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He's on a rampage!

Strong Bad Email #128

Strong Bad reveals the rampages he has been going on.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Mad, King of Town, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, The Cheat, Strong Sad, Marzipan, Homsar

Places: Computer Room, Strong Bad's Basement, King of Town's Castle, Homestar's House, The Stage, Bubs' Concession Stand

Length: 3:41

Date: April 11, 2005



STRONG BAD: {singing} Email, check it, come on, come on, ya'll. Email check it, come on, come on, yall.

subject: Overdue rampage
Dear Ong-stray ad-bay,
I thinks it's been entirely too long since you went on a
Sincerely Peter,

STRONG BAD: {after reading} ...comma. {typing} Well, Epressing-day Erd-nay, I thinks it's been entirely to long since you consulted your M.L.A. handbook! {clears screen, returns typing} Eh, so maybe it has been a while since my last rampage. But that doesn't mean I'm goin' soft or nothin'. I've just grown more selective of the types of rampages on which I go. Like the other freakin' day: me and Strong Mad went on a Reading Rampage.

{Strong Mad and Strong Bad are seen on The Couch with many books stacked around them. Strong Mad is holding a waffle that reads "BUG" in syrup, and Strong Bad reads "Investing for Jerks". The waffle drips syrup onto the floor.}

STRONG BAD: Man, this book really speaks to me. In like, several different languages, even.


{Back at the computer, Strong Bad keeps typing.}

STRONG BAD: See? It's not all rampage-stompin'-boy style rampages. The pie's the limit as far as rampages are concerned. Why, ye could go on a regal rampage.

{Strong Bad appears in The King of Town's Castle, wearing a blanket around his neck, holding a staff and wearing The King of Town's crown. The crownless King of Town stands nearby.}

STRONG BAD: {Whacking king with cane} I bequeath thee! Bequeath thee! Bequeath thee!

KING OF TOWN: {While getting whacked} Ow! Ow! Ow! One more!

STRONG BAD: {raising cane} Ye hath quivered me tuppence!

KING OF TOWN: Oops, you lost me!

{Strong Bad whacks King with cane 3 more times.}

KING OF TOWN: {While getting whacked} OW! OW! OW!


Easter Eggs

  • At the end of the e-mail, click on "rampages" for a parody of the classic video game, Rampage.
  • Also at the end, click on "chambers" to see the poster for Litigation Jackson 2: Legal Rampage.
  • Again at the end, click on "different" to see a Strong Sad CD.

Fun Facts



  • The books with titles on the bind are:
    • Sweatshirtguy
    • The R in Routine
    • Soup, Right?
    • Brown Story
    • Biscuit
    • Smart Investing for Jerks



Inside References

  • One of the books in Strong Bad and Strong Mad's Reading Rampage is titled "The R in Routine", a reference to one of Strong Bad's lines in morning routine.
  • The Poetry Club is really Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club, with the banner draping over it.
  • The scene in the Rampage video game easter egg of Strong Mad chasing the Cheat is also from morning routine.

Real-World References

  • Strong Sad's CD (when "different" is clicked), there is a "Parental Advisory" warning for "Very Boring". These look (except for "Very Boring", of course) like the advisories found on music albums containing explicit, mature, or offensive content.
  • The Cheat uses an old '80's Fisher-Price record player to "drop some beats."
  • The "rampages " Easter egg is, of course, a reference to the 1986 arcade game Rampage.

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