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The longest short orders anywhere!

Homestar works in a Waffle House-style restaurant.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Places: A Waffle House

Icon: Waffle

Page Title: Doing it right ways all the time...It's Homestar Runner!


Button Effects

  • Toons — A burger flips on the grill.
  • Games — The waffle iron opens. Someone says, "Waffle on one!"
  • Characters — The drink machine spills a green drink.
  • Downloads — Homestar's hat turns backwards.
  • Store — The waffle iron attempts to open, stuck with batter.
  • E-mail — He holds up a plate of food. Someone off-screen with a voice similar to Coach Z's says, "Quarter-cheese-plate-scattered-smothered-covered."

Fun Facts


  • "Scattered, smothered, and covered" refers to hash browns spread out flat on the grill ("scattered") with onions ("smothered") and cheese ("covered").


  • The plate pictured is actually a patty melt plate, rather than a quarter cheese plate.
  • The logos on the drink dispenser appear to be (in order): Orange soda, Mountain Dew (or Surge), and Coca-Cola. Another drink flavor that is partially hidden by the menu could be either Dr Pepper or Pibb Xtra.

Inside References

Fast Forward

  • In Main Page 22, when you scroll over Downloads, the Coach Z-like voice will display the same plate that Homestar has when you scroll over E-mail.

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