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"Now you guys are sure this won't emancipate me from my ridiculous squintèd, stripèd pants?"
"Robo-armed foil-whitey!"

2 Sep 2017: Robo-armed foil-whitey! view

2 Sep 2017: 🎶Let's make this moment be the symbol of our lives. We'll red shell Birdo's Ooh Lips and we'll sail to Yoshi's Isle🎶 view

1 Sep 2017: "Yeah, squint up, kid!" view

31 Aug 2017: I can't stop you guys! My brain is now replacing actual memories with squintmoji!view

30 Aug 2017: Now you guys are sure this won't emancipate me from my ridiculous squintèd, stripèd pants? view

29 Aug 2017: Mister Senor himself! Squint along with me brothers and sisters! view

29 Aug 2017: Kick that can of water soup, The Homestar Runner! view

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"Creepy pants all the time get some light globes."

Very few of Free Country, USA's residents actually wear pants, as shown in senior prom: when Strong Bad's plan to poof away everybody's pants backfires he realizes that he's "the only one that wears any pants". Most notably, it is an ongoing mystery as to whether or not Homestar Runner wears them. Given the relaxed nature of Free Country's social expectations concerning pants, it is surprising that Homestar and his friends discuss them with great frequency — the subject of pants is an unending source of humor for them. (more...)


A renegade cop with nothing to lose and an egg on his mind.

Where's an Egg? is a game by Videlectrix that was released on Monday, July 16, 2007. The object of the game is to find an egg that one of the suspects is hiding. The task is a variation on the Knights and Knaves puzzle, in which suspects either always lie or always tell the truth. The suspects appear at several locations in a city that the player can visit by clicking them. When talking to a suspect, the player can choose one of any of the items or suspects encountered. When the player chooses an item, the suspect will tell the location where that item can be found or the suspect who has it. When the player chooses a suspect from the menu, the character on the screen will tell where that suspect can be found or what item they have. After you think you know who or where an egg is, you go to that location and shoot the suspect, who will give up an egg if you have guessed correctly. (more...) play

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