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These are the various fictional locations that the Teen Girl Squad comics take place on. Many of these locations are only seen in one issue.


[edit] Various

Image Description
TGS Style Field
[edit] Teen Girl Squad Field

The Teen Girl Squad variant of The Field is the most simplistic background Strong Bad uses. It sometimes features a single line separating the ground from the sky. Sometimes the sky has objects like clouds and birds in it, and only once has a tree been seen.

Middle-to-high School
[edit] The School

This is the school that the squad attends, first seen in Issue 4 and then later in Issues 8, 10, 12, and 14. Their mascot is the Fighting Growlback, as evidenced by the Fighting Growlbacks Bottomless Spirit Pit that So and So fell into. They frequently serve breadtangles of pizza for lunch and once held a Battle of the Bands contest. It also has a Prinicpal's Office, similar to the one in CGNU, and a locker room for the use of Quarterbacks.

"I wish the mall could be my ringtone"
[edit] The Mall

This is the shopping mall that the girls visit in issues 3 and 11. In Issue 3, Cheerleader, So and So, and The Ugly One go here to get some summer fashions. So and So bought an outfit for $500 and Cheerleader bought an elephant head for $100, which she said was a "whole new style". In Issue 11, So and So is forced by her stepmom Judith to get a part-time job at Shirt Folding Store in the mall. In this issue, the name is revealed to be Folding Mills Mall. Other stores in the mall include Jeans Folding Store and Thong Folding Store. So and So wishes the mall could be her ringtone.

[edit] Issue 1

Image Description
RIP The Other Girls
[edit] The Graveyard

The Graveyard is where So and So, What's Her Face and The Ugly One were buried when they died in the first issue. Theirs are the only tombstones visible. Cheerleader went here to announce her good looks, and it was here that she met Strong Bad.

[edit] Issue 2

Image Description
Yogurt, yo!
[edit] TCYBCBY

This is a frozen yogurt shop. After a long day of boys and death, the girls all get together at their favorite ice cream shop which is a spoof of TCBY. A "GO YOGurt!" sign can be seen in the window. One of the things customers can add to their yogurt is Jimmies.

[edit] Issue 3

Image Description
"Ow, my stomach lining!"
[edit] 3 Spring Rolls

This is the Chinese Food booth that the girls went to for some Pan-Asian Cuisine before shopping at the mall. It is run by Arrow'd Guy, and it bears a striking resemblance to Bubs' Concession Stand. The Ugly One ordered three spring rolls from this stand, and Arrow'd Guy MSG'd her, which hurt her "stomach lining".

1 or 2 cents? What a bargain!
[edit] The Thrift Store

While the other girls headed for the mall, What's Her Face was relegated to the thrift store, where all the clothes smell like grandmas. According to the sign held by the Thrift Store Girl, each item here costs one or two cents.

[edit] Issue 5

Image Description
Casa de Herface
[edit] What's Her Face's House

What's Her Face lives at 412 S. Figgis, Mundelow, 80808. She remained here during Spring Break while the other girls went to the beach. At first she was only seen in her front yard, but a kitchen was later seen in Issue 9.

Fun in the Sun
[edit] The Beach

This beach is where Cheerleader, So and So, and The Ugly One went during their spring break. Cheerleader and So and So went to meet some Olda Boys there with The Ugly One, but she got too nervous. While here, they sported their swimsuits, Cheerleader got killed in a SAiLING MiSHAP!, The Ugly One got PERCH'd upon by a fat bird, and So and So went tandem parasailing with some presidents and Henry Rollins.

"Sweet moves, Thomas"
[edit] Skateboarding Half-Pipe

What's Her Face and Thomas hung out here while So and So, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Henry Rollins parasailed by. Thomas did some sweet moves here, including a LATE 360 SHOVE-iT TO BONELESS.

[edit] Issue 6

Image Description
Giftcards and Gazelles
[edit] Inside the Lion

This is where the girls jumped inside for their Secret Decemberween Gift Exchange. What's Her Face didn't go inside, because she was hesitant and vegan. According to Cheerleader, the lion's innards are looking so good, and the rest of the squad agrees. Cheerleader received a fashion gift card from So and So, and The Ugly One gave Cheerleader a half-digested gazelle carcass. For some reason the inside of the lion looks somewhat like the inside of a whale.

[edit] Issue 7

Image Description
[edit] Diaper School

This is where the Teeny Tiny Girl Squad attends preschool. It has at least two blocks, a slide, and possibly a sandbox. The only other known students are Tompkins and Thomas, and their teacher is Mrs. Commanderson. The bell, Bill Bellamy, rings to announce naptime.

[edit] Issue 8

Image Description
Questionable taste and a million jogging suits
[edit] Mrs. So-and-so-erson's Walk-in Closet

Mrs. So-and-so-erson keeps her clothing here. Kissyboots practiced for the Battle of the Bands tournament here. Based on the closet's contents, Cheerleader and What's Her Face determine that So and So's step mom has "questionable taste" and "like a million jogging suits", respectively.

Contents known to be kept in it include a million jogging suits (estimated), a jester hat, a sombrero, a bascinet style helmet, loafers, and black high heels.

Are you ready to rock?
[edit] School Stage

This is the stage in the auditorium of the girls' school. The Battle of the Bands was hosted here. There is also a backstage and dressing room. This may or may not be the same stage seen in Issue 9.

The Battle of the Crappy High School Bands was also hosted here in the email death metal.

"My autograph? Why, sure!"
[edit] Dressing Room

This is presumably located near the school stage. It is used by the competitors in the Battle of the Bands before they perform. So and So decided she was going with a gloomy keyboardist look here before meeting up with trolls, who asked her for her autograph. A giant "twelve-sided" die falling from above prevented her from doing this, however.

[edit] Issue 9

Image Description
Quite good taste
[edit] Vultures' Dining Room

This is the fancy and elegant dining room where The Vultures took Mr. Pitters and ate him, saying that he "ain't no teen girl". While chomping down on him, they claim he is "quite good, quite good."

On da Stage
[edit] A Theatre

So and So and a Port-O-John put on a play here. Unfortunately, they were killed by a spear when the Arrow'd Guy didn't give them very good reviews. This may or may not be the same stage seen in Issue 8.

"They don't got no TurboGrafx games?!"
[edit] Babbage's

At the end of the "Best Friends Squad" song, the Learner's Permit Girl gave Strong Bad a ride here. He was disappointed with the complete lack of TurboGrafx-16 games. A Cheap as Free sign can be seen here.

Lookin' SO DEAD!
[edit] The Spirit World

This is where the spirits of the dearly departed Teen Girl Squad characters reside. The girls and Mr. Pitters ended up here after being killed in various ways.

[edit] Issue 10

Image Description
Lunch is for weirdos
[edit] The Cafeteria

This is the cafeteria of the girls' school. The girls share a table and chat. Sometimes, the cafeteria has "corn and corn alone" day, where the meal is a huge pile of corn and corn alone. Only The Ugly One eats, as the other three think that eating lunch is for weirdos.

So dumb or not so dumb?
[edit] Olympic Race Track

This is presumably the place where some type of Olympic race is held, as evidenced by the banner reading "OLYMPIC RACE". An Olympic Man and a Coach are briefly seen here after the Coach called Cheerleader on her cell phone and said the Olympics are dumb, though he denies this to his muscular companion.

Casa de Ugly One
[edit] The Ugly One's House

The Ugly One lives here with her father Manolios Ugly One (the only other known resident of the house). This is where The Ugly One's sweet someteen birthday bash took place. Cheerleader, So and So and What's Her Face attended this event, as did a slew of minor characters.

Make Out like an Egyptian
[edit] Giza

This is a real-world location in Egypt famous for its sphinx and pyramids. Strong Bad and the newly-attractive The Ugly One made out in front of them.

[edit] Issue 11

Image Description
Firstbasawassa, here we come!
[edit] Camp Firstbasawassa

This is the summer camp that Cheerleader, What's Her Face and The Ugly One go to.

Our fair village, or possibly star system
[edit] Cosplayover Camp

This is the summer camp where Science Fiction Greg and D n' D Greg go.

The Big House!
[edit] Prison

This is the prison that So and So, C-dogg and Naptime (and, presumably, Rubble D) are sent to.

[edit] Issue 12

Image Description
"Min-dy! Min-dy!"
[edit] Mindy's Shrine

This is the room of the shrine of Chief Cheerleader Mindy, who is worshipped by other cheerleaders.

[edit] Issue 13

Image Description
[edit] Tompkins's House

The domicile in which Tompkins, Timkins, and Momkins live. So and So comes here to babysit, but the other girls smash through the wall and interrupt. Known rooms are a parlor with a talking door, a kitchen with two pantries and a sink with a garbage disposal, and a living room with a couch and TV set. There is also an unseen second floor, where Tompkins keeps his trenchcoats.

Dangled, then Dropped
[edit] Hotel Balcony

This is the hotel balcony that The Ugly One is dangled off and then dropped from by the Olympic Man. It is located outside the top floor of a hotel in a large city. There is a bayonet tailgate party directly underneath.

[edit] Issue 15

Image Description
This is where the prom is.
[edit] Conference Room C

This is a conference room in the Sheraton Hotel where the Junior Prom is held.

[edit] 4 Gregs

Image Description
[edit] The Football Stadium

This is where varsity football games take place.

[edit] Decomposing Pumpkins

Image Description
[edit] Brainkrieg's Garage

This is the garage in which Brainkrieg practices their music. It belongs to the lead singer's family.

[edit] Other

Image Description
[edit] D n' D Greg's Parent's Basement

Underneath the house owned by D n' D Greg's parents is his apparent room dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons. Here is where Coach Z asks Greg how to defeat Strong Bad, who has become a class 3 dark wizard.

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