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The origin of that word.

Strong Bad Email #9

Strong Bad receives a "love letter" from Fhqwhgads.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Painting of a guy with a big knife

Places: Computer Room, The Field

Date: January 14, 2002

Duration: 0:55



STRONG BAD: I've carefully set aside this time for checking my email.

i love u

{STRONG BAD reads "I love you", then squints and attempts to prounounce the line of gibberish below.}

STRONG BAD: Look, fhqwhgadshg... can I just call you fhqwgads? {Pronounces it fuh-HOOG-wa-gads.} Look fhqwgads, I'm sorry to say, but the feeling's not mutual. Mainly because of your long freakin' name. I mean in the time it took me to say your name, I coulda done all kinds of stuff. Like paint a picture...of a guy...with a big knife. Whoa, in fact, I'm gonna get started on that right now.

{He leaves the computer. Fade to Strong Bad standing in front of an easel. On the easel is a partially completed painting of a Rambo-esque guy with a big knife.}

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah! This is looking great. I mean, I think I could probably sell this at like the arts and crafts fair, you know...to maybe some POWs, or, like, somebody's dad...

{The Paper comes down.}

Fun Facts


  • This is the debut of the Painting of a guy with a big knife.
  • This was the first email to end outside the computer room.
  • This is the first time that Strong Bad writes or draws in an e-mail. He is right-handed.


  • "POW" is an acronym meaning Prisioner of War. According to the Geneva Convention, a POW is a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who is imprisoned by an enemy power during or immediately after an armed conflict.
  • Fhqwhgads is actually male in real life. However, for his own protection, other information about him will be withheld.


  • Strong Bad types "Fhqwhgads" as "Fhqwgads" (without the h after the w).
  • During the most part of it (before he starts with the big knife guy), you can still hear keyboard sounds when hes not typing.

Real-World References

  • It's been theorized that this email was caused by the infamous "I LOVE YOU" virus, but given the email's spelling and the way in which the signature is typed, this seems highly unlikely.
  • However, this has been proven incorrect...the sender has stated that it was just supposed to be a joke, and sent it to Strong Bad not expecting it to be used for SBemail.

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