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This is the list of Featured Articles that need to be cleaned up for the Spoken Articles project. Feel free to add items to the list. Anybody can edit this, so don't think you can't just because this is Brightstar Shiner's subpage. To help with the project, simply click on an article title that hasn't been cleaned up yet, fix what needs to be fixed on that page (grammar, second-person point of view, spelling, etc.) and when you're done, check the item off the list. To do this, simply change the text {{todo}} to {{done}}. Not everything has to be a featured article, but we're starting there first.

[edit] General Articles

  1. To do Strong Bad
  2. To do Strong Sad
  3. To do Strong Mad
  4. To do The King of Town
  5. To do The Poopsmith
  6. To do The Cheat
  7. To do Homestar Runner
  8. To do Pom Pom
  9. To do Marzipan
  10. To do Homsar
  11. To do Bubs
  12. To do Senor Cardgage
  13. Done Gavin
  14. To do Homestar Presents: Presents
  15. To do Tangerine Dreams
  16. Done The Virus
  17. To do virus
  18. To do highschool
  19. Done That Time of Year
  20. To do Halloween Potion-ma-jig
  21. Done What are you supposed to be?
  22. Done Sterrence
  23. To do Fourth Wall Breaks
  24. To do Museum
  25. To do Downloads
  26. To do Printables
  27. To do Store
  28. To do Character Videos
  29. To do flashback
  30. To do Fall Float Parade
  31. Done TROGDOR!
  32. To do Experimental Film
  1. To do Teen Girl Squad Issue 10
  2. Done Homestarmy
  3. To do Marshie
  4. Done Lappy 486
  5. Done Compy 386
  6. Done Tandy 400
  7. To do Crap
  8. To do Scrolling Shooter Games Menu
  9. To do TV Time Toons Menu
  10. To do Podstar Runner
  11. To do How do you type with boxing gloves on?
  12. To do Integral Article
  13. To do The Office
  14. To do Cool Things
  15. To do Blue Laser
  16. To do Cheat Commandos
  17. To do Lack of Visible Arms
  18. Done Trogdor
  19. Done Rather Dashing
  20. To do Yearbook Character Page
  21. Done The Geddup Noise
  22. Done Flash Store
  23. Done Rejected Characters
  24. To do Original Book
  25. To do Minor Teen Girl Squad Characters
  26. To do Leomard Sportsinterviews
  27. Done Bad Graphics Ghost
  28. Done Free Country, USA
  29. Done Strong Badia
  30. To do Holidays
  31. Done Decemberween
  32. Done Limozeen
  1. To do Puppet Stuff
  2. Done BMW Lighter
  3. To do Peasant's Quest
  4. To do The Paper
  5. To do Thorax Corporation
  6. To do Matt Chapman
  7. To do Mike Chapman
  8. To do Videlectrix
  9. Done Little Girl
  10. To do The Brothers Chaps
  11. To do Halloween Costumes
  12. To do Random Toon
  13. To do Fan Stuff (not the weekly one, the museum one)
  14. To do Sketchbook (museum)
  15. To do Old-Timey
  16. To do 20X6
  17. To do Marzipan's Answering Machine
  18. To do Strong Bad Email
  19. To do Main Pages
  20. To do Strong Bad Email Statistics
  21. To do Marshmallow's Last Stand
  22. To do Lookin' at a Thing in a Bag
  23. To do Teen Girl Squad
  24. To do strongbad_email.exe
  25. To do Strong Sad's Lament
  26. To do Strong Bad's Message Bored
  27. Done Floppy Disk Container
  28. Done Crazy Go Nuts University
  29. Done Bubs' Concession Stand
  30. To do Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits
  31. To do Powered By The Cheat

[edit] FA cleanup

Ongoing Project: Optimizing Featured Articles for 2007; possible candidates for Spoken articles. Last edited: 14 March 2007

  1. Done Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoonnot yet decided; please change if necessary
  2. Done Aliases Used in Prank Calls
  3. Done Strong Bad Lore
  4. Done 1-Up
  5. Done Secret Pages
  6. Done Ye Flask
  1. Done Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer
  2. Done Everything Else
  3. Done Bug in Mouth Disease
  4. Done Homestar Quiz
  5. Done Fortune Cookies
  6. Done Audition with Marzipan
  1. Done Homestar Talker
  2. Done Hairstyle Runnermay still require some attention, especially in Real-World References
  3. Done Strong Libs
  4. Done Dancin' Bubs
  5. Done Stinkomanalready spoken
  6. Done Cold Onemay still require some attention
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