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The King of Town's Food is the collection of products that are chosen by The King of Town for primary consumption. His diet is odd even by Homestar Runner standards.

Image Appearances Description
suntan, the bet
[edit] Animal Phat

A food apparently made of animal fat that The King of Town took from Strong Bad in suntan. It later appeared on the top shelf of The King of Town's food cabinet in the bet.

Who Said What Now?, The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Revenge of the King, suntan, the bet, Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Anything with "butter" in the name
Mayo Commmandos! the bet
[edit] Army-Style Mayo

Army-Style Mayo is a military-worthy brand of mayonnaise. Strong Bad left an open can of it in The King of Town's ventilation ducts as a practical joke.

[edit] Awwww Gratin Potates

A 200-pound bag of Awwww Gratin Potates is stocked by The King of Town in his pantry. He is particularly proud of the fact that his bag is of the 1983 "vintage." This foodstuff is a spin on the thinly sliced potatoes and cheese dish known as "au gratin."

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Bananas
Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
[edit] Biscuit dough
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Bleached buttered bats
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2
[edit] Buffalo wings
It's Butter-da! the bet
[edit] Butter-da

Butter-da is apparently some form of automotive fluid, but The King of Town enjoys it and advertises it as if it's a soda. Its tagline is "They tell me not to, but I still drinks it!"

Butter-da's disclaimer: "Butter-da is noh hush a bush push leopold."

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Buttermilk
Homestar Ruiner, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
[edit] Cake
3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Candy corn-shaped Halloween lights
monster truck
[edit] Cardboard boxes covered in syrup
Halloween Potion-ma-jig
[edit] Chicken (both baked and Kentucky Fried)
Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Chili mac
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Chocolate-covered organic packing peanuts
Marzipan's Answering Machine version 16.2
[edit] Chocolate dipped tapeworm
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Cold cuts
"Hey, you stole my cocoa butter!" suntan, the bet
[edit] Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter originally belonged to Strong Bad, but was stolen by The King of Town in suntan.

The King of Town's Character Video
[edit] Corndog batter

Throughout his character video, The King of Town is anticipating finishing his speech and consuming the contents of a bowl he's holding, which turned out to be filled up with Corndog batter.

[edit] Cotton balls
Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
[edit] Danish
[edit] Denture tablets

He eats these as after-dinner mints.

Deodorant'd secret recipes
[edit] Deodorant

Various brands and styles of deodorant are often snacked upon by The King of Town, especially while he is watching the soap opera Caleb Rentpayer. The deodorant labels include: "X-treme Glacier", "Old Mountain Fog", "Arctic Pure", "De-odor Cake", "Forest Rush", and "Tundra Mist." It is interesting to note that nearly all of them are named after biomes. According to the King of Town, they're "strong enough for a man but tasty enough for a king". Strong Bad tried to gross out or make puke of The King of Town by eating a Speed Stick with white chocolate inside.

Donut Unto Others
[edit] Doughnuts
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Electrical cable
the movies
[edit] Fajitas

The King of Town sneaks these fajitas into the movie theater in the movies, claiming that they, along with the mariachi band accompanying his dinner, were all in his box of Milk Duds.

Toikey TV
[edit] Fried turkey
Jibblies 2, Homestar Ruiner, Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Giblets
more armies
[edit] Giblet gravy
record book
[edit] Giant Pile of Salt

The King of Town sucks up a giant pile of "Standard Nathan Brand" salt in record book. After eating this, he suffered multiple heart attacks (although he was not debilitated by them) which occurred in such close succession that they seemed like the hiccups. Next to the giant pile, there is the salt shaker from Meet Marshie.

Homestar Presents: Presents
[edit] Gravied Yams
Homestarloween Party, The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Revenge of the King, Halloween Fairstival, Homestar Presents: Presents, Halloween Potion-ma-jig, Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True
[edit] Ham
Most in the Graveyard
[edit] Hello Kitty erasers
Decemberween Short Shorts, Haunted Photo Booth
[edit] Himself
His character video
[edit] His mustache
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] His foot
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] His tongue
Now with more Ice and Cream! the bet
[edit] Ice Style Cream

Ice Style Cream is an ice cream product favored by The King of Town. Only three flavors are mentioned: "choco-gravy", "maybe mint?", and "casserole flavor".

Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Jelly beans
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0
[edit] Lamb
keep cool
[edit] Lard Wipt

Lard Wipt is a brand name of canned whipped topping. In an Easter egg, the The King of Town sneaks up behind Strong Sad with a cherry and a can of Lard Wipt, in response to Strong Bad's comment earlier in the email about Strong Sad's "disturbing soft-serve flip".

Decemberween Short Shorts
[edit] Last Three Items in the Pantry Special

In response to Ornament Strong Bad's threat that he would stuff The Ornament King Of Town "full of coal", The King replied that "that wouldn't be so bad", and he proceeded to list the other ingredients of this concoction that consists of onion salt, hot sauce, and lumps of coal, and costs $f.ood.

Out popped a lifetime supply of fishsticks. flashback
[edit] Lifetime Supply of fishsticks

In flashback, a lifetime supply of fishsticks pops out of the egg (and a The Cheat). In an Easter egg, it is implied that the then svelt, young Prince of Town ate the fishsticks, and this is why the King is so weighty today.

Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
[edit] Macadamias
Marshmallows One Two, One Two
[edit] Marshmallows
[edit] Mayonnaise
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Meatballs
the movies
[edit] Milk Duds
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Mini-breads
[edit] Mirror
[edit] Motherboard (covered in 70% cacao)
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Nougat
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oatmeal
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Octopus
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oliveloaf
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Omelette
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oysters
Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0, KOT's VOQPCS!, pizza joint, Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Pizza
business trip
[edit] Cans of Pork b/w Beans
Pork pork pork! the bet, boring (really)
[edit] Pork Ramblins and Pork Snagglins

Pork Ramblins and Pork Snagglins are kept in a large supply in The King of Town's pantry. They are most likely two different kinds of pork rinds, but the difference between Ramblins and Snagglins is unclear.

the bet
[edit] Potate
Most in the Graveyard
[edit] Pickled monkey fingers
Bug In Mouth Disease
[edit] Prescription ice cream
[edit] Puppies
3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Raw eggs
winter pool
[edit] Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance
Halloween Potion-ma-jig
[edit] Regurgitated food (at least a ham sandwich that Homestar ate)
The Best Decemberween Ever
[edit] Roast Bunny

In the song sung at the end of The Best Decemberween Ever, The King of Town is seen holding up a roast bunny and wishing it was supersized.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Royal bologna
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Royal custard
Homestarloween Party, Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0 (mentioned)
[edit] Salisbury Sundaes

The King received his year's supply of Salisbury sundaes while trying to invite Marzipan to a banquet, which never happened because after this he never called her back.

the bet
[edit] Schenectady Crispies
8-Bit is Enough
[edit] Scorpion Food (as Munchox)
The King of Town DVD
[edit] Sheep (lamb chops)
Where's The Cheat
[edit] Steak
keep cool
[edit] Strong Sad's "disturbing soft-serve flip"
8-Bit is Enough
[edit] Strudel
Homestar Presents: Presents
[edit] Stuffinged Ham
[edit] Sunflower seeds
Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Swiss Cake Rolls (Creamy Ding Snack Cakes)
Good Gravy! for kids
[edit] The KOT's Good Gravy

This foodstuff is found in an Easter egg by clicking on the words "Good gravy". It is sold in 104 oz. cans, and its slogan is "I don't lets the Poopsmith near it!"

Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Thin gravy film
3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Toilet paper
Halloween Fairstival
[edit] Turduckens
No Hands On Deck!
[edit] TV remote control
fan club, I Killed Pom Pom
[edit] Whatsit
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Wii remote
[edit] Wooden tables

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