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<p style="font-variant: small-caps; text-align: center; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 1em; font-size: 105%;">
[[Main Pages]]&nbsp;| [[Toons]]&nbsp;| [[Games]]&nbsp;| [[Characters]]&nbsp;| [[Downloads]]&nbsp;| [[Store]]&nbsp;| [[Strong Bad Email]]&nbsp;| [[YouTube]]&nbsp;| [[Email|Contact]]&nbsp;| [[Legal]]&nbsp;| [[Museum]]</p>
[[Main Pages|Main]]&nbsp;| [[Toons]]&nbsp;| [[Games]]&nbsp;| [[Characters]]&nbsp;| [[Downloads]]&nbsp;| [[Store]]&nbsp;| [[Strong Bad Email|SB Email]]&nbsp;| [[Youtube]]&nbsp;| [[Email|Contact]]&nbsp;| [[Legal]]&nbsp;| [[Random Toon|Rando]]</p>
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Tweets from Strong Bad

Recent updates to the official Strong Bad Twitter account: @StrongBadActual

The Human Infield Fly Rule
Almost practically nobody can handle it!

28 Jan 2018: Okay, @hometimrunner here's photo(quite)graphic evidence of Strong Sad's failed baseball mascot 'The Human Infield Fly Rule.' The idea was that he'd douse unsuspecting fans' hot dogs with his 'enzyme' before inhaling them two at a time. view

24 Jan 2018: Yeah @netflix how come the Bloodied Tree Animals shorts are on your streamins but not my magic blend of obscure tech humor and portmanteaus? view

24 Jan 2018: One more from an old notebook. Man, were these Strongbadman comics always so real estate humor focused?! view

23 Jan 2018: Almost practically nobody can handle... 'The Stipler!' (long 'i' sound) view

23 Jan 2018: Some use CSS. I prefer CCS. Cascading Cheat Sheets. view

22 Jan 2018: I found this old drawing. Please help. view

15 Jan 2018: Thanks to @BeerWildHeaven for letting burnination into their hearts and their brewery and to everybody who came out to celebrate Trogday! You guys are the coolest! view

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