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[[Image:Main12.PNG|220px|thumb|It's dazzlemazing!]]
[[Image:Main12.PNG|220px|thumb|It's dazzlemazing!]]
Homestar Runner is wearing an "Uncle Sam" hat whilst watching fireworks.
Homestar Runner is wearing an "Uncle Sam" hat while watching fireworks.
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Homestar Runner}}
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Homestar Runner}}

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It's dazzlemazing!

Homestar Runner is wearing an "Uncle Sam" hat while watching fireworks.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Places: The Field

Icon: Patriotic hat

Page title: "Come Forth on July!!!"

Button Effects

  • Toons — Simple circular firework, yellow in color.
  • Games — Emits single green star firework.
  • Characters — Simple purple circular firework.
  • Downloads — Same results as with "games," only yellow in color.
  • Store — A white-colored circular firework is emitted.
  • Email — There is a multi-colored firework in the shape of Strong Bad's face.

Fun Facts

  • This and Main Page 13 are the only pages that give no vocal or visual indication of what button you're scrolling over.
  • This and Main Page 9 are the only Main Pages in which Homestar is drawn entirely in the old style.
  • If you watch the introduction on the Fourth of July, you will always be directed to this page.
  • This and Main Page 23 are the only pages where you see Homestar from behind.
  • Homestar also wanted a tattoo of himself in the Uncle Sam hat on his forearm along with the words "The For Real Deal" in Strong Bad is a Bad Guy.
  • The top left of Homestar's shirt has a sliver of his head showing through.

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