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*Hidden in the Flash File is: "go get!" "no way."
*Hidden in the Flash File is: "go get!" "no way." This may be a deleted bulletin displayed before the Main Page about the higher Flash requirement.

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"Has anybody seen my pants?"

Everything is viewed through blurred vision.

Cast (In order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Strong Sad

Place: The Field

Icon: Glasses

Page title: 20/200!

Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Button Effects

  • Toons — Homestar holds up a vision testing chart.
  • Games — Pulsating red dots appear onscreen. Homestar says, "Hey, are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up?"
  • Characters — Homestar's shirt changes — first to a Peacey P shirt, then to a blue Fila shirt, then to his duckie shirt, then back to his original star shirt.
  • Downloads — Strong Bad walks through the Field in his underwear shouting, "My pants! Come here, my pants! Has anybody seen my pants?"
  • Store — Glasses are placed on the viewer, allowing for better vision. Homestar's shirts are still blurred.
  • Email — Strong Sad appears, holding up Strong Bad's pants and saying, "Well, lookie what I found!"

Fun Facts


  • The page title, "20/200", is the visual acuity measurement used as the threshold for legal blindness.
  • The eye chart held up by Homestar is known as a "Tumbling E" chart. This form of vision chart is used by opthalmologists on patients who are illiterate, or those children who are too young to read but old enough to speak (preliterate); the patient can tell the doctor which direction the prongs of the Es are facing, rather than needing to recognize letters.
  • When the glasses are put on, Homestar's shirt logos are still blurred because logos, trademarked designs, and certain words on clothing are often obscured by the producers of visual media (usually television or music videos) when they don't want the logos, designs, or words visible in the final product, often to avoid having to pay to display the logo.


  • The vision chart Homestar holds up reads:


  • Hidden in the Flash File is: "go get!" "no way." This may be a deleted bulletin displayed before the Main Page about the higher Flash requirement.


  • By using the Store button after selecting a button which triggers an animation (or by using the main page glitch), you can watch the scene unblurred.
  • The main page has been redesigned slightly:
    • The buttons have a new, shinier look.
    • There is a little more space in the center.
    • The colors on the striped sides are darker and their gradient is more prominent.
    • The shadows are larger and more realistic.
  • The sky's design is the one used in the chair and Drive-Thru.
  • This main page lacks a loading screen.
  • The weeklies' pop-up windows are not blurred.
  • Strong Bad is seen wearing underwear, but in New Boots, he claims he doesn't wear them. However, he does wear underwear in senior prom, stand-up, and nightlife.
  • This main page was not in the Main Page randomizer for some time after its release.


  • The Weeklies buttons' text, when rolled over, are not in the correct spot.
  • The logos on Homestar's shirt extend outside the shirt.
  • On Main Pages 15, 22, and 24, at the main page quick links button (in the bottom left corner), the main page 24 button overlaps the white stripe.
  • As the glasses are being put on and taken off, the scene is unblurred even outside the lenses.
  • Strong Bad's legs don't go through the holes in his underwear, but instead seem to go behind his torso.
  • During certain weeks, the Main Page Messages are not blurred.
  • The week that yes, wrestling came out, its button did not appear on this main page.

Fixed Goofs

  • Although the copyright date for the other main pages was updated on April 11, 2008, this main page had a copyright date of "2007".


  • The newbutton.swf file slightly overlaps the frames of the glasses.
Weird Main Page 24 Glitch
  • Main Page 24 does not function correctly on web browsers with Adobe Flash Player 7 or lower installed. The text on the links on the left side of the screen is missing, and the links are not clickable. The links also do not produce the roll-over effects. The Main Page selection in the bottom left-hand corner is missing entirely and all of the buttons on the top right-hand corner are missing. Homestar also lacks the star on his shirt, and the blur effects are not visible (but the page is slightly faded). Strong Bad shows up legless.
    • Other times, the whole page will turn slightly darker, Homestar will not talk or move, and neither Strong Bad nor Strong Sad will appear.
    • If any of the buttons on the left side are clicked while in this state, you will be redirected to an "Adobe Flash version upgrade" page.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • Fila is an Italian sportswear manufacturing company.

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