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[[Category:Tandy 400 Emails]] [[Category: Emails With DVD Commentary]]

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Strong Bad Email #11
watch trevor the vampire credit card
"Aaaah, my kingdom continues to flourish."

Introducing Strong Badia! Also the Tire, the Cinder Block, and the Stop Sign, in this pivotal episode of the H*R universe.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat

Places: Computer Room, Strong Badia

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: January 28, 2002

Running Time: 0:40

Page Title: Tandy 400!!!

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc One



STRONG BAD: {muttering} Email, grumble grumble, email, grumble... {stops muttering}

{Strong Bad pronounces UK as "uck"}

STRONG BAD: What are you talking about, Mike, UK? {pronounces UK as "uck" again} I mean I've totally ruled that field out behind the—

{Cut to Strong Badia. It is windy and has a gray sky. A blue can rolls past.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} —dumpsters since like diaper school, man.

{Strong Bad appears and holds his arm up proudly.}

STRONG BAD: Aaaah, my kingdom continues to flourish. Uh, carry on, everyone.

{The Cheat appears from behind the white fence and approaches the tire.}

STRONG BAD: Hey! The Cheat! What, you wanna get banished? Don't touch that!

{The Paper comes down.}

STRONG BAD: What're you standing around for, man? Don't you have, like, some of my bidding to do?

Fun Facts


  • This is the first Strong Bad Email in which The Cheat appears.
  • This is the first appearance of Strong Badia.


  • When the Paper comes down, its shadow is right behind it as if it were right in front of a flat picture.

Real-World References

  • Strong Bad's intro may refer to the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda, in which the player cannot advance through certain parts of dungeons unless they feed a hungry Goriya, who greets the player with, "Grumble grumble..."

Fast Forward

  • Here we see Strong Bad warn The Cheat not to touch the tire. Later, in date, we see what security measures Strong Bad employs to prevent this from happening.
  • In colonization, Strong Bad reuses the phrase "out behind the dumpsters" in reference to Strong Badia.

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden audio commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Strong Bad)


MIKE: OK, so I've been joined in the commentary booth by Strong Bad—


MIKE: Mr. SuTo, apparently, is his new name, so—

STRONG BAD: Supreme Total. It's the shortness for Supreme Total.

MIKE: Oh, SuTo. Mr. SuTo. Mr. Supreme Total Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Hey, remember when it used to be windy in Strong Badia all the time?

MIKE: And the sky was always gray.


MIKE: The sky's sometimes still gray—

STRONG BAD: Not anymore! Now—now that I've taken over, things have—

MIKE: Brightened up.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. This is before I had the Bear-Shark. I just had verbally—to verbally abuse The Cheat. This a short email!

MIKE: Yeah, get outta here.

STRONG BAD: OK, I'm outta here!

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