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Sounds Dangeresque!

Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate - Original Point-and-Clickture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the game of the same name. The first 21 songs appear in the game, and the remainder are new arrangements by Rich Trott.

After the games' initial release on August 11, 2023, the soundtrack was released in MP3 and WAV format as a free update to digital storefronts.

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 (itch.io); Sunday, August 27, 2023 (Steam)

Running time: 37:05


Storefront Descriptions


Soundtrack now available to anyone that purchased the game!
Featuring music from the game AND extended re-arrangements by the incredible Rich Trott (https://palacefamilysteakhouse.bandcamp.com/)!
34 tracks! Available in WAV or MP3. Have at it!


All the tracks used in the game (including some easter eggs) and the new hit single "You're Gonna Have 2 Jump" from Strong Bad featuring Limozeen's Larry Palaroncini.

Also included, expanded alternate arrangements and remixes of these songs by the great Rich Trott (Palace Family Steak House).

Track Listing

Number Title Length Source
1 Nobody Do Anything Dangeresque 0:35 Opening cutscene
2 Dangeresque - The Roomisode Triungulate 0:43 Title screen
3 Dangeresque Theme (Karaoke Version) 1:26 Dangeresque karaoke video, also used in trailer and Roomisode 1 ending cutscene (Steam version)
4 Roomisode 1 - Behind the Dangerdesque 1:09 Roomisode 1 background music
5 Or Did I 0:11 Game over music
6 The Mighty Oak Has Fallen 0:17 Roomisode 1 (Flash version) ending cutscene, Roomisode 2 post-bomb-defusal-sequence, Roomisode 3 cocktail sequence
7 Roomisode 2 - The Intersection of Doom & Boom 1:18 Roomisode 2 background music
8 Gonna Die On The Terlet 1:26 Roomisode 2 music for tense sequences
9 Sweaty, Overweight Slow Jamz 0:45 Slow Jamz tape from Roomisode 2; instrumental version of "Sweaty Overweight Jam" from love poems
10 Dangeresque Is In Jail Cartoon 1:28 Radio song from Roomisode 2; remix of Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
11 Yonder Website 1:14 Radio song from Roomisode 2; originally from Cartoon Characters
12 I've Killed It (Rich Trott) 0:20 When using air freshener on antenna; Peanuts-style jazz cover of Stave It Off originally from Trott's Decemberweenvent Calendar cover project
13 Rock Spotty Party Mix 2:19 Rock Spotty Party Mix tape from Roomisode 2
14 Strong Bad Is A Bad Guy (extended Rich Trott remix) 3:39 Roomisode 2 ending cutscene; remix of Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
15 Roomisode 3 - Keep Your Enemies Loser 2:02 Roomisode 3 background music
16 You're Gonna Have 2 Jump 0:58 Credits theme, featuring vocals by Strong Bad b/w Larry Palaroncini of Limozeen
17 Jingle - Coches Twist 0:13 Full version of Dangeresque Too's jingle in the postgame, with different singers
18 Jingle - St Pod Craunch 0:09 Full version of Dangeresque Too's jingle in the postgame, with different singers
19 Jingle - Lobasho Slash 0:13 Full version of Dangeresque Too's jingle in the postgame, with different singers
20 Jingle - Balustenich Fizzle 0:09 Full version of Dangeresque Too's jingle in the postgame, with different singers
21 Hub-Bump 2 Tha Front 0:55 Renaldo's rap from the boombox in the postgame
22 Videlectrix Intro - Opening Cutscene (Rich Trott arrangement) 0:27 Arranged cover of "Nobody Do Anything Dangeresque"
23 Main Menu Theme (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 0:32 Arranged cover of "Dangeresque - The Roomisode Triungulate"
24 Roomisode 1 (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 0:53 Arranged cover of "Roomisode 1 - Behind the Dangerdesque"
25 Sill It Up, Sill It Down (Rich Trott) 1:33 Arranged faster cover of "Roomisode 1 - Behind the Dangerdesque", with in-game Dangeresque and The Chief vocals
26 Go To Jail (Rich Trott version) 0:13 Arranged cover of "Or Did I"
27 Roomisode 1 End Cutscene (Rich Trott version) 0:32 Arranged cover of "The Mighty Oak Has Fallen"
28 Roomisode 2 (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 1:30 Arranged cover of "Roomisode 2 - The Intersection of Doom & Boom"
29 Hub-Bump (Rich Trott remix) 1:31 Arranged cover of "Roomisode 2 - The Intersection of Doom & Boom" with in-game Renaldo vocals (as well as Coach Z from Fish Eye Lens)
30 Slow Jamz (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 1:55 Arranged cover of "Sweaty, Overweight Slow Jamz"
31 Gonna Die On The Terlet (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 1:09 Arranged cover of "Gonna Die On The Terlet"
32 Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon Theme (Rich Trott extended arrangement) 1:10 Arranged cover of "Dangeresque Is In Jail Cartoon"
33 Rock Spotty Party Mix (Rich Trott extended remix) 2:10 Arranged cover of "Rock Spotty Party Mix" with lyrics (as well as in-game Renaldo vocals)
34 Roomisode 3 (Rich Trott version) 1:34 Arranged cover of "Roomisode 3 - Keep My Enemies, Loser"

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