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Character: The King of Town
watch The King of Town's character video Bubs The Poopsmith
This article is about the character. For the toon, see The King of Town DVD. For the Decemberween character, see The King of Town (Decemberween). For the title, see King of Town (title).
The King of Town
"Doo hoo hoo!"
Domicile The King of Town's Castle
Voiced by Matt Chapman
First seen Marshmallow's Last Stand
Debut The King of Town
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[edit] Biography

The King of Town, self-nicknamed the "KOT", is a very rich man and the de jure ruler of Free Country, USA, though in labor day, Strong Bad suggests that his title is self-proclaimed. Either way, nobody wishes to acknowledge this; it's therefore possible that this character is a satire on the obsolescence of monarchy. His head is completely white with black lines for eyes, a mustache and a beard, though it was suggested in diorama that his head is completely covered in white hair; there were patches of pink flesh visible from where Strong Bad ripped parts of his beard off (presumably as payback for the King of Town having eaten all of Strong Bad's cotton balls). He wears a gold crown and what appears to be a red robe with white trim with no visible arms. He has been seen in different attire resembling a striped one-piece swimming suit when swimming (keep cool) and in Strong Bad's amazing feats of wonder (retirement). When in this suit, it suggests that he has this white hair all over his body. In winter pool, it is shown that he has an "Eat a Lot of Food" alert, which was triggered when The Poopsmith pressed a button on his shovel after having fallen into a pool full of red-flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance.

The King's middle name is Wad, and it is a very sensitive subject for him as he only told Marzipan about it. However, after Strong Bad and Bubs called him names with the word "wad" in them, the King believed Marzipan told them his secret and threatened to reveal one of hers, a cosmetic surgery procedure nobody else knew about. Marzipan's surgery later was used in advertisements by the doctor who performed it, but it was not known if the King was responsible for that.

One of the King's main problems is that he is a glutton and will eat anything in front of him, even things that people would not consider edible like deodorant, electric holiday decorations, and erasers. In fact, it is more difficult to find something the King would not consume. More specifically, there are three things that the King does not desire to consume. One is The Cheat, who lives in a charcoal grill in his backyard. The other is peas, and the King despises them to the point where he does not like anything containing them (as illustrated when Strong Bad and The Cheat threw pea soup at him). He also bears an unexplained grudge against Ding Dongs. One thing it seemed the King could not bring himself to eat for quite some time was whatsit, an aversion that he may have finally conquered in fan club and I Killed Pom Pom, when it is implied that he ate The Poopsmith's whatsit pile, though he deeply regretted it in the former example. It appears that he had been working towards this goal with The Poopsmith once before when The Virus caused him to be transported to a glitched Teen Girl Squad page, where he was slapped in the face nine times by a deformed The Ugly One. His favorite food is possibly butter, but he also has "several hundred culinary weaknesses" in addition to that such as chocolate, as he revealed in Homestar Ruiner. As a result of his unhealthy eating habits, the King's health is in question. For example, in record book, he had several heart attacks after ingesting a giant pile of table salt, earning him the title "least healthiest (man?)". As revealed in the sbemail pizza joint, he spends most of his day calling random numbers in hopes of finding a new restaurant, and has found The Pizz as a result. It is also implied several times throughout the years that the King's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, largely because of the holiday being associated with food. In fact, in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 9.2, the King's desire for it to be Thanksgiving is a plot point.

The King employs a Poopsmith (for personal reasons he does not care to disclose) and a few other characters. Like Homestar Runner, Homsar, and Marzipan, he also has no visible arms, but can handle things as though he does. In space program, he says that he is in his 60s, but in Which Ween Costumes?, he implies that he's about 303 years old. He also leads the K.O.T.H.S. Junior Varsity Marching Band during the Fall Float Parade. According to a message he left on Marzipan's answering machine and on Strong Bad's answering machine in Lappynapped!, he can play the guitar, and was finally seen doing so in Baddest of the Bands. Along with The Cheat, he has cut a remix demo called "Not Talkin' About Butter". He also has his very own "quite popular cartoon show" which, although it was pre-empted in favor of a Strong Bad Email in senior prom, was shown some time later. He is also an authorized reseller of Godzilla merchandise, as seen in Trogdor Con '97.

It has become unclear whether the King has royal ancestors from whom he inherited the official honor of "King", or if his title is self-imposed and he simply purchased his crown from the "Costume Palace", as could be interpreted from his character video. In original, Strong Bad claims that "there've been like twelve King of Towns". An Easter egg at the end of the email shows graves for 11 Kings of Town, including one known as "Onion King of Town", although it is unknown if this is real or imaginary. Marzipan and Bubs both claim that Strong Bad was lying about Original Bubs, who angrily leaves due to the current King eating the mayonnaise off his egg salad, (Homestar seems to miss Original Bubs, though) so Strong Bad may have been lying about the other Kings of Town as well. It is revealed in Strong Badia the Free that he hates his job, so much that he tricks Strong Bad into taking over his castle while getting his house. A short time later in the game, he is tricked into retaking his throne.

Although the King wears his crown most of the time, it has been stolen by Strong Bad and The Cheat in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. It has also been worn by Strong Bad when he was on a "regal rampage", by Coach Z when he tackled The King while thinking he was going to eat The Cheat in Where's The Cheat?, by The Cheat in Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon, and Strong Bad took his spare crown in Strong Badia the Free.

The King can be heard booing from time to time, even at himself.

In Play Date, it is implied that the King has been married to a bowl of Brunswick stew for fifty years, referred to by the King as the "dollop of sour cream" anniversary. Alternately, he may instead be married to Brunswick stew as a concept, which would be considerably easier on his love life since it's highly unlikely his wife would make it past the appetizer course of the wedding dinner otherwise.

[edit] Character Video Transcript

See main article: The King of Town's Character Video

{The King of Town is standing outside next to his castle. One of his sheep stands behind him.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Hello, my loyal subjects. I am the King of Town. Please remain standing while I finish my speech and consume the contents of this bowl. {holds up a bowl momentarily} Now, despite rumors to the contrary, I did not just buy a crown at the costume palace and ask people to start calling me the King of Town. I earned my title the same way I earned a free combo meal: by purchasing one of equal or lesser value. I also did not ever try to eat my own mustache. I live in yon castle {gives a nod to his castle}, and employ a Poopsmith for reasons I don't care to disclose. And furthermore, now I'm going to eat this bowl of corn dog batter. {picks up a bowl of corn dog batter and begins to eat it}

[edit] Fun Facts

He has a mouth?
  • In the old version of The King of Town, The KOT's mouth shows for a bit.
  • An old Characters page claimed the King was Marzipan's father, but The Brothers Chaps have said they dropped this idea early on. "That was just something that we just toyed around with there briefly, but then decided that's not the way we wanted it to go. We just put that up, but most people don't visit the Museum, so hopefully it doesn't cause too much mass confusion." — Matt Chapman
  • According to A Decemberween Pageant, a King of Town was involved in the discovery of the first Decemberween. It is not clear, however, whether that King of Town and the current one are the same individual.
  • He was once slim and trim, but, according to flashback, may have gotten his weight from the lifetime supply of fishsticks because nobody else would claim them.
  • Apparently, the King has a ham for a heart, as shown in Halloween Fairstival.
  • When playing the game Kid Speedy in KOT mode, the King appears to gain energy by eating junk food and swear words. Although he has exhibited his love of unhealthy food on many occasions, his predilection for foul language is otherwise unknown.
  • The King once purchased Strong Bad's discarded Tandy 400 from Bubs, but was unable to make it run in order to check his emails. He claimed it was "the last time [he'll] buy a used computer from Bubs". His email address is currently invalid. He also has had an answering machine that claims that he "has no messages...ever", that he has "no friends", and that "nobody likes" him.
  • He may have German heritage, due to the fact that his Old-Timey variation is German and he wears a pickelhaube in Ever and More.
  • Though he claims he lives in "yon castle", Strong Bad claims in the commentary to The King of Town DVD that he actually lives in a run-down two-bedroom home next door to him. (However, Strong Bad is known for his lack of a proper memory regarding these things.)
  • In the short Donut Unto Others, it is shown that the King possesses either powers of teleportation or skills as a ninja, as he can appear and disappear in a puff of smoke without any sign of him, even when standing in an open field.

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