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The photo from @StrongBadActual
The unfinished box art

Trogdor!! is an upcoming board game adaptation of TROGDOR!, made by The Brothers Chaps and James Ernest. It will be sold on Kickstarter, most likely in late summer. The prototype is currently finished. The box art (by Chris Schweizer) says the game is for two to six players, from ages six to sixty, although the creator implies that this is mostly filler text. The game is said to be made by Boardelectrix. The item prototypes are 3D-printed and painted, but the final versions will be sculpted by Rick Van Velsor, the person who sculpted the collectible figurines.

On September 29, 2017, Strong Bad posted a cottage being 3D-printed on his Instagram account, the first indication of the board game. He later posted a CG model of Trogdor being rendered. After that, he posted small pictures of the game board. A "Slantwise" card was revealed on January 24, 2018, in The Deleteheads Download Vol. 1. The game was confirmed on March 19, 2018, by both the Index Page and the @StrongBadActual Twitter account, with a photo of the board. More cards were revealed on @StrongBadActual the same day in a reply. It was playable every day from 12 PM to 2 PM in Kickstarter Couchland (room 103) of PAX East. During The Brothers Chaps' panel at PAX East, they revealed much more information about it. It will likely be playable in Georgia at some point in the future.


[edit] Instructions

It is a cooperative game in which each player assumes the role of a Keeper of Trogdor, each with different powers and the ability to control Trogdor. The goal is to burninate all of the game tiles, thatched-roof cottages, and peasants. The board game is a 5*5 grid of green square tiles with rounded edges. The tiles are flippable, and burninated on the other side, appearing black with flames. The cottage roofs are also flippable, with a flame inside. Peasants can be burninated by putting a flaming helmet on them, and they leave a flaming path when the players move them. The game tiles resemble locations in Peasantry, such as a pile of rocks, a berry bush, a tree stump, a cave resembling Jhonka's, a forest, fenced-off areas, Kerrek's footprints, a yellow tree, a lake, an orange tree, and mountains. If Trogdor reaches the end of the board and must keep moving, he moves to the other side of the board and continues moving.

The tiles that Trogdor burninates may be indicated by cards. There are at least two different kinds of cards. The first kind features a simple description, and the second kind is the same, except slightly different-looking, with a number of "action points" ("AP") written on the left side (although the former may simply be a prototype). Some cards are "actions", but it is unknown what this means. Other cards can only be used during actions. Some cards have directions on them for Trogdor to move, such as "north, east, north". Mendelev and Dongolev appear as archers, and there are two different kinds of knights on the board. The first knight is a standard knight from TROGDOR! or Peasant's Quest, but the second knight has more armor and carries the "Trog-Hammer". After a certain point in the game, he comes out and makes the game harder.

[edit] Known Cards

[edit] Slantwise



At any point during actions,
burninate a diagonal
tile. Not an action

[edit] Consummate V's

Consummate V's
Consummate V's
has diagonal
movement for
this turn!

[edit] Obscured Cards

Hidden behind the "Consummate V's" card in the @StrongBadActual image, some others can be seen, such as:

  • An unknown 6 AP card
  • An "Extra A[obscured]" card with 7 AP and a picture of Trogdor making the "peace" sign with his hand
  • A "Flip 'Em Up D[obscured]" card with a picture of the four tiles adjacent to Trogdor with shading, being flipped over, with the description:
After all Trogdor's
[obscured]tions, you may flip
[obscured] 4 adjacent tiles,
[obscured]ardless of their
[obscured]nination status.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Appearances

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