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Of all the characters in the Homestar Runner universe, the titular character has gone through the most changes. His original name, The Homestar Runner, has been inherited by his Old-Timey counterpart.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early design (left) July 1996 Instagram; @StrongBadActual N/A
This is the first "The" Homestar Runner design. July 1996 Original Book; Super NES; Strumstar Hammer; flashback; Main Page 20; Strongest Man in the World; The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw; Halloween Safety (Easter egg); Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold; The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods Homestar no longer has arms, his overbite has turned into an underbite, and his hat has a propeller rather than a star. He is also more non-human like and slightly shorter.
This is the second "The" Homestar Runner design. June 1999 Where My Hat Is At?; Second Flash; Where My Hat Is At? (toon) His eyes now change between ovals and elongated pie shapes and have moved to the left, his mouth is smaller, his "lip" is more pointed and it juts out further a little bit, he has thicker outlines, his star is bigger, his shirt is darker and no longer shown open at the bottom and he has some shading on his head and legs. His feet are a different shape, his hat and feet are brighter and his head is smaller.
This is the third design. By this point, he is no longer referred to as "The Homestar Runner" and is now just "Homestar Runner". November 1999 Old loading screen; Marshmallow's Last Stand; Bronco Trolleys; Old Characters Page; Old Intro; She Loves Me!; Hairstyle Runner (head); personal favorites;; Loading Screens His shirt is a brighter color, his feet have changed shape again, his shading is in different places, his underbite doesn't jut out as much and his hat and shoes have shading. His mouth now tends to open in a rectangular or rounded shape as opposed to the wedge shape that was more common earlier. His head is rounder, and he also doesn't look "sketchy" anymore.
This is the fourth design. Early 2000 Old Intro 2; Character Cards; Dancin' Bubs; The Reddest Radish; Yearbook Character Page (in photo) His star is smaller, his outline is thinner, his design is more realistic, and his eyes changed to the current shape. He's lost his shading, his shirt is darker and his legs are longer, closer together and a different shape. His eyes now have a little glare in them and are more clearly defined. He is slightly taller.
This is the fifth design. April 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest; virus; Main Page 22; No Hands On Deck!; Sbemailiarized; Hremail 7 His shading is back, his hat, shirt and shoes are darker, his star is slightly bigger and more symmetrical, his head is less squat, his eyes are closer together, and he has a thinner outline.
This is the sixth design. May 2000 Theme Song Video; The Luau; Homestarloween Party; A Holiday Greeting; A Jorb Well Done (pre-May 2001); Main Pages 9 and 12; In Search of the Yello Dello Theatrical trailer; In Search of the Yello Dello Deleted Scene 2; Yearbook Character Page; Homestar Runner Screensaver; Why Come Only One Girl? His outlines are colored instead of just plain black, the shading on his legs is now symmetrical, and his eyes now periodically flip depending on the direction he is looking. His head's and body's shading no longer match a consistent light source, staying on his back no matter the direction they are facing. The Brothers Chaps nicknamed this design "Fat Body Homestar".

The back view of this design is sometimes used in toons that use the eighth design, such as japanese cartoon (Easter Egg), A Jorb Well Done and Malloween Commercial.
This is the seventh design. February 2001 Fluffy Puff Commercial; Sing Along; Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True; halloweener; Some Stupid Turkey; The House That Gave Sucky Treats; The Interview; Intro; Intro 2 He's taller, his head and torso are less broad, his shirt is brighter, the star on it has gone back to the original asymmetrical shape, his standing position has changed, he has much lighter outlines, his propeller is bigger, and his underbite is not as curved and juts out further. The shading on his legs is asymmetrical again. Occasionally his shirt is more magenta than red, as noted in many of the commentaries in Everything Else Vol. 1.
This is the eighth design. May 2001 All Main Pages except 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21, 25, and 26; toons from A Jorb Well Done to I Killed Pom Pom; First Time Here?; various Strong Bad Emails starting with the bird; Marzipan Answering Machine Versions 9.2, 13.2, and 14.2 His outline is thicker and darker, and the star on his shirt is more angular and less puffy. His mouth has gone back slightly and is more level. His head is stationary when he talks. His eyes are slightly higher. His shirt has more shading and his legs have less. His legs' shading is symmetrical again. His legs seem shorter and a slightly different shape, and his shirt is darker. Also, his feet are smaller. His voice is somewhat lower.

Starting with Coach Z's 110%, Homestar has a new mouth position for when closing his mouth.

Sometimes, this design is slightly different, e.g., in some toons, shorts and sbemails, his colors are brighter; in others, his shirt is that of the previous version; in time capsule, dreamail and modeling, his eyes are closer together; in Main Pages before 15 and in The Best Decemberween Ever, his head outline and mouth are shaped like the previous version; and in one scene of A Jorb Well Done, his legs are an older design but the rest of his body is the current one.
This is the current design. February 2007 All toons and emails beginning with unnatural Homestar's feet are larger, his legs are slightly longer, all of his shading is lighter, with some shading in the brim of his hat, and his outlines are slightly thinner. His mouth is now bent into a very subtle frown, although it does sometimes change back to the previous design.

Starting with too cool, he has gained a new facial expression indicating curiosity or confusion.
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