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Today the Main Page, tomorrow the world!

The Main Pages are the menu pages for, and are one of the more interesting aspects of the site. Every time a viewer returns to the Main Page, a random one will load. These pages contain links to the regularly updating material of the site including the Quote of the Week, Weekly Fanstuff, the weekly Sketchbook, and the Random Toon button. They also have the week's current updates, located in the top-right corner. This reads, "Go on and see what's new!" above a "bubble", which rotates the latest updates. Clicking on the H*R icon at the top left takes the viewer to the Museum.

The Main Pages consist of Homestar Runner standing in the foreground, with "Toons", "Games", "Characters", "Downloads", "Store", and "Email" buttons to the left, with the exception of Main Page 23, which has them to the right. Rolling-over these with the cursor makes Homestar read them aloud, and also makes certain events happen in proximity to Homestar. These all have to do with the theme of the Main Page, and often make references to previous toons.


Current list

Other Main Pages

There are a few other Main Pages:

Easter Eggs

  • Clicking the last digit of the copyright years (currently the "5" in 2005) on each Main Page takes you to the Homsar Main Page. This Main Page is also accessible by clicking on the Homsar pen puppet at the end of interview.

Fun Facts


  • The only Main Pages that have Homestar in his regular outfit, size, and style are Main Pages 8, 18, 19, and 23. Of these, Main Page 18 is the only one where nothing special happens with Homestar; he merely stands at the front facing forward and says the various words.
  • It took The Brothers Chaps until February 21, 2005, to change the copyright date from "2004" to "2005".


  • If you click and hold a button on the main page, then move the mouse away from it, whatever was displayed on the screen will stay there until you move over it again. (Note: this only works for buttons that display an action as long as you have the cursor over it.)
  • Clicking the "Come on in!" link on the index page will only take you to one of Main Pages 1 to 20, never 21, 22, or 23.


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