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Current thoughts: Hacking into someone's account is harder than it looks, man. Don't let the movies fool you. — 4/1/18

Gfdgsgxgzgdrc is some loser who probably lives in his parents' basement, typing at his new-fangled computer-phone with cheese stained fingers. He apparently edits the Homestar Runner Wiki a lot. Aw stounchdang, why does Homestar get his own wiki and I don't?! I haven't seen no Strong Bad Wiki in my day. Anyways, this guy has the most unpronouncable name. It's like, a jillion consonants, all scrambled together like a word sammich. So, this unpronouncablem'n has been here a long time. But really, who cares about that? Not me. Also, this wiki-nerd prolly knows, like, every thang ding about the website. I mean, sometimes I forget this funny thing I said this one time. I should really start keeping a log of all the cool things I say... Oh right, that's what this wiki is for. Except that it's dedicated to Homestar instead of me. I can not emphasise this enough. Well, maybe I can. I guess I have already. But that's not the point. The point is, this guy likes to brag about how many edits he's made. In unrelated news, I have no idea what a sysop is. It's probably one of you guys' boring wiki-terms. But irridisregardless, he is one on this dumb fan fiction site. He also codes on some other dumb coding website, but The Cheat can probably do better. He made this one game this one time. No one thinks this userpage is interesting in the slightest, and no one cares about his dumb edits. So I'm gonna keep making fun of him in all subsequent paragraphs, for your amusement. Because everyone wants to read what the Strong Bad has to say.

Most users seem to have some interesting story about how they discovered Homestar Runner and/or the wiki, or— oh wait, that sentence is entirely false! The truth is, no one here is very interesting at all. And this dork is no exception. He found my website when he was the littlest tiniest baby, despite my warnings that I am not for children. I am strictly to be viewed by high school and/or college girls, and also people willing to give me five bucks. And this guy hasn't even given a single penny! He thinks he can just watch my sbemails whenever he wants?! Ahem. Continuing. This guy joined the wiki when he was way too young, and frankly, his first edits are pretty hilarious. And then in some year, he stopped editing. Hopefully because he realized that this whole wiki-type deal was a waste of time. But nope, he just had to come back eventually, to spread his dorkleness across the site! Man, this guy is so boring, even making fun of him is boring. And I can't say that about most things!

Outside of my website, this guy likes doodling stick figures on post-its that probably don't even belong to him. You live a sad life when you have to draw on someone else's post-its. This guy likes some types of food, but then again, who doesn't? His favorite color is red, in case anyone was wondering— NO, garblemesh, no one was wondering. Ever. Feel free to make fun of his fanstuff over at the fan site I mentioned earlier, such as some quotes that are clearly copied from the website, some online gaming-type deal, a blatant rip-off of my very own quite popular video game, him as a creepy-looking character with no personality traits or humorous talkwords, and way too many more. Phew. I guess I'm done this first section. Don't forget to check out the rest of the page, 'cause I'll be make-funning all over this mess.

— Overlord Awesomestyle J. Robotpants III (aka Strong Bad)
Why are these boxes written in the third person?! Whatever, these things are useless anyway.
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