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209 Seconds (Rough Estimate)

(The entirety of 160 Seconds, but with "160" in the intro replaced with "209")

4 branches: HOMESTAR: Chinese b-

the chair: STRONG BAD: Class!

what i want: MARZIPAN: Forgettably precious.

looking old: MARZIPAN: Up to your chin right

strong badathlon: STRONG BAD: To the wrong athletes

unnatural: STRONG BAD: Kill him? STRONG SAD: We do-

the movies: HOMESTAR: -tuce. Throw

your funeral: HOMESTAR: Abraham Lincoln

from work: HOMESTAR: -veges. It helps

rough copy: STRONG SAD: -tellectual property.

underlings: STRONG BAD: Get Mrs. Hard-

more armies: HOMESTAR: Saaay

the paper: STRONG BAD: Doesn't quite

mini-golf: STRONG BAD: In this infernal pl-

concert: STRONG BAD: Nope. They're a

hygiene: STRONG BAD: No matter what he does.

original: BUBS: B'zuh!

bike thief: STRONG BAD: Side of this couch

pizza joint: MAN IN PIZZA COSTUME: It burns!

slumber party: STRONG BAD: Can you guys start

web comics: TAKE DAGGER: Hiya

business trip: THE KING OF TOWN: Units? STRONG BAD: What

yes wrestling: HOMESTAR: The power... of

diorama: STRONG BAD: -lupe Hidalgo

nightlife: HOMESTAR RUNNER: More...more

environment: STRONG BAD: -pliant sticker!

winter pool: HOMESTAR: You're such a good

fan club: STRONG BAD: (screams)

pet show: HOMESTAR: Potion. A taste

licensed: (Strong Bad slides) STRONG BAD: What's

buried: BUBS: Is! STRONG SAD: Uh

shapeshifter: COACH Z: Coming to your concession

rated: BUBS: Bake sale!

specially marked: (The Deleted buzzer, and a message reading "SBEMAIL 194 IS NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A 194th SECOND")

love poems: HOMESTAR: Apples!

hiding: STRONG BAD: Coma!

your edge: STRONG BAD: Where'd you check?

magic trick: STRONG BAD: But now, not only does

being mean: HUNGRY SHARK: Makes me wanna

email thunder: (Strong Bad runs out of Homestar's computer room)

hremail3184: COACH Z: Bad! I was gonna

imaginary: LIL' STRONG BAD: -ti! I'd like you to meet

independent: STRONG BAD: Solid gold sc-

dictionary: STRONG BAD: To Z

videography: STRONG BAD: (chuckles)

sbemail206: ANNOUNCER: For all your consummate

too cool: STRONG BAD: Mysteriously with no return

The Next April Fools Thing: STRONG BAD: -low lives, and this

parenting: THE KING OF TOWN: I've got this seven-

Alternate HRWiki

Strong Mad

A monolith of muscle and hostility, Strong Mad is not an especially complex character, but his sheer physical presence leaves an impression on every scene he is in. He provides a welcome contrast within the group of villains. He adds a needed physical threat in addition to Strong Bad and The Cheat, who are hardly fear-inspiring, but he has none of their cunning or wit. Without them, one suspects, he would be lost.

Strong Mad is vast in both height and width, and his figure is virtually square. However, he is seen almost exclusively directly from the front and the back, and the few views of him from other angles suggest that he is not overtly broad. This subtly adds to the hint of fragility of character behind his strength, almost as though his image of power hides an inner weakness. This is not to say that Strong Mad lacks muscle; the majority of his body mass consists of his chest and arms, which are massive and powerful. Strong Mad has no true head to speak of; his facial features are placed roughly around his collarbone area. His habitual facial expression is a scowl of pure belligerence, made all the more unnerving by the fact that the scowl is usually focusing directly at the audience. His entire physiology reminds one of a gorilla, or perhaps a Neanderthal. This is ironic, in the respect that Strong Mad is the closest visual approximation to a human being out of the entire cast (notably, he is the only character to sport a nose). It is a good visual gag that characters lacking certain limbs and sporting odd tones of skin strike the audience as more "human" than the relatively more humanistic Strong Mad. Like Strong Bad, Strong Mad is dressed as a wrestler, but in a rather more American, if outdated, costume. He dresses in a dark blue leotard with his initial on the front.

Strong Mad, understandably, has been cast in the role of a heavy. His towering frame, limited brainpower, and short temper make him the perfect backup for when Strong Bad and The Cheat are physically threatened. However, Strong Mad's only true loyalties are towards The Cheat, to whom he is fiercely devoted. Otherwise, Strong Mad's fury is expended in any direction he chooses, and almost every character has suffered somewhat at his hands. This is not a characteristic of evil, but merely an immature lack of self-control. Fortunately, this paucity of emotional restraint works both ways: usually a more verbal character (usually Strong Bad or Coach Z) is capable of temporarily pacifying him. However, Strong Mad can never be totally controlled, and most characters have a healthy fear of getting on his wrong side. It is interesting to note that Strong Bad, who doesn't suffer fools gladly by any means, is surprisingly patient with his hulking brother. He takes the time to calmly correct or reassure Strong Mad, to the point of almost being patronizingly kind. This is, of course, out of respect to the consequences of insulting Strong Mad, but there is also some genuine camaraderie between them.

Strong Mad's voice, while comparatively simple, has evolved considerably since his earliest appearances. Initially, he was only capable of wordless growls and grumbles. At a later point he developed a speaking voice, which was deep and ponderous. While he only spoke in monosyllabic fragmented sentences, his voice was curiously clear. Note how in "A Jumping Jack Contest" he is successfully able to do a passable imitation of Strong Bad's voice! Gradually, he developed a voice that, while still deep and loud, is considerably more throaty and slurred. This latter-day voice bears something of a resemblance to the speech patterns of the similarly muscular Lou Ferrigno and Andre the Giant.

Unlike most of the rest of the characters, Strong Mad is less defined by what he says than what he does. And while this does leave the consequence of him being outshone by the more complex and delineated characters, this should not be seen as a weakness. A more forcefully portrayed Strong Mad would have been a distraction and harmed the chemistry between the characters. Strong Mad's role is limited, but he plays it well and to its fullest, rather than becoming the shambling plot device he may have become under less skilled hands.

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