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[edit] DVD commentary filmographies?

Although the DVD commentaries are generally just the two Brothers Chaps, many times they are joined by friends and family and/or Matt will portray one of the dumb animal characters. The toon articles all identify who is present for the DVD version with a "Commentary by:" subheader, but is there a separate article tracking commentators? Something like Category:Filmography, Strong Bad Email By Name of Sender, or Fan Costumes#Costumes. If not this is something that I think would be a good addition to the wiki. -- Bleu Ninja 17:26, 21 September 2021 (UTC)

Each DVD page (e.g. strongbad_email.exe Disc One) lists the commentators of each toon, but it might be interesting and helpful to have a centralized list of all of them. Ideally it should be formatted differently from the DVD articles (such as having separate sections for each character), or else it might be redundant. Gfdgsgxgzgdrc 18:05, 21 September 2021 (UTC)

May as well plug that I made DVD Commentary Speakers for this purpose. -- Bleu Ninja 19:47, 13 December 2021 (UTC)

[edit] Loading issues

I've been having some loading issues on both Chrome and Firefox with ad blockers off. Wolf O'Donnel 08:35, 25 October 2021 (UTC)

The wiki tends to load slower when it receives more traffic. My guess is that more people are coming here to check if the Halloween toon/teaser is out. Gfdgsgxgzgdrc 03:45, 26 October 2021 (UTC)

[edit] Back glitch

Recently, on this wiki (and only this wiki), when I use the back button in Firefox, it instead counts as a new page load, meaning I get caught in an infinite loop if I do it enough. Why is this? RickTommy (edits) 22:23, 29 December 2021 (UTC)

I've noticed this behavior too, though only in private windows, and there are some other wikis (and also some webcomics) that are affected. DEI DAT VMdatvm center\super contra 22:34, 29 December 2021 (UTC)
The back function works as normal for me now, so this may have been an error on the part of the program. There was an update to Firefox between then and now, which may have fixed the issue. DEI DAT VMdatvm center\super contra 11:18, 23 January 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Version of MediaWiki installed is obsolete

This wiki's software has not been updated in 11 years. The version of MediaWiki that is installed is now obsolete. The version installed is 1.15.4. The latest version of MediaWiki is 1.37.1. Please update MediaWiki. It has not been updated in a very long time.-- 14:27, 17 January 2022 (UTC)

Will this change any fancy wiki text formatting or will we be fine with how it looks and how it will looks?
Contrived and confused
----J∃ffJMan 12:34, 18 January 2022 (UTC)

I don't know about that, but version 1.15.4 of MediaWiki is already obsolete, so it's better to update it now. I don't know if it will affect its appearance, but update it since it hasn't been in a very long time.-- 01:40, 20 January 2022 (UTC)

There's a bunch of custom stuff installed that may or may not work with the new version. I think the top-right links on the toons pages are generated by a special extension function, for example, so there's significant site functionality involved. Is there something in particular you need from a newer MediaWiki? Bobmath 08:46, 21 January 2022 (UTC)

Also, the protocol in use for this website is not secure as it is a normal HTTP protocol & not HTTPS in which the "S" stands for secure. I do not know if that custom stuff will work in a newer version of MediaWiki, but try it out. If it does not work, then you might need to update that stuff so that it will work with newer versions.-- 21:04, 13 February 2022 (UTC)

Yeah, the HTTPS-failure warning when I log in is... troubling. Not sure if this is related to MediaWiki or general hosting, though. -- Bleu Ninja 02:27, 14 February 2022 (UTC)

I think it is related to general hosting, but you do get that warning.-- 02:18, 18 February 2022 (UTC)

MediaWiki's latest version is now 1.37.2. Are you really going to update MediaWiki? The extensions really need to be updated.-- 18:53, 20 April 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Diaper Sunrise

They just added a new short called Diaper Sunrise. It's about a minute long. Wolf O'Donnel 21:08, 9 March 2022 (UTC)

[edit] What should the next featured articles be?

the answer is april fools --J∃ffJMan 12:48, 17 March 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Baby

What is up with all of the baby related toons lately? Cy4nIsN0tB1u3 (Talk | contribs) 11:50, 7 April 2022 (UTC) (left unsigned)

Other than parenting, which toons are you referring to? RickTommy (edits) 14:09, 7 April 2022 (UTC)
She might be referring to Diaper Sunrise. - HoveringSombrero (talk)
Maybe homestar's gonna be hassing more babays from now on? --J∃ffJMan 16:22, 18 April 2022 (UTC)~

[edit] We need to do something about these spambots!

I have been getting sick and tired of these ridiculous spam bots! Is there not a way to protect the site? Mayhaps we could add an s to the http and secure the website? Maybe even BAN the bots and make a lot of our lives easier in that way! Who's with me? Mods? Admins? Sysops? Whatever the Authority here is called? Fellow Gnot-a-gnoblin-gnot-a-gnelf-I'm-a-gnome-and-you've-been-gnomed's? Come on! Let's do this! --J∃ffJMan 12:56, 23 May 2022 (UTC)

A number of the bots have been banned. Unfortunately, they use dynamic IP addresses, which is a problem on two levels. Ban one IP address, you don't really solve the problem. Ban a range and there's a chance you're actually hitting real people (hosting real people parties) alongside the bots. For example, the ban of this user (which I do not feel should have been infinite). Two gnome edits, followed by spam after a year-long break. It's possible the spambots are that advanced, but I suspect the gnome edits were done by an actual human, and then the IP address got nabbed by a spambot later.
I don't know a ton about https, but I do know that there are other solutions: practical if a bit irritating to anonnies (like a stronger CAPTCHA) to outright detrimental to them (strongly limiting anonny edits). We've done the latter before, but typically only during REALLY bad spam/vandalism outbreaks; we're not there at present. And the former isn't my decision to make. --Jay (Talk) 18:50, 23 May 2022 (UTC)
You're right, I also feel like, in retrospect I was being a bit overreactive, but mainly because I'm tired of seeing this page not being updated because it makes me think a cartoon that is only update thrice a year is somehow not getting any fan discussion, somehow, I can't tell how in the entire world this could even be, I mean, like come on! It's not too much to ask! --J∃ffJMan 11:18, 24 May 2022 (UTC)

[edit] SVG support?

Is there any potential for the wiki adding support for uploading SVG images? Although PNGs are still ideal for toon screenshots, photographs, or game graphics, a lot of pages (especially galleries like Items, Symbols and Logos, character variations and evolutions) include cut-out images of Flash graphics. Because these are already created in vector format, SVG is a simple process of conversion and takes out the guesswork of resizing a PNG; it also can allow for smaller file sizes and easier dynamic rescaling without the need to re-save a higher resolution file. This has brought up since at least (gasp) 2009, and I think the idea still has merit. -- Bleu Ninja 19:56, 22 July 2022 (UTC)

[edit] New project page

As someone who has noticed that words like "vote" have recently been misused on this Wiki, I'd like to propose a project page similar to this Wikipedia one - or at the very least, a mention of it on, say, HRW:NOT. RickTommy (edits) 04:20, 4 September 2022 (UTC)

I generally agree with the sentiment, but I also feel that voting can be justified when a major decision lacks the participation necessary for consensus. The main page redesign voting page isn't intended as a substitute for discussion — it was created as a last resort after multiple long discussions regarding the various pros and cons of each change, and was specifically designed to facilitate free discussion within a simple format. It allows users to more easily indicate "I agree/disagree for the above reasons", and leaves room to elaborate if needed. The decision of which changes to make is ultimately up to the sysops, but I thought having a clear visual indicator of public opinion would help with that. Gfdgsgxgzgdrc 07:43, 4 September 2022 (UTC)
seems unnecessary - 13:08, 4 September 2022 (UTC)

[edit] new page?

How do I create a new page? TMBGLOVER 18:39, 25 September 2022 (UTC)

In a nutshell, just search for the name of the article you want to create, then hit the red link that appears at the top.
By the way, it's a good idea to check the FAQ before asking a question, as it answers a lot that newer users ask, and yours has already been answered there. — Keegster2 (Howl at me) 18:57, 25 September 2022 (UTC)
Hey TMBGLOVER, since you're interested in learning how to contribute to the wiki, I would strongly encourage that you start familiarizing yourself with the pages linked from Help:Contents. In particular, the Help:Editing page answers the question that you have. Nevertheless, it's also important questions such as "when should I create a page?". The HRWiki:Inclusion guidelines guidelines help answer such questions. Also the HRWiki:Standards page helps determine what content to put in a page. Although using other existing pages as a template also works it's helpful to know the details. Note that both of those pages are linked to the Main Help page via the Category:HRWiki Policy and Category:HRWiki Guidelines category links. When in doubt, feel free to ask for clarification. Hope this helps! --Stux 18:59, 25 September 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Voices section?

So, howza bout we add a voices section on all the Toons and Sbemail pages? It would look something like this.

‘’’ VOICES ‘’’: Matt Chapman, Missy Palmer

TMBGLOVER 14:09, 26 September 2022 (UTC)

That would get boring in a hurry. There's not enough variance. Not to mention, we already include the information when they put the credits in the toons. And when there is some variance, that is covered in the Fun Facts better than a Voices section could do. The Knights Who Say Ni 14:56, 26 September 2022 (UTC)

[edit] kids?

Would you wikians say Homestar is for kids? My parents let me watch it, but I was just thinking, after trying my best to hide the email sisters from my parents, I thought to myself, is Homestar really truly appropriate for kids? TMBGLOVER 15:01, 7 October 2022 (UTC)

I dunno, it's never really been explicitly stated as "for kids", even the page on the website as a whole it's demographic is described as "teens and young adults". I feel like over the years Homestar has gotten progressively more "for kids" only on the front of being "more clean". Although that might just be me. (also, ironically enough, the first reference to homestar I ever heard was from my parents and about sisters "There is two of us"). Hoping that helps, ----J∃ffJMan 15:59, 7 October 2022 (UTC)
I would describe the body of work as more PG or "all-ages" rather than "for kids". There are frequently bits that aren't squeaky-clean (alcohol references, language like 'crap' and 'sucks' (or worse), mean-spirited characters, innuendos, blood, etc) because the site isn't beholden to the FCC or similar standards like a TV show would be. From early in the site's history, the Brothers made it a point to avoid over-the-top gross-out shock humor. Although I was younger when I found the site I've often heard that its initial popularity came from college campuses, so older audiences than children. -- Bleu Ninja 17:48, 7 October 2022 (UTC)

[edit] The TALK talk page

Discord has an age barrier, and many people don’t wanna create an account on there just to talk. And the IRC channel is dead, basically. Thus, I have a revolutionary idea, on how to talk to people. I introduce to you, THE TALK TALK PAGE! Basically, we put up a page, (the page could be a guidelines/introductory thing) and in the talk page, we can chat through people editing with their own thoughts! Listen, this doesn’t have to go on forever. All I’m asking for is a good week or so to test out the idea. If we link it from the main page, and let people try it out, we’ll see how many people use it, and then we can either keep it up, or not. I’m just asking for 1 try. Please? TMBGLOVER 19:47, 13 October 2022 (UTC)

Although you're free to communicate over existing Talk pages, keep in mind that HRWiki is not a social network meant for casual discussion or off-topic thoughts. The wiki is not really a place "just to talk" outside of documenting the H*R body of work. Consider checking out the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum as another option for general chatting. Also — people have been talking about Homestar Runner for over 20 years now, there will still be online circles to connect with fans in a few years once you meet age requirements. -- Bleu Ninja 20:07, 13 October 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Update the mirrors

The mirrors of cartoons (The ones linked to on pages like Where The Crap Are We? and the Limozeen E-Cards) don’t work on mobile devices, nor computers without Ruffle installed separately, like me. We should update these by installing Ruffle onto them. TMBGLOVER 13:21, 22 October 2022 (UTC)

Yes, we'll look into that. — It's dot com 22:11, 24 October 2022 (UTC)
I had a similar question here about the local subtitles viewer (admittedly not in a very visible location). The Knights Who Say Ni 01:10, 25 October 2022 (UTC)
I would very much like to get the subtitles working again if we can, but considering how the subtitles script had to interact directly with the Flash file, I have no idea whether that's currently feasible. (I wouldn't hold my breath.) — It's dot com 01:27, 25 October 2022 (UTC)

[edit] It's after Halloween

The festive colors don't fit in now. Lets get the wiki back to normal! TMBGLOVER 16:35, 3 November 2022 (UTC)

We don't tend to take down the Halloween decorations until we get a fan costumes toon. — It's dot com 18:03, 3 November 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Does the PC Port Count?

Since Dangeresque Roomisode 1 just got a PC port, should we count this as a full-on update like the version 2 of Halloween Hide and Seek? ----J∃ffJMan 12:13, 10 November 2022 (UTC)

Oh. This doesn't exist yet. OH. ----J∃ffJMan 12:27, 10 November 2022 (UTC)

[edit] links don't work.

The content of the day links go to their pre-Ruffle URL's, such as, "decemberween02.html". Fix this? TMBGLOVER (Talk | contribs) 14:06, 1 December 2022 (left unsigned)

Hi, could you provide more specific information? For example, which pages were affected and where in these pages do we locate these links? Thanks. --Stux 16:27, 1 December 2022 (UTC)
He's talking about the "watch" links in the "Featured content of the day (or whenever)" section. RickTommy (edits) 21:17, 1 December 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Remove Flash Version Links

Could you get rid of the Flash version links since none out of none browsers support Flash anymore? Wolf O'Donnel 06:09, 7 December 2022 (UTC)

Please be more specific. Also division by zero is undefined. — It's dot com 06:14, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
Ahem. I am suggesting that the links to the older, Flash versions of the cartoons, games, etc be removed since browsers these days do not support Flash. The "none out of none" remark was an attempted reference to videography, assuming he was trying to create an unnecessarily fancy way to say zero. Wolf O'Donnel 08:23, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
Personally, I think they should be kept, even just for archive purposes. How else are we going to confirm that the King of Town declared he'd try and eat holiday cheer on day 2 of the flash version of the Advent calendar after all? Guybrush20X6 09:05, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
In my Flash EOL user page, I noted the Lightspark project which is a more traditional plug-in based Flash replacement. (Believe it or not, there's still a few browsers out there that support plug-ins). In addition, Lightspark, Ruffle and the original Adobe Flash (if you can get your hands on it) provide desktop clients that allow you to download a flash file and run it locally. That's how I played Stinkoman level 10 after Flash's EOL. --Stux 11:05, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
I load Flash files from the official site in my desktop client fairly often, in particular old files that don't have a Ruffle counterpart. The links should not be removed. — It's dot com 16:22, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
Thirding that it is very convenient to have Flash files directly linked for download (even modern ones with a Ruffle counterpart). I regularly download and extract them to get graphics in original resolution and/or isolated from backgrounds without having to carefully time a screencap and cut it out manually. -- Bleu Ninja 17:47, 7 December 2022 (UTC)

Ok, I managed to get an extension that allows me to access Flash. Wolf O'Donnel 04:35, 8 December 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Costume comparisons

On the pages that go into detail about the Halloween costumes, say for example, Doomy Tales of the Macabre Costumes, should we include actual pictures of the things the characters are dressing up? i.e. putting an actual picture of The Lorax next to The Cheat's costume for comparison? Just a thought. - HoveringSombrero (talk)

I don't think so. That's what the links are for. Also I'd be wary of adding a lot of images that are not directly H*R related. — It's dot com 01:36, 29 December 2022 (UTC)
I also had this idea a while ago, my new idea is maybe to upload a comparison image as a new form of the file, however, this could also probably get bad in a hurry, so maybe not. ----J∃ffJMan 14:46, 29 December 2022 (UTC)
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