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The belle of the ball

Strong Bad Email #7

Ben wants to know how to make a Strong Bad Halloween costume. Strong Bad gives some instructions while Homestar models.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room, The Field

Date: October 31st, 2001

Duration: 1:13



STRONG BAD: I am going to check my email.

Dear Strongbad,
I want to have the bestest halloween 
costume ever this year. How can I make 
a strongbad costume?
With crap,
Ben from Ohio University

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well Ben, I couldn't agree with you more. You dress up like me this year and the ladies will flock to you like the Poopsmith to an overflowing toilet. {stops typing} But I digress. Onto the costume...

{And the scene of the bushes appears at the screen.}

STRONG BAD: {background voice} We'll demonstrate on stupid over here.

{Homestar appears outside}


STRONG BAD: {background voice} First paint your head red, {Homestar's head turns red} Then take your shirt off to expose your manly chest. {Homestar's shirt disappears and a digital blur appears over his body}


STRONG BAD: Next, get some boxing gloves, {Giant boxing gloves appear on Homestar's feet.} or if you don't have boxing gloves, oven mitts will do. {A huge pink oven mitt appears on Homestar's head.} Next, duct tape some aluminum foil to some twine. {Duct tape is wrapped around Homestar's legs, with two loose ends attached to a roll of tin foil and a ball of twine.} And finally, get your mom to make you a Strong Bad costume. You'll be the belle of the ball.


{Strong Bad sits back in front of his computer.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, so until next time, who put the ween in Halloween? I don't know. Probably you, you freakin' weirdo!

{The Paper falls, reading "Click here to e-mail strong bad".}

Fun Facts


  • This is another of the very few emails that had the "Old Emails" button on the monitor. It's since been removed by TBC and made to fit with the rest of the SB Emails
  • This is the last e-mail where Strong Bad's head is at the right side of the screen, and a bit higher. This is also the last e-mail where his head doesn't move while talking/typing.
  • Clicking "Back" used to take you to the Games menu instead of the SB Email menu if you clicked on it. This has now been fixed.
    • Although if you click on it while it is fading in, it still takes you there.
  • This is the first email in which Homestar makes a personal appearance.
  • This is the first email to be over one minute long.


  • The text Strong Bad types at the beginning is no longer there when he sits back down.

Inside References

DVD Version

  • The DVD Version has a hidden creator commentary. Just switch over your DVD player's language while watching this email.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman)

MIKE: This is the last one we did before we started doing them weekly.

MATT: Yep.

MIKE: Pretty much every weekly.

MATT: And then we were still doing them... I was still in New York, livin' in New York... I was in New York and living in New York.



MATT: Yeah, these ones, I think I just recorded them. They were so, like, simple for—this was one of the more complicated ones for early on, but I would just send you audio and you'd do the entire thing.

MIKE: Yeah. It didn't take very long back then.

MATT: There's our... there's our Homestar Runner.

MIKE: The hills slash bushes in the background are a little different than usual.

MATT: Yeah, they are.

MIKE: Oooh, the pixellated, naked Homestar.

MATT: That was a big achievement. I think you—but that had already been done for the main page.

MIKE: Yeah, the shower main page, yep

MATT: That aluminum foil's really good, too.

MIKE: Yeah, it's...

MATT: Nice work, Mike

MIKE: Thanks, man.

MATT: Did we see, somebody sent us, uh, I think somebody did—

MIKE: Oh yeah, dressed up.

MATT: —Pretty much made that con...contest...

MIKE: Costume. It's costume, Matt! Costume!

MATT: Costume palace! Hah! That's from one of our later we—episodes.

Fun Facts

  • The episode Matt is referring to when he says "costume palace" would be fingers.

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