV Raps is one of the tapes found inside Strong Bad's VCR.
  • Email dragon — The email intro is a direct reference to a line from Phife Dawg in the song "La Schmoove" by Fu-Schnickens.
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad goes on a lyrical rampage with Coach Z.
  • Email pizzaz — After initial confusion from the sender referring to him as a dawg foo gangsta, Strong Bad creates the the Dog Food Gangstas.
  • Email technology — Strong Bad mentions "-izzle" as an option of ways to end an email address.

[edit] The Cheat

The Cheat DJing at Club Technochocolate.

The Cheat is a DJ who plays hip hop and other genres, such as indietronic (geddup noise). He assisted Strong Bad in making the video for his rap song Everybody to the Limit (earning a pizza), as well as the videos for Hip Hop Dance and Rap Song. and remixed the King of Town's "Not Talkin' 'bout Butter" in hip hop form (Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2).

[edit] Peacey P

Peacey P is a rapper that The Ugly One admires. His voice and singing style is very similar to that of Snoop Dogg. He claims to be the best guest rapper in the music biz, even going so far as to be a guest rapper on his own album, Deliberance. Other guest artists featured on the album include Large Craig, The Overripe MC, Tenerence Love, and Akryllix & 3rd Lung.

[edit] Songs Performed

[edit] Others

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