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This article is about the genre of music. For the Strong Bad Email, see death metal.
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Heavy metal, especially glam metal and death metal, plays a big part in the culture of the Homestar Runner universe, particularly in the life of Strong Bad. There are characters and events in the world that use heavy metal, from the existence of Limozeen to Strong Bad's personal endeavors into the genre with songs such as Trogdor, and there are also many minor references, on the level of both the characters and the viewers.


[edit] Bands

[edit] Limozeen

See main article: Limozeen

Limozeen primarily spoofs the glam metal subgenre. The original picture of the band, as seen in monster truck, is composed of four photos of The Brothers Chaps' older brother Donnie, dressed as Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil for Halloween 1987; Crüe is among the many influences on the sound of the band. Their logo resembles the design of the AC/DC logo.

[edit] Taranchula

See main article: Taranchula

Taranchula spoofs darker and heavier metal subgenres, such as thrash metal and especially death metal. Taranchula is specifically said to be Scandinavian, in keeping with the many Swedish death metal bands.

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[edit] Bands

References to the following metal bands can be found in their respective articles:

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