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"Well, let's just see here... Zero capitalization... Misspelling... Lack of punctuation... Looks like a winner to me!"

Strong Bad regularly receives emails with poor grammar and spelling, which he rarely hesitates to point out. He even released an entertaining/informational CD on the subject in an Easter egg in local news called "Strong Bad's Rhythm 'n' Grammar."

While many emails do contain these sort of errors, this list only contains errors that are either famous in their own right or have affected how Strong Bad read the email.

In contrast to the many criticisms of poor spelling and grammar, Strong Bad applauds Dan from Pennsylvania in autobiography because he makes no misspellings, has a good idea, and makes fun of dumpus, calling it a "SOLID e-mail."


List of Poorly Written E-mails

These are the list of poorly written emails starting from oldest to newest. No that lone quotation marks mean its the same thing as the one shown above.

Email Poor Grammar and Punctuation Poor Spelling Poor Capitalization
homsar none misspells Homestar as Homsar none
i love you no punctuation mark at end of sentence uses internet shorthand; uses a gibberish name no capitalization
trevor the vampire email ends abruptly none none
i she be tenuous grasp on english language; lack of
misspells should as she no capitalization
duck pond none none no capitalization
the basics "how do you do it" does not end with a question mark; unnecesarry apostraphe in "trick's" none no capitalization
band names none none " "
stand-up none uses internet shorthand; misspells funny as "funy" and comedic as "comidic" " "
tape-leg none none Strong Bad and my is not capitalized
spring cleaning Steve writes crush with Marzipan instead of on Marzipan Sue misspells surprised as "suprised" Steve does not capitalize his name and Sterling
cartoon mr does not have a period at the end of it; the email's greeting does not have a comma at the end of it uses internet shorthand; quite possibly misspells his own name to Geroge no capitalization
little animal question ends with a period instead of a question
none none
CGNU none none "dear strong bad", both "i"s and "thank"
is not capitalized
1 step ahead none none entire email except "I" is not capitalized
12:00 "Thankyou" does not have a space in between none "vcr" is not capitalized
sugarbob none none entire email capitalized
weird dream none none no capitalization
invisibility none invisible misspelled as "invisable" " "
little questions tenuous grasp on english language, enough said none none
lures and jigs none misspells fish as "fishs" none
your friends none none entire email capitalized
50 emails Mike ends his question with an exclamation mark Matt misspells Strong as Stong Matt does not capitalize what, example and his name on his email
website the word, "website" is used too often none none
island an is supposed to be a for desert where is supposed to be were none
comic none misspells appreciate to appriciate; they is misspelled as "Tey" none
morning routine Whats does not have an apostrophe none none
japanese cartoon none none James' name is not capitalized along with, "what"
dragon none uses internet shorthand Kaizer's name is not capitalized
huttah! Holmes types, "WHERE THE HECK IS YOU SHIRT???" none Nobuyoshi does not capitalize his "i"s and the beginning of his sentences; Holmes' entire email is capitalized (except California); Derek does not capitalize his question and his name
fingers none none Aaron's email has no capitalization; Frankdog's entire email is capitalized
english paper none misspells english to, "englilsh" none
unused emails The first and second anonymous sender does not have a subject in their email; Evan, Andrew and Stephanie all have tenuous grasps on the english language; Stephanie does not put punctuations in her sentences; Andrew uses the word crap too often; The third anonymous sender's comma in dear Strong Bad is in the wrong place The third anonymous sender misspells enjoy reading to, "enloy reasing"; Andrew misspells Homestar Runner's name to hamesturrunner Evan's entire email is capitalized; the second anonymous sender does not capitalize his/her question; Stephanie's email is not capitalized
the show none misspells tournament as "tounament" Homestar is not capitalized
personal favorites no comma after e-mails; uses a period instead of a question mark none none
privileges question ends with a period instead of a quenstion mark misspells privileges as "privalages" no capitalization (except for dear)
sibbie question says "your are" instead of "you are" and says that Strong Bad is the most awesomest thing ever none none
anything none none hi, have and bye is not capitalized
the process the question was " How long does it to answer an e-mail?" none none
couch patch none behind is misspelled as behiend; from is misspelled as form no capitalization
local news email uses wrong form of its causing Strong Bad to sing one of his Rhythm 'n' Rhyme song none none
kind of cool none thinking and wondering is missing its Gs Strong Bad is not capitalized
different town "I just wondering" is missing was Sincerely is misspelled as "sincerley" none
car "Do you have a car" is supposed to end with a question mark along with the second sentence none some random capitalization
lunch special none lunch is misspelled with a second c; sincerely is misspelled as sincerly none
theme park none none the sentences do not have capitals in the beginning
dangeresque 3 none coming is misspelled as "comeing" no capitalization
cheatday question has no punctuation none question not capitalized
crying there are two greetings in the email which Strong Bad points out; there's no punctuation before I was wondering none none
for kids there's an unecessary comma between, "would love you" and, "and your awesomeness." none none
other days Janus has a tenuous grasp on the english language none Brian has no capitalization in his email(except for CA)
old comics none none " " (except for SB and NY)
pizzaz the question does not have any punctuation and doesn't make that much sense none the ending of the email is not capitalized
time capsule none you're has two Rs no captalization (except STRONG and X0)
montage none create is misspelled as creat none
animal the question does not make that much sense, "What would you like as if you were your own made up animal"; the question does not have a question mark in the end none none
dreamail Another words is supposed to be In other words none none
origins I have recently been wondering is supposed to be I've been recently wondering none none
long pants the email uses the word pants too much; the email sort of got off-topic none none
rampage there's an unecessary comma after Peter's name Dear is misspelled as Der; I thinks is is supposed to be I think none
garage sale none da is supposed to be the no capitalization
modeling none there's an extra u in truly question not capitalized
record book none none no capitalization
geddup noise none none Marc Baroni's name is not capitalized
bedtime story Good Night is supposed to have a comma in the end, not a period lately is misspelled as latley
secret identity none none some random capitalization
disconnected "...and you didn't even know where your body is or your head," is supposed to be where your body was none none
candy product the email overuses ellipsis dont doesn't have an apostrophe none
senior prom "... did you ever have a senior prom," is supposed to be if you ever had a senior prom none none
redesign none none no capitalization
trading cards N.S. is not necessary as you can just type NS the subject reads, "Trading Stong-gum" none
retirement Josh lacks punctuation in his email Josh misspells sincerely as sincerly Josh has no capitalization
coloring there are question marks after the ellipsis ridiculous is misspelled as rediculous; thats does not have an apostrophe none
4 branches N.Y. is not necessary as you can just type NY; the email lacks two commas: one after Hey Strong Bad and another after ur biggest fan uses internet shorthand Elgrondo is supposed to be capitalized
the chair none doesnt is missing an apostrophe; truly is misspelled as truely none
strong badathlon none none Bad, I've, The Cheat and Homestar is not capitalized
the movies there's an unecessary period at the end of TN none has is not capitalized

Other Poorly Written Emails

This is the list for secret emails in the strongbad_email.exe extras.

Email Poor Grammar and Punctuation Poor Spelling Poor Capitalization
E-mail Birds Bettina is missing punctuations in her sentence; Jeffrey uses the word dork too often; Naomi has a tenuous grasp on the english language none Bettina's e-mail has no capitalization
Videro Games there's an unecessary "in" in Wilbur's email making it sound like, "the effects of in video games on children." none none

Emails that spell Strong Bad/Strong Badia as one word

An error where two words are spelled as one word is often unnoticed by Strong Bad.

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