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"Everything was piles upon piles..."

Animated Puppet Homestar has an animated adventure.

Cast (in order of appearance): Puppet Homestar, Shark-Tooth Bubs, Puppet Strong Bad, Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Marshie, Puppet Doreauxgard, Puppet Strong Sad

Places: The Field

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Running Time: 3:00

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{Music plays. There is a red curtain with "The Animated Adventures of" on it. Throughout the entire cartoon, there is a cardboard border around the edges. It opens to The Field. "PUPPET HOMESTAR" is in colorful letters that hang from strings. "PUPPET HOMESTAR" gets pulled up.}

{The music stops.}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Once upon a time...

{Puppet Homestar Runner comes in from the right}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover}'s the type of thing that happened.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {angrily} I don't believe it! I won't believe it! There isn't a pile right here! What kind of world do we live in, where there isn't a pile right here? {no longer angry} Well, I'm going to do my part! I'm gonna— {breaks off} umm... build a pile!

{Puppet Homestar leaves. He then comes back holding an egg.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: My pile will start with an egg!

{Puppet Homestar leaves and then comes back holding bacon.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And, a bacon.

{Shark-Tooth Bubs appears.}

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: What you're doing in m-here, Homestar? W-you making a breakfast pile or...?


SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: A beach resort pile?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um,'s not supposed to be.

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: Well, looks like you're heading in that direction, if I'ms can say...


{Shark-Tooth Bubs moves closer to Puppet Homestar.}

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: Why don't I be your pile manager? {moves back} I'll make sure it doesn't become a breakfast pile, for you.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You'd do that for me? Be my pile manager?

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: {lunging forwards, suddenly aggressive} Get back to work!

{The curtains close.}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Everything was piles upon piles...

{The curtains open to Puppet Homestar and Shark-Tooth Bubs standing by a big pile}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} ...until one day...

{Puppet Strong Bad and Puppet The Cheat come in from the left.}

STRONG BAD: Grabble-dee-garble-dee-grabble-a-grah!


STRONG BAD: Oh, you haven't heard that yet? That's like, the new "Fe Fi Fo Fum".

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I don't like it. It'll never last.

STRONG BAD: Well, anyways, this is my pile now.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, no...! {leans backwards}

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: {moving forward} Say there, Mohhhldy Moldy. You need a pile manager?

STRONG BAD: You'd do that for me?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {angrily} You traitorous trade-about! {He exits screen right}

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: Sorry, piles, I got my own styles.

{Screen darkens and then curtain closes}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} And so the Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar—

{curtain opens to the Puppet Homestar moving in silhouette over some hills}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} — decided that he should seek out some help. He goed and goed until he finally went.

{Homestar stops on a hill}


{Curtain quickly closes and reopens to reveal Homestar in the field with Marshie and Doreauxgard}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You guys gotta help me! You're the only puppets left!

DOREAUXGARD: Well...sounds like you better protect yourself. Bag of doorknobs. {lunges towards Homestar} Bag of doors, if you can manage it!

MARSHIE: Oo! And then, oo! I've got just the thing! Now, huddle up boys, and make that old whispering sound!

{Music starts and the trio huddles together, making indistinct whispering sounds.}

{Curtain closes and reopens to Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Shark-Tooth Bubs by the pile}

STRONG BAD: Man, who knew being king of the pile would be {grows increasingly monotone} sooooooooooooooooooo exciting.

SHARK-TOOTH BUBS: I'm going to go throw up at your house.

{Shark-Tooth Bubs exits from the bottom of the screen and is replaced by Homestar}


STRONG BAD: Uh, what?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Ho ho!" It's the new "a-ha".

STRONG BAD: I can live with that.

{Marshie comes flying in}

MARSHIE: Let 'em have it, Jackson! {Marshie flies off}

{A translucent sheet comes down so that The Cheat, Strong Bad, and Homestar are only seen as silhouettes}


{The Homestar puppet comes off to reveal a squirming hand, which makes gurgling/growling noises}

{Strong Bad and The Cheat scream and flee screen left in terror}

{The hand lets out a yell after Strong Bad and The Cheat have left the screen}

{The Homestar Puppet covers the hand and the sheet comes up, leaving Homestar alone with the pile.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Too good, Strong Bad! {Doreauxgard comes in screen left and Marshie flies in} Looks like your fifteen minutes of pile are over!

{The screen darkens, a grey hand with Strong Sad's eyes drawn on it appears from the left}

STRONG SAD: And so, The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar lived {curtain closes} pretty well after that. Can't complain, really. I guess my thumb is pretty sore.

{Homestar enters screen right}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {whisperingly} Strong Sad.

STRONG SAD: {overlapping} I think this permanent marker is giving my hand a rash.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {whispering, overlapping} Stop it. Puppet show's over.

STRONG SAD: And the bloating! Don't get me started on the bloating.

{Homestar continues to whisper to get Strong Sad's attention}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Sad! Step. On it. We're up! Stop it. Strong Sad! That's it! Cut it off. That's the end. No more!

{Strong Sad finally leaves screen left}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh-up... wiggle it... just a little bit... Strong Sad!

{"End." appears on the curtain}

Fun Facts


Homestar says - Everybody loves the Puppet Homestar. He is a terrific hand-in-the-headthlete. At short last, I bring the hit homepage No. 25 to life! What do you get when you cross a cartoon with photos of puppets? Why, something that defeats the purpose of BOTH those things, THAT'S what you get! This puts Muppets, Supermarionation, and the sham marriage known as Gumby to shame! I mean, who can resist that ol'Shark-Tooth Bubs?!
  • Items in Homestar's pile include:
    • an egg
    • a piece of bacon
    • some tangled spaghetti with meat sauce
    • a Kewpie doll
    • a trophy
    • a rubber band ball
    • a mug
    • an engine
    • a doorknob
    • a tennis ball


  • This short is done in the same style as Main Page 25.
  • Homestar says that Marshie and Doreauxgard are the "only puppets left"; however, The Exact Same and Frank Bennedetto are not mentioned.
  • Homestar teams with Marshie and Doreauxgard, even though he has previously shown dislike towards Marshie, while Doreauxgard has shown this feeling towards Homestar.
  • Strong Sad is depicted as a hand that speaks. The actual Strong Sad "puppet" consists only of a pair of gray gloves.

Inside References

  • This cartoon focuses on piles.
  • Strong Sad mentions everything being "Piles Upon Piles".
  • Shark-Tooth Bubs says to Homestar that he has his own styles.
  • Shark-Tooth Bubs says he's going to throw up at Strong Bad's house.
  • The part where Homestar is running over the hills is similar to a scene in the second Intro.
  • There is another reference to peeing.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Puppet Homestar expresses disgust over the line "-until he finally went.", and by the fact both he and Puppet Strong Sad refer to the characters as "puppets".

Real-World References

  • Strong Bad's "garbldy-garbldy" is mentioned as being the new "Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum" from Jack & the Beanstalk.
  • Strong Bad being "king of the pile" is a play on the phrase "King of the Hill".
  • Homestar saying that Strong Bad's fifteen minutes of pile are over is a play on Andy Warhol's famous quote that in the future, everyone would have fifteen minutes of fame.
  • "Wiggle it, just a little bit" is a line from the early-'90s hip hop group 2 in a Room's single "Wiggle It".
  • "Let 'em have it, Jackson!" may be a reference to a quote from Lt. Vasquez in Call of Duty 4.
  • In the RSS description, Homestar mentions the Muppets, Supermarionation and Gumby.

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