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Many Homestar Runner characters lack certain body parts that most people in the real world would have. Despite this, they can still do the things that everyday people are capable of. However, they do take note of their unusual structures.


[edit] Arms

Homestar's invisible arms?
See main article: Lack of Visible Arms

A number of characters (most notably Homestar Runner) do not appear to have visible arms, but are commonly seen manipulating objects as though they had limbs. This is sometimes called out directly by various characters, and occasional references are made to this fact. The specific method by which "armless" characters can manipulate objects and their surroundings has never been fully revealed.

[edit] Coach Z's Face

Horrendous Spitter

Various references are made to parts of Coach Z's face that are not visible to the viewer:

  • A Jorb Well Done — When Marzipan is trying to teach Coach Z how to say "job", she tells him to make his mouth into an "O". Coach Z also blows his whistle.
  • The Luau — Coach Z, Bubs, and Pom Pom are seen eating marshmallows. (Additionally, Pom Pom also does not appear to have a mouth, and Bubs's mouth appears to be a solid wall of teeth.)
  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Coach Z is seen drinking Listerine.
  • Email couch patch — Coach Z pukes in the couch rip.
  • Scrolling Shooter Games Menu and Stinkoman 20X6— In the former, Z Sabre appears to speak by wiggling his eyebrow. At the end of the latter, just right before the credits start, having survived the destruction of Mecha-Trogador and his fortress's resulting destruction, he suddenly gains a mouth.
  • Happy Fireworks — Coach Z says he once shoved an M-80 up his nose.
  • Fall Float Parade — Coach Z claims to have "fairly good teeth".
  • Email secret recipes — Coach Z eats and spits out Sour Cream and The Cheat hair in spite of having no visible mouth.
  • Email narrator — Coach Z claims a napkin has his "snot balls" on it, and Bubs tells him he doesn't even have a nose.
  • Sbemail 150?!?Strong Sad mentions wanting to pour black coffee over Coach Z's head so it "continually streams down his mouthless face". (This later happens in an alternate universe Easter egg.)
  • Email trading cards — One of Coach Z's cards portrays him spitting.
  • Email cliffhangersThe Thnikkaman tells Coach Z, "I'll render you toothless!"
  • Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene — Besides a round nose, a mouth on Coach Z's face is present in the "storyboards".
  • Xeriouxly ForxeZoach C seems to have a visible mouth.
  • A Decemberween Mackerel — Coach Z says that lighting the telephone pole had cured him of chronic athlete's tongue the year before.
  • Haunted Photo Booth — Coach Z claims the ghost in the pictures looks like one of his famous sneezes.
  • The Wraparound — Coach Z mentions his "invisible mouth" in his rap.
  • Halloween Hijinks — In the Lowjinxerol commercial, Coach Z again blows his whistle, and blobs cover the lower part of his face to prevent him from discussing his "creepy middle-aged ailments". His X-ray shows no facial features other than his eyes.
  • Decemberweenvent Calendar — Coach Z, along with several other characters, gains a nose and in his case, a mouth as well.

[edit] Strong Bad's Nose


Similarly, references are occasionally made to Strong Bad's nose, even though he does not appear to have one.

[edit] Strong Bad's Hair

Lookin' good for the ladies

Strong Bad sometimes acts as though he has hair, despite the fact that his head is a Mexican wrestling mask. He pointed out in haircut that he has no hair.

[edit] Marzipan's Legs

"Well, don't tell anybody, but... I don't really have legs."

While sometimes Marzipan does not appear to have legs, a few other toons claim otherwise.

  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats — A rip in Marzipan's Joey Ramone costume suggests that she has no legs, and a bulky, dress-shaped body.
  • Email stand-up — Coach Z thanks Marzipan for her wonderful clogging.
  • Where's The Cheat? — Whenever Marzipan is seen sitting, her skirt folds up as if she has knees, but in this toon she is lying on her couch and her skirt doesn't sag.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 7.0 — Bubs tells Marzipan that Coach Z got that kick in the crotch she sent him just fine.
  • Main Page 17Marzi-Mei has long, thin arms and legs.
    • Starting with Stinkoman 20X6's level 10 update, Marzi-Mei is completely redesigned so that she is now wearing a one-piece jumpsuit sporting sleeves and pant legs that completely obscure her limbs underneath.
  • Email date — Marzipan complains that Homestar won't stop kicking her in the shins.
  • That a GhostOld-Timey Marzipan's skeleton shows bones throughout her skirt.
  • Email record book — Marzipan holds the world record for the pole vault, an activity which would normally require both arms and legs. In lieu of a picture, the record book shows a message reading "Surprisingly, No Photo Available".
  • Email high school — High school Marzipan is portrayed with long, thin legs (though this occurs completely within Strong Bad's doodle memory).
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 14.2 — Coach Z asks Marzipan to get ready for shin team tryouts.
  • DNA Evidence — Bubs informs Marzipan that the cost of analyzing the DNA evidence is "an arm and a leg". Marzipan then responds by telling him it's "not a problem".
  • Fan Costumes '07 — Strong Bad tells Homestar "You wish Marzipan had legs like that! Or... legs."
  • Kick-A-Ball — Marzipan is shown kicking the ball with a visible boot, but nothing attached to the boot, which implies that her legs are invisible. In fact, the area beneath the "skirt" is slightly visible, and nothing is seen underneath.
  • Xeriouxly Forxe — M.Z. Pan has tentacles.
  • A Decemberween Mackerel — Marzipan leaves a single, wide, unbroken trail in the snow.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — One of the "scary shoes" is purple with a pattern similar to the bottom of Marzipan's dress, indicating that it likely belongs to her.
  • Characters from Yonder WebsiteCharacter 5 (Yonder Website Marzipan) "bends at the knees" by leaning over forwards.
  • Email parenting — Marzipan raises herself up on her theoretical toes to tower over Homestar when insulting him in front of the "baby".

[edit] Ears

"I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever write a song about Sibbie."

None of the main characters appear to have ears, yet they still act as though they do.

[edit] Fingers

"That's right!"

Most of the main characters do not have visible fingers, but they still behave like they have them.

  • Email the bird — Strong Bad, Pom Pom, and Homestar give the bird, even though none of them have visible fingers.
  • Email fingers — Strong Bad attempts to put fake fingers on his boxing gloves so people stop asking how he types with boxing gloves on.
  • Email origins — Strong Bad files his boxing gloves even though he has no fingernails.
  • Lappynapped — The King of Town calls himself "Furious Fingers" for his supposed guitar skills in spite of not having any.
  • Email original — Bubs says "If I had thumbs, I'd be sticking 'em up my armpits right now!"
  • Email business trip — Strong Bad checks off "Take off wedding rings" even though neither he nor Homestar have visible fingers.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — Bubs refuses to "slice [his] fingers thin" as presumably instructed by the Drive-Thru Whale in an Easter egg.
  • Homestar Ruiner — When Strong Bad tries to talk to Marzipan after vandalizing her float, she replies that her mood ring is brown right now. Strong Bad then asks the audience, "Should I tell her she doesn't have fingers?"
  • Email coloring, Baddest of the Bands — Strong Bad makes air quotes by wiggling his gloves on either side of his head.
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad has manicures booked in spite of not having fingernails.
  • Doomy Tales of the Macabre — Strong Sad gives Strong Bad human hands, and Strong Bad claims that he can't type with those "waggly-knuckled monstrosities" (his new fingers).
  • Fish Eye Lens — Strong Bad refers to Coach Z's hands as "green mittens".
  • 2022 Costume Pack Now Available — A very disturbed Strong Sad draws attention to the fact that Coach Z has fingers and no one else seems to have noticed.

[edit] Teeth


It is debatable whether the characters have teeth (most notably Homestar). Most characters have not yet been shown with teeth.

  • Super NES, Email old comics, Exaggerations, Career Day, Crystal Fortress — Strong Bad is stylized with teeth.
  • Email replacement — When Strong Bad asks Bubs what to do with Strong Sad if he sees him watching TV, Bubs says to "kick him in the teeth", to which Strong Bad replies that he may not have teeth.
  • Senorial Day — Homestar tries to pass himself off as Bubs' "own flesh and blood" by drawing teeth on his underbite.
  • Email death metal — After watching a preview video of Taranchula's song "The Decoupage", Strong Bad says he feels like he needs to brush his teeth.
  • Email underlings — When Strong Bad tells Homestar he has cilantro stuck between his teeth, Homestar says "teeth?" as if he is shocked by the idea that he has any, even though he was shown to have huge teeth in theme song (though this could be imaginary). In dictionary, Strong Bad confirms this by using a dictionary to knock out one of Homestar's teeth, which is still enormous.
  • Email concert — Strong Sad and Strong Bad are shown brushing their teeth.
  • Jibblies 2 — Strong Bad's Beetlejuice costume comes with a set of green teeth floating in his mouth.
  • Baddest of the Bands — Bubs advises Strong Bad that "lying through your teeth" is a good way to get people to accept a security jacket. Strong Bad asks if "lying through your rectangular mouth" would also work, to which Bubs responds, "Yeah, I suppose that'd work, toothless."
  • Strong Bad Classics! — Strong Sad has apparently had his wisdom teeth removed "again".
  • Fan Costumes 2015 — Strong Bad mentions that he has a dentist, despite his lack of teeth.
  • The Actions You Can Do — Homestar Runner is stylized with teeth.
  • Marzipan Beef Reverser — Teeth demarcations are visible on the skeletal Homestar’s skull.
  • Main Page 28 — Narrator Strong Bad mentions that Character 1 will probably get a Caraway seed stuck in his teeth later.

[edit] Other

Marzipan's questionable surgery

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