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    • it's all userboxes folks*


This user is on the mooooooon!

This user is Super Brave!!

This user is gonna have a good time tonight.

This user doesn't know what's fun about eating less candy.

This user could use a dollar, he/she could use a couple bucks.

This user is squirrel left-handed.

This user is a member of Strong Mad's Posse.

This user also thinks Firebert is not a good Commando name.

If you want it to be possessive, it's just I-T-S, but if it's suppposed to be a contraction then it's I-T-apostrophe-S. Scalawag.

This user wants to be the guy too.

ga-ga This user is enrolled at Diaper School.


Looks like this user's gonna have to jump!

This user has all types of crazy crap.

This user is holy-crap-adorable!

This user is making out with Sweet Lady Freedom.

This user plays Nintendo with Moses Malone.

This user keeps cool with Monkey D's Summer Tips.

This user hates that fweakin' marshmallow.

This user is Hazardous to your Health.

This user is not willing to sever his/her leg, but he/she would like to try a combo meal.

This user has caught a Europa-pean Lobster with a water rocket.

This user just wrote, directed, produced, and distributed a movie with his/her cell phone!

This user is awesome singing backwards metal.

This user likes cloth.

This user can play the drum!

This user will give ya two thin dimes for this pantyhose doll.

This user is less than B.

This user is a member of the On Point Kings

This user mourns the loss of the old paper

This user supports Pistols for Pandas.

This user was affected by the Dry Pencil Scare of '47.

This user has tampered with the DNA evidence.

This user is a latitude snob.

This user is a member of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets.

This user has a secret handshake.

This user's rubbing ointment costs fifty bucks a tube.

This user was burninated by trogdor.

This user wears glasses.

The Horrible Painting gives this user the Jibblies.

This user can count to G!

That's nothing. This user can count to purple backwards!

There was this one time where this user had to hug a tree...

This user is The Great.

This user misses Original Bubs.

This user doesn't really even care about you.

This user has the heart of a lion and the wings of a bat.

This user likes to splo stuff up.

This user does not play with 2 many knives.

Obvious exits from this user page are North, South, and Dennis.

This user has to save his/her weird accent!

This user can play the violin.

This user is sorry for throwing that first cake at Strong Sad.

This user is doing The Cheat's taxes.

This user comes for the wuggas, but stays for the jiggy juggas.

This user is a biscuit head.

This user takes battle axe lessons at the rec center.

This user got distracted by The Thnikkaman.

This user is a Deletehead.

Just then, this user traipsed in, naked as a jaybird.

This user has a good time with bread.

This user doesn't like Nebulon's style.

This user can do it! They can do it twelve times!

This user plays on the keyboards.

This user has an embarrassing tan-line.

This user is imagining why on Earth he/she can't get ye flask!

This user eats melty candy bars straight from the bag.

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