Fighting Growlbacks

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Come on Growlbacks, we're not dead!

The Fighting Growlbacks is the general name given to every sports team at the Teen Girl Squad's school. Their symbol is a G with fangs and a mane, not unlike a lion. Additionally, their mascot is a "Fighting Growlback"; a rather mangy-looking lion played by Regular Greg. The Growlbacks have one known coach who seems to be a pushover, as well as a "Spirit Pit".




The Fighting Growlbacks football team is pretty poor at their sport; one of their cheers includes "At least try to beat the spread". Quarterman serves as the quarterback, with several other indistinguishable characters filling in the other positions. It seems that when these football players are out of uniform, they take the shape of actual footballs.

Every football player except one.


There's no "I" in Growlbacks.

There is also a Fighting Growlbacks basketball team. While not much is known about their players, at least Basketballa is part of the team.


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