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Strong Bad Email #189
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Brought to you by Cat Mess

Strong Bad enters The Cheat in a pet show against Marzipan, Pom Pom and the King of Town

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, The Announcer, Pom Pom, Trivia Time, The King of Town, Marzipan, Old-Timey Strong Bad (Easter Egg), The Sneak (Easter Egg)

Places: Computer Room, Strong Mad's Room, Strong Bad's Laundry Room, Strong Bad's Basement, Gymnasium

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, February 4, 2008

Running Time: 3:44

Page Title: Lappy 486



STRONG BAD: Continue to roast your Strong Bad email until it reaches an internal temperature of 189. {brings up the email}

{reads QLD as "Quick, Look Down"}

STRONG BAD: Look down?

{Cut to Homestar kneeling at Strong Bad's feet, holding a spoon with relish on it}


STRONG BAD: {Strong Bad kicks Homestar away} Braugh! {cut back to the Lappy} Whoa! Thanks for warning, Sarah. Homestar is always trying to give the old relish foot. {typing} Have I ever entered The Cheat in a pet show? The Cheat? No. But I have entered Saberlord's Scritchascratch Cakemonger The Cheat in plenty! That's his show name acourse. Oh yeah, The Cheat's got papers. He's won Best in Sheen four years in a row!

{cut to Strong Bad and Strong Mad rubbing The Cheat with glazed doughnuts}

STRONG BAD: Sit still! There's three dozen more where that came from. Last year was way too close a race. This year we need a secret weapon. Strong Mad, hand me the Bavarian Cream!

THE CHEAT: {sighs}

{cut to Strong Sad brushing The Cheat in the laundry room}

STRONG SAD: And I told him, if you want to show up thirty minutes late, {The Cheat responds} he can find someone else. Because my time is valuable. Mm-hmm. I'm takin' these night classes, gonna get an education... {The Cheat responds. Strong Sad holds up a mirror} Does the back look okay?

{cut to Strong Bad's basement. Strong Bad and The Cheat are on the couch, with Strong Mad looking over the back.}

STRONG BAD: With a rusty fork and a guitar string. Good response! Me too, actually. All right, what if they ask you about the world situation?


STRONG BAD: "Meh"! Classic! That'll really knock 'em dead. {cut to closeup of Strong Bad} Especially that stodgy old Madame Bodewell. That lady has it in for us. {back to the three on the couch} Just because you peed on her dress that one time.


{cut to gold plated Cat Mess trophy with bags of Cat Mess along the side}

THE ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show, {fade into the gym where the contest is taking place, panning along the table} where the hotly contest Best In Sheen competition is just getting underway! {camera stops on Marzipan and Homestar}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, man, Marzipan. We're going to clean house this year. {two-shot} We're going to clean apartment! We're going to clean dorm room. We're going to clean time share! {Marzipan puts a leash on Homestar}

{cut Strong Bad and The Cheat}

STRONG BAD: All right, The Cheat. This is going to be a piece of cake for you. This is going to be a piece of pie! This is gonna be a piece of cobbler! This gonna be a piece of novelty dessert pizza! Now get out there and do your thing! {The Cheat dashes off}

{montage of The Cheat: The Cheat puts a drop of Puke Drops into Mme. Bodewell's water; distracts Pom Pom with a pinup girl and breaks Trivia Time; gnaws on The King Of Town's low fat grill's power cord; dances while a sign that says "Dance Competition?" is in the background}

{a wipe with the Pet Show logo reveals Pom Pom and a repaired Trivia Time}

THE ANNOUNCER: And now, for the judges' scores! Pom Pom and Trivia Time: 3.5! Good GPA, terrible pet show score. {wipe with the Pet Show logo to The King Of Town} The King Of Town and an As Seen on TV Low-Fat Cooking Device: Not supposed to be here!

THE KING OF TOWN: I told you you'd never amount to anything! I'm not even your real father!

{wipe with the Pet Show logo to Homestar Runner on his knees with a leash}

THE ANNOUNCER: And Fluffle's Buffles Scruffle's Truffles Homestar Runner!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: My friends call me Scruffle's.

THE ANNOUNCER: 8.5! {wipe with Pet Show logo to Strong Bad and The Cheat} And Saberlord's {unintelligible} The Cheat: Disqualified for flagrant use of relish foot!

{cut to Strong Bad's feet}


THE ANNOUNCER: Scruffle's wins!

{cut back to Strong Bad and The Cheat, Homestar enters from the left with the leash still on and holding the trophy}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, well, Strong Bad. Looks like you finally got a taste of your own medicine. Taste of your own potion. Taste of your own elixir! Taste of your own— {The Cheat throws a toy at Homestar and he falls down}

{cut back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Don't worry, we're currently appealing the decision of the judges. We're also currently a-peeling {pull back to a wider shot with The Cheat peeling in a pile of potatoes} POTATOES! {Strong Bad jumps into the pile and a banner and confetti comes down}

{The New Paper comes down and the screen darkens}

{after a short pause}

STRONG BAD: Hey, The Cheat. Do you think we successfully glossed over the fact we lost the competition?

THE CHEAT: {affirmative The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Man, is there anything that potatoes can't do?

Easter Eggs

  • After the final bit of dialogue, click on the floppy disk container to see a series of takes on Strong Bad's other interpretations of QLD.
    STRONG BAD: {reading} Have fun, Sarah. Quarter leg, dark. Are you trying to order fried chicken? {beep; scene restarts} Sarah. Quiet loser dork. Well, it's very big of you to admit that. {beep} Quivering Live Dwarves! Uh... That's my new album name. {beep} Quit lumbering down. Hey, I'm not lumbering down! {beep} Quickly losing dignity. Yes... Yes you are.
  • At the end, click on Strong Bad's legs to see Sir Strong Bad and The Sneak's pet show.
    OLD TIMEY STRONG BAD: Yesss. Good show The Sneak! You've got more infectious diseases than any other vermin here!

Fun Facts


  • The bottle of poison that the cheat pours in the glass is labeled "Puke Drops".


  • QLD is the abbreviation for Queensland in Australia.
  • The Cheat having "papers" means that he has proof of being a purebred.
  • The pet show seems to be a cross between Miss America contest and American Kennel Club National Championship.
  • The long names given to The Cheat and Homestar are commonly given to show animals as a way of showing lineage and distinguish them as unique animals.
  • Relishfoot is a play on hotfoot.
  • "Inbredtational" is a portmanteau of "inbred" and "invitational".
  • The object that The Cheat uses to break Trivia Time and to throw at Homestar is the front 1/3 of a Milton Bradley Starbird from 1978. There is a long tail section that could be removed with a variety of spaceship parts that could be reconfigured. Seen here is the cockpit of the toy with its two flashing "lasers" in the front.


  • "Unintelligible" during The Cheat's score announcement is misspelled "Unitntelligible"
  • At the end where Strong Bad jumps into the pile of potatoes, the email on the lappy is displayed upside down.

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