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Bad English these is.

Poor English (more commonly called Engrish) is often deliberately used, particularly in relation to video games, which historically have been poorly translated into English from Japanese while localizing the games for the Western market.

[edit] Video game-related appearances

  • Population: Tire — The game's premise contains several instances of poor English, including "YOU ARE SOLDIER!", "YOU ONE ARE OF BRAVE FEW" and "I FEEL ASLEEP!".
  • Thy Dungeonman — If the player beats the game, the game gives a "congraturation".
  • Peasant's Quest — After you kill the Kerrek and then look at him, the message on the screen says, "He dead."
  • Videro GamesStrong Bad complains about difficult video games that only reward with "a hearty CONGRATURATION!".
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — This game has many instances of "Engrish", such as "My stummy hurts" (pluralized as "Our stummies hurts") which also counts as a portmanteau of "stomach" and "tummy", "Keep try"[ing], and "Flash 7 or Hire" ("hire" is a homonym for "higher"). Its manual contains even more examples.
  • Vector Strong Bad often uses poorly translated lines like "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" (a splode meaning "explode"). He also pronounces "hello" as "HELLOTE" (seen in the email alternate universe).
  • Sundae Drivin' — As seen in the email redesign, the game includes quotes like "CHERRY GET!" and "YOUR JAMES OVER".
  • Where's an Egg? — The auction for a page of the Russian instructions for this game contains poor English.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — Strong Bad wants his video game to say "GRAPHICS HAVE!" on the cover. An image also shows a picture of the game's box with the words "BOX IN!" on it.
  • Homestar Ruiner — One of Strong Bad's reactions to being hurt in Snake Boxer 5 is "I've been bited" (properly phrased as "bitten").

[edit] Other appearances

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