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"Look at that little Frampton!"
The Trogshadow Creepeth

13 Dec 2017: You guys did it! Since you raised over $14K for @PatrickRothfuss and @Worldbuilders_ everyone gets an extra special Skills of an Artist! And one of you lucky donors wins this drawing! Put your skills to such greater use and master the 4 Bean Salad! view

11 Dec 2017: Last day to donate to @Worldbuilders_ ! Take a lesson from C.J. here! Only $1085 left to go and I'll do a special @PatrickRothfuss themed Skills of an Artist! $10k = 83.3333 goats for needy peeps! Don't you wanna see lotsa thirds of goats?! view

8 Dec 2017: 'Tis the weather* for a holiday classic with Puppet Homestar! (*Strong Bad does not respect or condone actually 'tis-ing the weather) view

6 Dec 2017: If we raise a total of $10K for the @Worldbuilders_ fundraiser (they give goats to peeps in need or something!) I'll do a special Skills of an Artist where I teach you to draw a draccus from @PatrickRothfuss' books! Then you can win the drawing! Gonate! view

6 Dec 2017: I freely admit to starting this Skills of an Artist with absolutely no plan! The results speak for themselves! view

6 Dec 2017: Here's a nicer quality gif. Not sure why all the jankitude in that little videro. view

5 Dec 2017: Thanks to @babypopdipstick for creating the missing King Castlefunny artwork for this vintage Frothman's Lite Half-Full Cold Ones bar sign! Every lame man-cave or gross, shared college apartment needs one! view

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