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"Buy All Our Playsets and Toys!"
This article is about the characters. For the short, see Cheat Commandos (toon).

The Cheat Commandos are an elite fighting force who, along with a civilian contractor named Reynold, are dedicated to stopping the evil forces of Blue Laser (though in rare instances like celebrating Thanksgiving, they call a truce with Blue Laser). Every character in the known Cheat Commandos universe is a The Cheat (except for Ser-g-geant Marshie and Mrs. Commanderson), inspired by The Cheat's Firebert persona in the Strong Bad Email army. All of the episodes of the TV series Cheat Commandos Adventures are written by A. Chimendez, with the exception of Movie Night!, which was written by A. Chimendez Jr. Each Cheat Commandos toon seems to parody a different facet of 1980s animated shows, such as the nonstop plugs for action figures and breakfast cereals and rehashing as teaching aids. All of the Cheat Commandos action figures are manufactured by Cheap as Free Toys, cost $11.01, and are for ages 3-5. The Cheat Commandos' slogan is "Rock Rock On!" (although at one point Gunhaver said that it was "Riggidy Roll" from now on). The series frequently encourages the viewer to buy all the playsets and toys.


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  • In the Cheat Commandos logo, the word "Cheat" is colored like The Cheat, and the word "Commandos" has the same colors as the flag of Strong Badia.
  • In the TV show, Gunhaver is voiced by Crack Stuntman, and Firebert is presumably voiced by The Cheat. Other voice actors include the guy who does the bad guy's voice (as the Blue Laser Commander), Crack Stuntman's Girlfriend (as the New Bad Guy Girl Character) and A. Chimendez (as Agent Chimendez).
    • In the DVD commentary for An Important Rap Song, Fightgar mentions that his voice actor is "Reynolda Crake", but Mike accuses him of just making that up.
  • In all the Cheat Commandos toons, the Cheat Commandos have a marking in the shape of the Disney "Mickey" logo on their lower "leg".
  • Cheat Commandos toys were briefly seen in the emails garage sale and concert.
  • Cheat Commandos toys can be purchased from the Store.
  • The Cheat Commandos are a parody of G.I. Joe, especially the toyline.
  • After Hasbro uploaded the entire original G.I. Joe cartoon onto YouTube in 2020, all of the Cheat Commandos cartoons were released or remastered in HD.

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