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These are the many different loading screens seen during the short Loading Screens.

[edit] List of Loading Screens (In Order)

  1. Actual loading screen for this cartoon
  2. Spinning Logo (slight variation of the loading screens from Audition With Marzipan, Homestar Quiz, Fortune Cookies, Who Said What?, Third Games Menu, Old Everybody Intro, Flag Intro, Old Main Page 6, Flash Store, Theme Song Video, Some Stupid Turkey, all Marzipan's Answering Machine versions from 2.0 to 14.2, and Lucky Toons Menu; the Homestar Runner logo is more stylized like the Bouncing Logo)
  3. Bulletin Board & Pins (from Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene)
  4. Couch (from Quality Time with Cardboard Homestar)
  5. Tarot Card (from Jibblies 2)
  6. Tangerine Dreams Desktop (from weird dream)
  7. Ceiling of the Basement of the Brothers Strong (from Toikey TV)
  8. Sharp "Comin' Up" (from The Cheatar)
  9. Bag of Marshmallows (from The Luau)
  10. Yearbook (from Yearbook Character Page)
  11. Curtains (from The Reddest Radish)
  12. Visor Robot (from Everybody to the Limit)
  13. Sand (from Somber Vacation)
  14. Old-Timey loading screen (from Parsnips-A-Plenty, Ballad of the Sneak, That a Ghost, and Sickly Sam's Big Outing)
  15. Air Pump (from Drive-Thru)
  16. Clapperboard (from Fluffy Puff Commercial)
  17. Bread (from Where's The Cheat?)
  18. Shadow of a Tree (from The House That Gave Sucky Treats)
  19. Rhythm Synthesizer (from The Cheat Theme Song)
  20. Flashing Loading (from Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon)
  21. Diner Table with the word "loadinate" (from No Hands On Deck!)
  22. Coach Z and Bubs on Lawn Chairs (from Happy Fireworks!)
  23. Old Timey "Loading" (from Mr. Shmallow)
  24. Paper Bag (from Costume Commercial)
  25. Burst of Red (from Blubb-O's Commercial)
  26. Cursive Writing Under Drawing of Strong Bad (from DNA Evidence)
  27. Blue Curtains (from A Decemberween Pageant)
  28. Cursive Writing on Blue Snowflake Background (from Happy Dethemberween)
  29. Bubs' Roof Display Reading "Loading" (from 3 Times Halloween Funjob)
  30. Racing Track (from Coach Z's 110%)
  31. "Loading the Halloween Deal" (from Homestarloween Party)
  32. Hanging Rope (from A Folky Tale)
  33. Teen Girl Squad loading screen (from all issues from 1 to 10 except 7)
  34. King of Town (from The King Of Town DVD Old Version)
  35. Newspaper (from Senor Mortgage)
  36. Grape (from Strongest Man in the World)
  37. Pumpkin (from Pumpkin Carve-nival)
  38. Stencil "LOADING" (from An Important Rap Song)
  39. Stencil "RELOADING" (from Cheat Commandos: Two Part Episode: Part 2)
  40. And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor (from Strong Bad Sings)
  41. Needlepoint (from A Death Defying Decemberween)
  42. "LOAD" made of meat (from Trudgemank)
  43. Dark Room (from Halloween Potion-ma-Jig)
  44. Pile of Newspapers (from Happy Hallow-Day)
  45. Red-Orange-Yellow Shades (from Limozeen vs. sloshy)
  46. Snowing At Night (from Homestar Presents: Presents)
  47. Scoreboard (from A Jorb Well Done)
  48. Time Clock (from Weclome Back)
  49. Loadry (from Rap Song)
  50. Loading, Friend (from Ever and More)
  51. Wood Paneling with Orange Carpet (from Senorial Day)
  52. Pom Pom Snowman (slight variation of the loading screens from A Holiday Greeting and The Best Decemberween Ever; the sky is more of a purple color)
  53. TV Test Screen (from Bug In Mouth Disease)
  54. Spooky Burst of Red (from Malloween Commercial)
  55. Handwritten "comin' up" (from Experimental Film)
  56. The Field in Autumn (from Fall Float Parade)
  57. White cursive on a blue fadey background (from Date Nite)
  58. Gravestone "He was a real load" (from Most in the Graveyard)
  59. White spinning over red stripes (from Summer Short Shorts)
  60. L.U.R.N. Logo (from Career Day)
  61. Bouncing letters on the brick wall (from Decemberween Short Shorts)
  62. Inside Pan-Pan's stomach (from Twenty THANXty Six)
  63. Videlectrix "Voading" screen (from Peasant's Quest Preview and Snowglobe)
  64. Videlectrix "Loading" screen (from Workin' on the Game)
  65. Yellow sunburst (from Meet Marshie)
  66. Stinkoman (from 20X6 vs. 1936)
  67. Powered by The Cheat Tandy 400-like loading screen (from New Boots)
  68. Tandy 400 Strong Bad Email loading screen (from all Strong Bad Emails from some kinda robot to invisibility except weird dream, Email Processing Room, and Strong Bad Email Vacation Menu)
  69. Compy 386 Strong Bad Email loading screen (from all Strong Bad Emails from action figure to virus, King of Townmail, Arcade Game, Email FAQ, Decemberween Email Menu, and Decemberween in July)
  70. Powered by The Cheat Compy 386 loading screen (from crazy cartoon and mile)
  71. Lappy 486 Strong Bad Email loading screen (from all Strong Bad Emails from animal to email thunder except senior prom and from work, Sick Day, Sbemail 150?!?, and Sbemailiarized!)
  72. Hremail loading screen (from Hremail 62, Hremail 2000, and Hremail 3184)
  73. "THE LOAD" (from Non-Sequitur Champion)
  74. Three colored ornament silhouettes (from Hooked on Decemberween)
  75. Bamboo and other greenery (from Pistols For Pandas)
  76. Powered by The Cheat "LOAD IT" (from Seasonal Sweaters)
  77. Shiny gold (from In Search of the Yello Dello Menu and Deleted Scenes)
  78. Strong Bad Total Journalist office door (from The Interview)
  79. "load it" on a blue background (from Play Date)
  80. Strong Bad's basement, with a rolled-up projector screen (from Fan Costumes '06 and its sequels)
  81. Pile of books (from The Baloneyman)
  82. Painted on a banner (from Trogdor Con '97)
  83. Flyer stapled to a wooden pole (from Halloween Fairstival)
  84. Closeup of The Couch (from Sloshybowl)
  85. rather loading (from Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer)
  86. Bouncing Logo used generically between most navigation pages and for A Mother's Day Message and April Fool 09)
  87. Limozeen in silhouette (from Limozeen Live (practice))
  88. Several "loading" words in two circles (from Donut Unto Others)
  89. Flipping Trogdor coin (from Kick-A-Ball)
  90. "LOAD" on keyboard keys (from Place ya Bets!)
  91. "legging" (from Eggs)
  92. Clouds (from Best Caper Ever)
  93. Pointy-shaped oval (from 79 Seconds Left)
  94. Shiny red background (from senior prom)
  95. Background of Strong Bad's computer room (from The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw)
  96. Stone wall (from The King of Town DVD menu, New Version and Commentary)
  97. Sliding under the couch, where Strong Bad and Strong Sad are sitting (from Rotten Eggs)
  98. Bouncing red letters on a plain white background (from 500 The Cheats)
  99. "LOADiNG" on Strong Mad's sole (from Where U Goin' 2?)
  100. Marzipan's floor, tilted down from Homestar and Marzipan (from Cool Things)
  101. Old-style Homestar tapping his foot (from Marshmallow's Last Stand and Old Characters Page)
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