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[[Image:@StrongBadActual_profile01.jpg|thumb|Profile pic]]
[[Image:@StrongBadActual_profile01.jpg|thumb|Profile pic]]
:''Not to be confused with Strong Bad's [[Wikipedia:Instagram|Instagram]] account [[Instagram|of the same name]].''
:''Not to be confused with Strong Bad's [[Wikipedia:Instagram|Instagram]] account [[Instagram|of the same name]].''

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Profile pic
Not to be confused with Strong Bad's Instagram account of the same name.

@StrongBadActual is Strong Bad's Twitter account. It posts a variety of original text, images, and videos, some promoting recent Homestar Runner projects, others responding to fans. It was created on September 29, 2011, shortly after the now-closed account @ronginald, but laid dormant for almost three years. It became active on September 26, 2014, in the general time frame Matt Chapman said he hoped updates would resume on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. During the interview, he discussed the possibility of giving Strong Bad a Twitter account as part of a relaunch. The account came to public attention when The Brothers Chaps-collaborator Craig Zobel retweeted the account's first post. The account was later promoted by Alex Hirsch, who worked closely with Matt Chapman on Gravity Falls during most of the Homestar Runner hiatus. The account has since surpassed 50,000 followers as of September 28, 2017.

In the account's early days, there was speculation as to who owned the account. The account was proven to be officially run on October 3, 2014, when Fish Eye Lens was released on the main website. The post from September 27, almost a week before, featured an ASCII image of one of the scenes from the toon, calling it a scene from his "new jam", as the toon referred to it as a "number one jam". The profile pic was also taken with a fisheye lens.

In all Lappier emails, the CGI Paper reads ">tweet here to email strong bad @StrongBadActual", suggesting that the Twitter account has officially replaced his email address strongbad@homestarrunner.com as the primary contact method for Strong Bad Email. The first Lappier email, sbemail206, marks the first time the account has been mentioned on homestarrunner.com. The first time the account was officially linked to was in a main page message reading "strong bad's twitter".


Tweet Archives

Tweet Archives
2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014

Fun Facts

  • The background image of the account is The Paper, which is also seen in several early Twitpics.
  • His Twitter bio reads, "i don't trust any device i can't mash ctrl+alt+del on".
  • His Twitter location is "Strong Badia- Free Country USA".
  • Strong Bad's foray into social media is portrayed as being with his out-of-date computer equipment, and his early posts mostly document that.
  • Every October since 2016, his Twitter username has been temporarily changed to a variation of "Strong Bad".
    • 2016 — Strange Bood
    • 2017 — Strangled Badly

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