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Sorry, we have transformed the H*R Wiki into a Homsar Wiki. Captain of the Gravy Train!

Welcome to the Pornstar Humper Wiki, the PornStar knowledge base that nobody can edit.

We're currently working on almost 2 articles about the sexiest fictional character in the history of existence.
"My paste is overwhelmed since Twelvesday."

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"My paste is overwhelmed since Twelvesday."

Homsar is perhaps the strangest and most enigmatic of all the main characters in the Homestar Runner universe, known for his odd way of speaking. He was originally created as a result of a typo in the email homsar, in which Vinnie C. asked, "If you hate homsar so much, why don't you kill him?" (Presumably, Vinnie had actually meant to type "Homestar".) Strong Bad promptly dropped a Heavy Lourde on Homsar and left him for dead. The Brothers Chaps later decided to keep Homsar as a main character, and they brought him back in an Easter egg in The House That Gave Sucky Treats and in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, where he thanked Marzipan for the flowers she sent him while he was in the hospital. Homsar occasionally makes brief appearances in various cartoons, but most of the time he appears only in Easter eggs (and has even been referred to as the "secret guy"). (More...)

What's up with Homsar?

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A picture from Homsar's Amazing 3D Gay MILFY Creamsplosion of a Game for Attractive Guys And Gals Over The Age Of 18

April 1, 2015

March 27, 2015

March 23, 2015

December 5, 2014

  • Homsar reads "Go The Fuck To Sleep" - Bodybuilders 9014 watch more info

October 30, 2014

October 22, 2014

October 20, 2014

October 3, 2014

September 26, 2014

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"My paste is overwhelmed since Twelvesday."

206 Seconds (Rough Estimate)

(The entirety of 160 Seconds, but with "160" in the intro replaced with "206")

4 branches: HOMESTAR: Chinese b-

the chair: STRONG BAD: Class!

what i want: MARZIPAN: Forgettably precious.

looking old: MARZIPAN: Up to your chin right

strong badathlon: STRONG BAD: To the wrong athletes

unnatural: STRONG BAD: Kill him? STRONG SAD: We do-

the movies: HOMESTAR: -tuce. Throw

your funeral: HOMESTAR: Abraham Lincoln

from work: HOMESTAR: -veges. It helps

rough copy: STRONG SAD: -tellectual property.

underlings: STRONG BAD: Get Mrs. Hard-

more armies: HOMESTAR: Saaay

the paper: STRONG BAD: Doesn't quite

mini-golf: STRONG BAD: In this infernal pl-

concert: STRONG BAD: Nope. They're a

hygiene: STRONG BAD: No matter what he does.

original: BUBS: B'zuh!

bike thief: STRONG BAD: Side of this couch

pizza joint: MAN IN PIZZA COSTUME: It burns!

slumber party: STRONG BAD: Can you guys start

web comics: TAKE DAGGER: Hiya

business trip: THE KING OF TOWN: Units? STRONG BAD: What

yes wrestling: HOMESTAR: The power... of

diorama: STRONG BAD: -lupe Hidalgo

nightlife: HOMESTAR RUNNER: More...more

environment: STRONG BAD: -pliant sticker!

winter pool: HOMESTAR: You're such a good

fan club: STRONG BAD: (screams)

pet show: HOMESTAR: Potion. A taste

licensed: (Strong Bad slides) STRONG BAD: What's

buried: BUBS: Is! STRONG SAD: Uh

shapeshifter: COACH Z: Coming to your concession

rated: BUBS: Bake sale!

specially marked: (The Deleted buzzer, and a message reading "SBEMAIL 194 IS NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A 194TH SECOND")

love poems: HOMESTAR: Apples!

hiding: STRONG BAD: Coma!

your edge: STRONG BAD: Where'd you check?

magic trick: STRONG BAD: But now, not only does

being mean: HUNGRY SHARK: Makes me wanna

email thunder: (Strong Bad runs out of Homestar's computer room)

hremail3184: COACH Z: Bad! I was gonna

imaginary: LIL' STRONG BAD: -ti! I'd like you to meet

independent: STRONG BAD: Solid gold sc-

dictionary: STRONG BAD: To Z

videography: STRONG BAD: (chuckles)

sbemail206: ANNOUNCER: For all your consummate

coach z: STINKOMAN: Totally twice

documentary: MR. BLAND: Not the-

switch: STRONG BAD: when I get this-

2,653,421,000: POM POM: But I-

dennis: {the Lappier falls on top of Bubs}

the guy: STRONG MAD: {the cheat noises}

Lappier section construction

Joe the one who has no account here, experimenting with making a Lappier Era for the sbemail page. Making it actually work, rather. Compe section included here because of HTML errors. I copied the Lappy's special screen HTML thing as a placeholder. I'm working on getting it to look good, so please edit it until we can actually get it to work. This is how it looks on the page:

Lappier Era

(April 2015 — present)

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