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This article is about the game company. For games played on the Wii, see Viidelectrix.
Type Video game company
Headquarters Videlectrix Office
Products Video games, CD-Rs, video game consoles, movies and metal detectors
Employees Art department, graphic designers
Slogan We use make video games!
Mascot Videlectrix Mascot

From a 2018 appearance at PAX East:

MATT CHAPMAN: Once we started making cartoons, it was kind of hard not to just let all that [video game] stuff seep into it. We were huge Activision aficionados as kids [...] So we decided to invent a company, a fictitious company, that we could then have an excuse to make bad video games on our cartoon even though it had nothing to do with our cartoon. So we invented Videlectrix.

Videlectrix is a video game developer that "makes" most of the games seen on


[edit] Company

Videlectrix was first mentioned in the game Awexome Cross. Although vociferously obsessed with good graphics, their games are noticeably out-of-date; most Videlectrix games are roughly on par with the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, or similar '70s-'80s era technology.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, developed by real-world company Telltale Games, was framed as Telltale "collaborating" with Videlectrix. In a similar manner, Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate's Steam page lists the game as being developed and published by Videlectrix.

A portion of the Office of The Brothers Chaps is designated as the Videlectrix Office, with a large Videlectrix logo and game artwork adorning the wall.

[edit] Employees

See main article: Videlectrix Guys

The two employees of Videlectrix are "Videlectrix One" — the domineering, argumentative leader portrayed by Matt Chapman — and "Videlectrix Two" — his timid subordinate portrayed by Mike Chapman. Both men wear polo shirts, have poorly combed hair, and sport bushy mustaches. Stookley's Hundredaire Socialite featured "the brains behind Videlectrix" as their cover story in January 2005.

[edit] Subsidiaries and Affiliates


A production logo for Videlectrix Films is seen in the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer.

The CD Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits is designed to look like a custom burned CD-R of the Videlectrix Media brand.

Videlectrix Kidx is a toy company which produced the Taranchula black metal detector used in the email buried and the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People game series. It is unknown if similarly-named toy company Kidelectrix is affiliated with Videlectrix.

Board game company Boardelectrix has been variously portrayed as a separate company "next door" to Videlectrix or the same company with the same employees.

Videlectrix Power batteries are used in the Kick The Cheat Voicebox Replacement Surgery demonstration.

[edit] Website

See main article:

The Videlectrix website features more information about the company, including news updates, listings of games and box art, downloadable music, and playable games. Many of the games on this site have little or no connection to Homestar Runner.

The Videlectrix page has superseded as the home for Videlectrix games on the Internet.

[edit] Videlectrix Games

Many games created by Videlectrix have been mentioned or seen throughout the Homestar Runner body of work. Games range from brief mentions or single screenshots to full, playable games on the website or elsewhere.

[edit] Playable

[edit] Non-Playable

Joystick Wagglin'
Many games open with an animation of the running mascot.

[edit] Fun Facts

We use computers... to make video games!
The 'Trix

[edit] Remarks

Since the beginning of organized time, or shortly thereafter, the 'Trix, as they are sometimes known, has been at all four fronts of the electronic video gaming industry, providing lo-res entertainment to parents and children alike. In the early years, The Big V, as they are othertimes known, got their start by typing numbers into calculators and then turning the calculators upside down to form words. In 2003, they partnered with and released the arcade peasant-masher Trogdor! They've since followed up with hit after hit, including next-gen text adventure Peasant's Quest, side scrolling platformer Stinkoman 20X6, and the unforgettable Color Television Calibration Cartridge. Vid'rix looks forward to working with Telltale Games and finding out just exactly what it is they do.
  • Videlectrix's page on reads:
Since the beginning of videogames, Videlectrix has been there forefronting the crap out of the competition with good graphics and half-decent progrumming. With classic hits like the Thy Dungeonman series, Trogdor!, Stinkoman 20X6, and Peasant's Quest, the 'Trix has firmly cemented itself in cement shoes and cast itself into the proverbial East River of videogaming.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • The Videlectrix logo is similar to the first version of the Commodore logo, particularly its font.

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