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Everybody! Everybody!

hello! I am Mr.big! I made a "forum" of a couple of my favorite website's links, they are great!

oh,! hi!! hi!! hi!!!


[edit] links

[edit] edit!


if you made a link on your page and clicked on it, you would make you're own pages! but you can even pick your own page name depending on the link name.

edit this page and post edited pages you made at that link.

[edit] send pages

like I said, you can post pages by editing this page.

the pages are:

don't worry if there's no room for your page. you can edit this and make more page boxes. and for a practice edit, click on the following link: a test edit! and please do not press "save page"! only "priview"! (or "show changes"!)

[edit] text tricks

I would like to perform tricks with text and image.

File:a glitch
one image trick

old text!


striked text!

underlined it!

boxed stuff!

there you go!

[edit] edit help

you can see edit help with this link. Help:Editing for more information read this!

let's go!

do you know how I did that side image? here's how I did it! I typed in.... [[Image:New Toons Menu.png|thumb|300px|let's go!]] and also click the crossed out W to do this... [[the link is only an edited link now!]]
click the n to write like this! now an example... so, if you click the B which leads to bold text, but it will just say '''Bold text''' but where do you put text? put text '''here!'''

[edit] messages

and you may see more games on the games page of the wiki, which I put there. they are in groups:

[edit] the games

now move on!

and I was the one who made this

into this!

in the games menu

[edit] strong bad emails

I post my sbemail ideas here! here they are!

email # 1: times/on compe:

email # 2: rampy 8490/on compe and rampy 8490:

I wanted strong bad to agree with it so I wrote his rampy"ing" test.

[edit] information

username: Mr. big
real name: Jude Friesen
middle name: andrew
country: canada
also known on (which means what other website am I on):!/?ref=logo , and
I found H* by: my parents when I was "?" years old. age: born in nov.18,2002

[edit] everything eles vol. 4

all though it isn't created yet, I dicided to decide what it would look like.

[edit] DVD transcript

(FBI warning)
STRONG MAD:welcome to eatsville!!!!!!!
STRONG SAD:(offscreen) uh...I think it's everything
eles #4? homestar runner DVD 2? something?
(done FBI warning)
HOMESTAR:cool! 3 D's! I gotta go, but first i'll say...
(cut to a scene of everyone as in
Welcome Back! and Xeriouxly Forxe
with added cast:

[edit] DVD artwork

[edit] inside

just the
same as all the discs.

[edit] front

so...the front of it... it's this picture


it says on it
www.'s 4st DVD

[edit] back

it only says... welcome! here you'll find lots of fun toons, easter eggs and bonus stuff!

[edit] menus

[edit] main menu

another shot of everyone (as in Xeriouxly Forxe and welcome back.)

[edit] big toons

Strong Bad kicks The Cheat at the stick.

[edit] shorts

Bubs is looking left and right over and over in his consession stand.

[edit] holiday

the menu keeps making a slide show of all the holidays at the feild.

[edit] other

Strong Sad looks curiously at the flying Homsar.

[edit] E-mails

Strong Bad walks back & forth in his computer room.

[edit] bonus

Homestar runs in strong badia.

[edit] toons

big toons:
2 part episode: part 2
2 part episode: part 1
Career day
The Animated Adventures Of Puppet Homestar
On Break
Compy Catalog Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
Loading Screens
79 Seconds Left
Pistols for Pandas
Where U Goin' 2?
Donut Unto Others
4 Gregs
Best Caper Ever
Coach Z's 110%
The Next Epi-Snowed
The Baloneyman
Somber Vacation
Play Date
Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
Blubb-O's Commercial
Xeriouxly Forxe
Punkin Show
Fan Costumes '09
Doomy Tales of the Macabre
Decomposing Pumpkins
April Fool 09
A Death-Defying Decemberween
Twenty THANXty Six
Fan Costumes '08
Most in the Graveyard
Costume Commercial
Rotten Eggs
Sickly Sam's Big Outing
Trogday 08
Happy Dethemberween
Toikey TV
Fan Costumes '07
Jibblies 2
Marshie vs. Little Girl
Dangeresque: Puppet Squad
Crystal Fortress
Rap Song
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 16.2
Teen Girl Squad Issue 15
Teen Girl Squad Issue 14
Hremail 7
Hremail 2000
Hremail 62
(easter egg: another DVD game: like the games menu)
introduction videos
Broken Compy Menu
Xeriouxly Forxe bloopers
8-bit marshmellow commercial

[edit] I found H*R .com by...

well, my parents...learned about it because in 2003 (the year after the year I was born) a friend of parent's sent them the latest toon and they figured out the website of homestar runner and tought me about it! but I don't remember how I learned the wiki!

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