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(These kind of count as features, right?)
(Not sure if we're still planning to rename the Instagram page, but it seems that this is what we're doing for Twitter)
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<p style="margin: 0.5em 0 1.5em;"><div align="right" class="noprint">'''[[@StrongBadActual (Twitter)|Twitter updates]]''' | '''[[@strongbadactual (Instagram)|Instagram updates]]'''</div></p>
<p style="margin: 0.5em 0 1.5em;"><div align="right" class="noprint">'''[[@StrongBadActual Tweets {{CURRENTYEAR}}|Twitter updates]]''' | '''[[@strongbadactual (Instagram)|Instagram updates]]'''</div></p>

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"WHOA! Can it be true?"

In different town, the 99th Strong Bad Email, Steven from WV asks Strong Bad what he would do if he could make his town different. He explains in song form: the changes include The Poopsmith being able to talk, Marzipan changing her style of music and her hair, The Stick becoming a man-eating tree, The King of Town being "pea-buried alive", Bubs giving out unusual weapons, Strong Sad having been born with horns and a tail, Coach Z wearing a cool jacket, Homestar quitting sports, Pom Pom looking like an ABA basketball, and Homsar being a modestly hot girl. After the song, Strong Sad tries to offer Strong Bad a bust of Bubo, but since Strong Sad is dressed much like his brother imagined him, Strong Bad goes crazy, causing his brother to call him a "spaz" and a "weirdo". Strong Bad then concludes that his imagination is broken, and ends up "go[ing] place". watch (more...)

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Beardo subterranean Strong Sad
Six-Sadded, DIE!

23 Sep 2018: And finally, I give you... beardo subterranean Strong Sad. view

23 Sep 2018: And you got to take control of Renaldo inside the gremlin! Intense A/C action! Ashtray mode! "It caromed off the side, yo! I swear!" view

23 Sep 2018: Check these riveting 'interact with trashcan' responses from the never-finished Dangeresque: Roomisode 2. view

23 Sep 2018: Thanks to one and all o' dang y'all backers but today I'd like to shine the Majesty of Trogdor on my main man Colin B for valor and all around be-coolness in the Kickcheater comments section! I dub thee PALGSTUB, an Honorary Keeper of Trogdor! view

21 Sep 2018: Don't get me wrong -the game turned out great- but the best thing I did with @telltalegames miiiight have been this low-quality public access advertisement: That cozy fireplace. So NOT metal. Besta luck to everybody affected. view

21 Sep 2018: Okay, there are no trains to drop yet so consider this a WIP version of Strong Bad's Mash-An-Idyllic-Island-Airport VR Simulator. view

21 Sep 2018: Okay @ColinMcInerror, I've made my low-poly 3D models in software designed for pre-schoolers. Am I VR yet? view

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