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[edit] TBC appearance

TBC will be making an appearance at MIT this weekend at an event called "ROFLcon." Dunno if their portion is suitable to be documented or transcripted or whatever, but I thought I'd make people aware. -DAGRON 21:22, 24 April 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for the tip! As it turns out, we've already got one of our top men working on it round-the-clock. His train leaves for Boston within the hour. — It's dot com 21:39, 24 April 2008 (UTC)

[edit] 16-Bit Color and the movies/toons

I noticed that no matter if you have 16-bit or 32-bit color, the toons/movies seem to have the same color scheme (IE: No dithering occurs.) Also, recently, the lappy-era toons... you can see the boundaries of the "reflection of light" on the top and left reflections of the lappy screens. A month or two ago, these boundaries were not visible; but now they seem to appear even for 32-bit color. ColdReactive

[edit] Eric Conveys an Emotion Videlectrix

Eric Conveys an Emotion gets an interview at Videlectrix?! --AlmsforthePudgy 18:51, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

Cool stuff! I added a link to it on Videlectrix. Trey56 21:42, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

[edit] The old stuffs

Aren't sysops supposed get the old qow,wf, and sketchbook off the main page after the new ones come in? Meme3 01:14, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

OK, done. However, you don't have to be a sysop to do that... the whatsnew template can be edited by anyone with an account. phlip TC 01:32, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
Anyone with an old account. No newbies. --Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing! 23:36, 8 May 2008 (UTC)
But you aren't a newbie, Meme. Homestar-Winner (talk) 23:46, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Picture

What's this picture: hrpodcast_pic.jpg TheThin 01:41, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

It's a picture of Homestar and Strong Bad, in the field, with the H*R logo. (Did I win?) phlip TC 01:50, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
Actually, I think it was on the podstar page once. JCM 01:59, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
Yes phlip. You won. But, why is it on the podstar site, Hrjcm? TheThin 02:07, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
I forgot. JCM 02:23, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
See this image. TBC used the image on iTunes when you were able to download podcasts from it. Homestar-Winner (talk) 02:27, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
Well, that's unfair. I don't remember seeing Podcast in 2006, I just remembered seeing a picture like that before. JCM 02:42, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
It's also used as the album art for the podcast, as defined in the podcast.xml file: <itunes:image href="" />. Depending on your podcatcher software/portable media device, you might see it there as well (for example, I can see it on my Zune's menu when I select the podcast, unsure if it's the same with iPods). --videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif 09:48, 3 May 2008 (UTC)
I dont remember that photo for the podcast at all. I still have it from when it was available from iTunes, but the only photo I remember is Strong Bad sitting at his original Tandy, with 'Strong Bad Emails' in that green, Tandy format, centered at the top of the photo.
Well, there used to be a picture like that (I think), but after they started adding real cartoons instead of just SBEmails, they used this one. DevonM(talk·cont-ribs) 21:52, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

[edit] What HAppened Today?

SeRIOUSLY WHAT MAINTENACNCE was GOinG DOwN??? Physicsguymonsterman 23:12, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

The maintenance wasn't going down, the wiki was going down while it was going through server maintenance. And now it's all over (except for the thumbnail problem). Homestar-Winner (talk) 23:26, 8 May 2008 (UTC)
So what was wrong or changed that made the wiki need maintenance? -Brightstar Shiner 23:29, 8 May 2008 (UTC)
Which is what I think Mr. Monsterman was trying to say. --Mario2.PNG Super Martyo boing! 23:34, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

PNG uploads don't appear to be working, either. I've got Weekly Fanstuff and Sketchbook images to upload, but it ain't workin'... "The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension. Please check the file and upload again." OptimisticFool 00:04, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

The maintenance was for the time it took to transfer the wiki to a new server... details are behind that link. Thumbnails are broken because the new server currently doesn't have ImageMagick installed... that'll be sorted out as soon as possible. The PNG upload issue I'm not sure about, but I'm looking into it right now (well, technically, right now I'm typing a post on this talk page, but as soon as I'm done with that, I'll go check out what the deal is with the uploads). phlip TC 09:28, 9 May 2008 (UTC)
Just to let you guys know: I've figured out the problem with the PNG uploads... I'll let someone who can fix it know, next time I see them. phlip TC 10:38, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

I'm having problems with moving articles. The codes don't show up. Bad Bad Guy 23:48, 10 May 2008 (UTC)

Fixed. — It's dot com 20:46, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Uploading Images

When I try to upload a PNG image now, I get this message: The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension. Please check the file and upload again. After I check the file, I'm still not allowed to upload it. What should I do? Bad Bad Guy 02:06, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

Check the post above...its something to do with the server move. DevonM(talk·cont-ribs) 02:14, 9 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Template

Here is a template for pages that have been protected due to disputes:


Please use the "+" button on the top of the screen next time you want to start a new conversation. We're forbidden from creating new headers underneath an existing Talk Page conversation, and the summary made it look like you were replying to my post. Bad Bad Guy 23:23, 9 May 2008 (UTC)
As I said here: Hmm... I don't think we have ever protected a page because of a content dispute, and I don't see it happening any time soon... do we really need this template? phlip TC 11:02, 9 May 2008 (UTC)
No. No we don't. I say it shall be Del Taco'd DELETED!!!! (The template, not the discussion.) DrPepper42 00:59, 14 May 2008 (UTC)
Discuss further on the template's talk page. Bad Bad Guy 01:16, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Phishing filter problems

My computer's virus protection system's phishing filter blocked this website. I had to turn it off! What the heck is going on here? Please provide some awnsers here. DrPepper42 00:54, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

Update here, the fanstuff isn't blocked, only the actual wiki. What the crap is going on here? DrPepper42 01:01, 14 May 2008 (UTC)
You caught us. The wiki is an elaborate scheme to get your login information for eBay, PayPal, and anything else we can get our hands on! Mwa ha ha! OptimisticFool 01:06, 14 May 2008 (UTC)
What phishing filter are you using? Probably the best thing to do is to go to their website, and see if you can find a link to report a false positive... failing that, an email address that you can send something to to say "Hey, your filter blocked this site, but it's totally legit!"... Best I can guess is that a lot of these phishing filters are based on user submissions... so they get plenty of false positives from people who think it'd be funny to click the "report this site" button on random sites. Then again, we do link to very convincing clones of both Amazon and eBay (twice, even)... phlip TC 10:17, 14 May 2008 (UTC)
Wait, nevermind. The problem is over. I turned it back on, and it didn't block the site. It's all good. DrPepper42 20:58, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Writing Transcripts

I figured this would be the best place to put this kind of question, so here goes: "How should a long-time user of this wiki go about writing a transcript or two when she isn't allowed to stay up late on Sunday nights?" I've done a lot on the HRWiki, particularly since I came back, but haven't reverted vandalism (I try, but sometimes I can't tell what to revert) or written the transcript for an email or toon. I'd like to do that, but I don't really know how we determine who's going to write the thing and what templates and such we use. Also, most of this is done in the middle of the night when I should be asleep. I'd be willing to get up and help with it, and with Monday fast approaching, that would be a nice time to try. I just want to try something new. Thanks, -Brightstar Shiner 20:14, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

On my user page there's a section on documenting a new toon. Might be interesting to you. As far as who does the transcript, someone just puts the section in progress template up and starts it. I don't think there's ever any formal "claim" on a transcript, just whichever user wants to and is available. Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png 20:29, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
I had already read that part of your user page, but thanks for pointing it out to me again. I'm going to go experiment in the Sandbox now to hone my transcripting skillz (with a "z"). See you later and thanks again. -Brightstar Shiner 20:55, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
Aww... I just spent about ten minutes searching for the supposed template used to make the outline for a sbemail, but I can't find it. I thought I saw it mentioned somewhere, and it would save a great deal of time and energy if and when I get to write a transcript. Does anyone know what this template is called or where it is? -Brightstar Shiner 21:15, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
On Talk:Strong Bad Email there is a checklist with everything that needs to be done when a new one comes. Including the {{newsbemail}} template. Elcool (talk)(contribs) 21:29, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
Okay, thanks a bunch. I knew I had seen it somewhere. -Brightstar Shiner 21:33, 16 May 2008 (UTC)
Transcript some DVD commentary. Lots of that to be done. =] OptimisticFool 21:54, 16 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] I really like your homestar head costume

What was the exact time the little picture in the address bar changed? I like how it makes our site more distinguishable from the official site when I have multiple tabs. Bad Bad Guy 04:48, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

You mean the favicon. Currently it alternates every hour on the hour while we try out some new styles. — It's dot com 04:55, 17 May 2008 (UTC)
Are we just going to keep alternating it? Seems we kinda reached an agreement on the Favicon talk page itself. DevonM(talk·cont-ribs) 05:04, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Regarding the YouTube tag:

Is there any reason for forcing it to be the high-quality version? I mean, if you just link to the video by itself, then the user's YouTube settings/connection speed will define whether the video is HQ or not, but forcing it to HQ could be a bad idea for people with slow connections/connection problems. --videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif 10:27, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

So true, so true. But, I can't do crap about that. It's not a problem for me though, I've got a High Definition laptop display and really fast internet. But I still use the normal versions of videos. DrPepper42 00:11, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Whoooaaa...

Just one article away from 2000! What do you think the 2000Template:th article will be? 02:05, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

I hope it's one on Bubs's first wife. Some good potential there. Homestar-Winner (talk) 02:53, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
It's here!!! MBD123 18:07, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
And just what is the 2 thousandth ema-I mean page?Meme3 20:46, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
If subpages count, then I think it'd be User:Brightstar_Shiner/The_Sketchbook that right there. Since it was created the same day this discussion here started. ColdReactive
Yes, but that's not how the stats work... — Defender1031*Talk 01:59, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
No, they don't count. You can see from Special:Newpages that the 2000th page (at the current time of writing this) is More Like. It was previously Biggest Waste of X (the first page to reach 2000), until Blistergeist was turned into a redirect (redirects don't count as pages, so it was removed from the statistics count). --DorianGray 02:00, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Watchlist Emails

Why has the format for emails you get when a page you watched is edited changed? It looks like a WUW email...I liked the old style more! Can we change it back? Same goes for the Fanstuff Wiki. SuperfieldCreditUnion

What's a WUW email, and can you give an example? I'm flummoxed here. Qermaq - (T/C) Image:Qermaqsigpic.png 05:00, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
I guess by WUW he means the fanstuff's Wiki User Wiki. Shwoo 06:29, 19 May 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I mean the Wiki User Wiki. Hold on, I'm at school, so I can't get an image quite yet. SuperfieldCreditUnion
Here it is.


The old one (the one I like) is on the top, and the new one (the one I don't like) is on the bottom. Which would you rather get? SuperfieldCreditUnion

I have to say, I like the one at the top better. ColdReactive
No kidding, but I'd bet anything that the change is due to that server change. It happened just around then, about a week or so ago. SuperfieldCreditUnion
The ugly messages are the MediaWiki default. The nice, formatted messages are generated by an extension I wrote. Yes, something broke during the server change, and I had to temporarily revert to the ugly default. With everything that's going on around here, I haven't had time to debug the extension, but I'm pretty sure I know where the problem is and how to fix it. Rest assured, the nice, formatted messages are next on my to-do list and will return soon. — It's dot com 05:10, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] new dev blog

check it out on the website

[edit] i'll take four!

does anyone remember a sbemail where homestar says i'll take four in response to bubs advertising something at his stand? --Acam30 21:08, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Get your wireless extension cords. Three for three hundred! Lightweight, existent, and shockproof! Elcool (talk)(contribs) 21:10, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

thanks a lot!

[edit] I broke it! lol

Sorry about that, but seriously, I hate validation. A whole mess of pages are now in speedy deletion because of my signature -Iyeru

You hate it so much that you'd delete your signature over it? At any rate, I won't delete it because it appears on as many pages as it is. --Jay (Talk) 21:42, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
And if it's really such a problem for you, use the <noinclude> tag before nominating it for deletion again, please. --Jay (Talk) 21:43, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I got it. -Iyeru

[edit] Wiki Logo

What is the URL for the wiki's logo image (you know, the one in the top left corner of every page)? Homestar-Winner (talk) 01:16, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

Here's an almost-final version on the wiki, and here's the actual one used. Trey56 02:11, 28 May 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Don't be discouraged

Is there anything worth doing if one person gets an account solely to add 1 fact to 1 article, but the fact has to be reverted? I've already experienced that twice; once for Marzipan's Answering Machine 15.2 and once again for garage sale. Is it worth the effort to encourage these users to attempt other edits? BBG 04:07, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

This was suggested once here, but it never really got implemented.- 04:50, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
What was suggested in that thread was a template, which I still don't think is the solution. BBG is asking whether it's even worth it to contact these users at all, and I think the answer is a resounding yes; if someone wants to encourage a user to keep at it, then they definitely should. My point from the other page was that it should be done with a personalized message instead of a template. — It's dot com 06:02, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
I think this is a great idea, since it has the potential to prevent future vandalism as well as bring in more users, but not many people seem to know about it. Perhaps if I put it on HRWiki:Open Discussions? -Brightstar Shiner 13:36, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
One problem I'm having is thinking of something to say. "Sorry for removing your fact" sounds awkward and mean, and since they haven't made any other contributions I can't say anything like "you're still a good user". Should someone else contact them? BBG 14:13, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
That's definitely true, which is why i suggested a template, but i've done it a couple of times, and i think it worked fine. Namely, you say something to the effect of "Hi there, i noticed that you made an edit to (some page). Unfortunately, it is general practice on this wiki not to (explain in nice words what they did wrong). Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you to the wiki and let you know that even though I did have to revert your edit, constructive contributors like yourself are always welcome, and that you shouldn't get discouraged. Sincerely (sigdate)". Obviously, this only works with constructive edits, but that's what we're going for here. — Defender1031*Talk 15:55, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
There, i just did an actual one. — Defender1031*Talk 16:15, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Having just done a second one of these in short amount of time, i can say that typing out a new one each time is annoying, as it takes 10 times as long as the revert itself. Once again, i'd suggest a template to make it easier, because i thin that WE would get discouraged from doing this if we have to type it out each time, and i think that a template is better than no message at all. — Defender1031*Talk 16:41, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
I'm with Dot com on this one. Having a template would be impersonal and the recipient is likely to ignore it. I don't know about you, but if I was new and my edit was reverted, I'd like a real person to tell me I'm wanted, not some canned template that could be handed out to anyone. -Brightstar Shiner 17:06, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
I agree wholeheartedly, however, from the perspective of the one reverting, i feel like i would be too lazy to write something out every time and therefore would just be like "yeah, screw it"... it's a balance thing, and i'm not sure that writing one out would be balanced well — Defender1031*Talk 17:09, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
If it becomes common wiki practice, anyone watching RC can leave the message, not always the reverter. Granted, I'm not sure about that, but it's an idea. -Brightstar Shiner 17:14, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
DeF: The best a template could hope to do would be to give the introductory "I see you made an edit" line. That might actually be partially useful, if only to get the ball rolling, but it wouldn't get the whole job done. There's really no way to send a meaningful message without tailoring it to the situation. In both of the cases you cited above, you still had to list the edit the anonny made and explain why you reverted it. It's probably not worth the effort in a lot of cases, but in some cases it definitely is. I myself was motivated to create an account after some work I did was reverted and a note was placed on my IP talk page. — It's dot com 17:54, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
B: It's been common wiki practice as long as I've been here to leave a note on an anonymous user's talk page when the anonny makes an exceptional edit (regardless of whether the edit was reverted, but especially so if it was). The degree to which this is common depends on each user's idea of what constitutes an exceptional edit, but communication such as we're discussing has always been encouraged. — It's dot com 18:02, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

I didn't really understand your point. I read it through several times and still couldn't figure out what you were trying to say. -Brightstar Shiner 20:00, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

You say "If it becomes common wiki practice". My point is that is is common wiki practice to leave notes for exceptional edits, and has been for as long as I've been here. Although it's not common practice to leave notes for every last revert. — It's dot com 20:02, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
So what do you suggest we do when we revert an anonny's edit? I think if the anonny seems to have had good intentions and wants to help the wiki, whether the edit was really that useful or not, we should leave a note. Little users are still users. If we restrict our welcomes to those who are already sold on the wiki, we won't get any more people. But if someone whose one-time edit gets reverted and they weren't sure about this whole wiki thing from the get-go, they might leave based on our perceived "ignorance" of their contribution. If, when I was new, I made a small first contribution to this wiki (for example, reverting a fun fact I didn't think was right) that got reverted (being new, I wouldn't know there was already a consensus to keep that fact), then I received no explanation as to why it got reverted, I might be annoyed. "What the heck was that for?" I might say. Then I would dismiss the wiki and go on my merry way to other websites, never becoming the user I am today. And that would be bad. -Brightstar Shiner 20:04, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
I agree with all of that. What's your threshold for the size of the anonny's edit? Is it just for big edits that probably took some time, or for everything? — It's dot com 20:07, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Anything that adds/removes real content from a page, not just spelling, formatting, or the like. -Brightstar Shiner 20:08, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
So basically non-minor edits, like for example if you revert the addition of a fun fact. Maybe a template would be beneficial in that case. Something like: "{{subst:reverted|funfact}} <explanation> ~~~~" — It's dot com 20:09, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Such a template would be a great idea! Loafing 22:33, 5 June 2008 (UTC)
That's what I was trying to say... I wasn't talking about huge edits, i was talking aobut small, yet well-intended ones. And i think the template would have to be a bit more complicated based on the type of edit made, but it could be done. something like {{template|edit type("funfact", "format", etc.)|page edited|extended reason for revert}} extra comments ~~~~ make any sense? — Defender1031*Talk 23:36, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

[edit] New

There's a new HOmestar Ruiner Trailer on Telltale. SHouldnt that be on the front page? --Acam30 16:45, 11 June 2008 (UTC)

Yep. Thanks. — It's dot com 04:01, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
Is there a compelling reason not to provide a link to it? 12:58, 13 June 2008 (UTC)
There's a link. Check the Main Page. DevonM(talk·cont-ribs) 14:12, 13 June 2008 (UTC)
I meant a link to the gameplay trailer, which there is not. Didn't take long to find the video though. 00:00, 14 June 2008 (UTC)
Oh, I added it it for you. -PeterImage:Petersig.png
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