Spirits of '76

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[[24.jpg Oh the 8-bit horror! Spirits of '76 is a video game featured in 8-Bit is Enough. The game uses a Light Musket peripheral to ward off the ghosts of redcoats and help the colonial ghosts get their lost items back. It is unknown who you play as in the game, because it is only shown when the ghosts escape into the House of Strong. Th redcoats go nameless, but the colonial ghosts appear to be John Hancock, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, and four, also unknown ghosts that appear around Free Country USA and in peasentry when you take a picture. The guide for the items is below.

Colonial Spirit Spirit's Location Spirit's Object Object's Location Benjamin Franklin Upstairs, in the computer room. Key Downstairs, on top of the washer and dryer. John Hancock Upstairs, in Strong Mad's room. Quill pen (feather) Strong Bad's room, on the table. Samuel Adams Main floor, between kitchen and Strong Bad's room. Tea Bag (trust us) Upstairs, in Strong Sad's room, on top of the bookcase. Paul Revere Downstairs, in the TV room. Lantern Upstairs, in Strong Mad's room, on top of the dresser.

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