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The daytime index page as of December 31, 2020

On December 31, 2020, underwent a massive overhaul to make it accessible following the death of Flash. The redesigned site uses a combination of HTML5, JavaScript, and embedded Ruffle players to imitate the look and feel of the old site while retaining most of its functionality and making it usable on mobile devices. The update also came with some reorganization and other quality-of-life improvements. The contents of the old Flash site have been moved to


[edit] History

"Haven't you heard? Flash is dying!"
See also Flash

Since its inception, the site had used Flash to animate all cartoons and games and Adobe Flash Player to play site content. In 2015, major browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox stated that they would be dropping native Flash Player support on their browsers in favor of the more modern and secure HTML5, and Adobe later announced that Flash Player would be discontinued at the end of 2020. The Brothers Chaps made the toon Flash is Dead! to acknowledge this news; though vague mention was made of learning HTML5, there were at that point no concrete plans for what to do with, which consisted almost entirely of Flash content. As mobile devices already did not run Flash and major browsers were beginning to drop Flash Player support, there became more of a focus on YouTube content. In a 2017 episode of Lost in the Stacks, Mike and Matt further discussed Flash's 2020 end-of-life date and what they might do to update the website.

"The website is finally being brought into the year... well, about 2007 from the looks of it."

In 2018, subscribers to The Deleteheads Download were given a sneak peek at a redesigned home page at, featuring a mobile-friendly layout and an embedded YouTube player. However, it was given little attention and few to no updates after its unveiling. When a Twitter user asked in 2020 if the prototype had been abandoned, Strong Bad replied, "I didn't think anyone ever bandoned it in the first place!"

" is way under construction!"

In 2019, Strong Bad started Tweeting about Ruffle, an in-development Flash Player emulator that promised to preserve Flash content after 2020. When asked toward the end of 2020 about the future of, Strong Bad responded that it was being worked on. Stinkoman 20X6 became the first page to use the HTML5 navbar upon the level 10 update. On December 31, the index page was replaced with a message stating that the website was under construction. Soon after, the entire site was updated. An informative page about the post-Flash update was linked to from the index page.

[edit] Post-Flash Update Notice

Date: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Page Title: Ow! My entire website!!

< back

post-flash update!

The boys with their new lord and master Sunset PlayButt. Stop trying to click it!

What happened our website? Flash is finally dead-dead-dead so something drastic had to be done so people could still watch their favorite cartoons and sbemails with super-compressed mp3 audio and hidden clicky-clicky easter eggs!

The first thing you'll notice is that the landing page when you go to is very different. There are now useful things on here! Not just "watch intro!" (but you can still do that here if you want). But once you click "come on in," you'll find yourself in familiar territory thanks to the Ruffle Project. It emulates Flash in such a way that all browsers and devices can finally play our cartoons and even some games.

Next up are the Toons and Sbemail menus! They look mostly the same, but act like modern webpages! Your favorite easter eggs are still hidden and now you can even choose to watch a YouTube version if there is one.

Keep in mind, Ruffle is still in development so not everything works perfectly. Games made after, say 2007, will probably be pretty janky but Ruffle plans on ulitmately supporting those too one day. And any cartoons with video elements in them (Puppet Jams, death metal) will just show you an empy box where the video should be. But hang in there and one day everything will be just like it was that summer when we got free cable somehow and Grandma still lived in the spare bedroom.

[edit] Changes

The HTML5 Strong Bad Email menu
  • The index page, toons menu, Strong Bad Email menu, and navbar were given HTML5 makeovers. The cartoon menus now have expandable descriptions and links to watch on the official site or (if available) on YouTube.
    • The New Stuff menu is now called "Latest Stuff", accessible through a button on the remote rather than a video cassette.
    • Powered by The Cheat was retired as its own separate category and merged with Shorts.
    • The Strong Bad Email menu was updated to feature the Lappier, with other computers accessed through an Easter egg. Another Easter egg plays a Scroll Button Song appropriate to the selected computer, rather than the song playing upon opening the page.
    • The post-Flash update page was added to the index page's new "the latest styles" section.
    • As the intro is no longer accessible through the index page, it was added to the toons menu under Old New Intro.
  • Flash content is playable in embedded Ruffle players. Ruffle does not yet support all features of ActionScript, so some toons and games do not work properly. Some such pages include warnings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Toons now have previous/next buttons above the navbar, indexed by toon category.
  • The games menu now includes games that were previously exclusive to Videlectrix's website.
  • Pages have been reorganized. Toons are now under the directory /toons/ and have more intuitive addresses (e.g. Lookin at a Thing in a Bag is now at toons/lookin-at-a-thing-in-a-bag instead of whatsinthebag.html). Some content, including many secret pages, cannot be found on the new site.
  • The 404 page now offers a link to the same address on the old website.

Some changes were made shortly after the initial update on December 31, 2020:

[edit] Missing Content

Some content on the old site is seemingly unavailable on the new site, and it's unknown if and when these pages will be made available again.

[edit] Toons

[edit] Games

[edit] Easter Eggs

[edit] Secret Pages

[edit] Miscellaneous

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