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The Virus strikes again!

This main page has been attacked by The Virus from the email virus. Weird glitches abound.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Old Man, Bad Graphics Ghost, Biscuitdoughhandsman, Monte Negro, Bubs, Strong Bad

Place: Computer Room

Icon: Edgar

Page title: "Drop a train on em!"

Date: December 5, 2004


Button Effects

  • Toons — The museum button falls down to the bottom of the screen and takes out "sb emails" and "contact" on the navbar. Placing the cursor over the button a second time returns these back to their normal locations.
  • Games — The right side of the table turns black and has a red wireframe grid on it, while the No Loafing sign turns into HTML code. Part of Peasant's Quest becomes visible on the right side of the screen, and we can see the lake with the Old Man fishing. Placing the cursor over the button a second time returns things back to normal.
  • Characters — Homestar speaks in the loud, distorted noise that Marzipan had in the email virus and the computer on the desk changes to one of several other computers (see list below; each computer is accompanied by the relevant version of disk media, except with the Pom Pilot).
  • DownloadsHomestar Runner's head switches to the old drawing style, and several popups appear on screen. Each time a popup appears, a clip of the Visor Robot saying "fhqwhgads" is heard. Biscuitdoughhandsman appears in the popups reading "Make millions doing nothing!!" and Monte Negro appears in the popup reading "Click here to WIN an e-Vacation!!". Cory from the That A Ghost toon also appears, along with the sandwich from Main Page 5 with a voice similar to Coach Z's voice saying, "Quarter cheese plate scattered-smothered-covered." Eventually the startup screen for Edgar the Virus Hunter covers the whole screen. Bubs (in his Powered by The Cheat style from mile) gets superimposed intermittently over Edgar's face and says, "...some of my buses!"
  • Store — Homestar says "All right!" instead of "Store!", and his head floats to the right and into the black. As soon as his head stops moving it instantly faces to the right instead of to the left. Also, the "Store" button stretches out horizontally a little more each time you hover over it. It will stretch twenty-one times, and will revert to its original size on the twenty-second, but it will only change size when you hover over the normal-sized icon.
  • Email — Homestar's head returns to its oldschool drawing style again, and a very misshapen Strong Bad with Marzipan's ponytail appears in the black to the left and says, "Things were just about to start getting crazy-go-nuts!" A duck from Duck Guardian appears in the lower right in the black and explodes, revealing some HTML code, and another duck appears over Strong Bad's mouth and explodes.
    • The misshapen Strong Bad has a bigger gap between his slightly rotated legs.
    • The egg-shape of Strong Bad's head is upside down, his mouth and eyes are further apart and he speaks in his older voice.
    • His head and right arm are over-sized.

Fun Facts


  • Like the Strong Bad Email on which the page is based (virus), the navbar is in the same Flash file as the page itself.
  • The main link at the bottom always leads to Main Page 1.
  • The Store button does not change colors when hovered over. This is the only instance of this on any main page, aside from Main Page 15's E-Mail button.
  • You can click on the museum link after it falls, but not the navbar links that it crushes ("sb email" and "contact").
  • The sound made when one of the popups opens when you mouse-over Downloads is the same noise Strong Bad made when a "Message Thyme" window opened up in marzipan.
  • Until Main Page 23 was released, this page and Main Page 21 were inaccessible using the "main" link on the navbar.
  • The labels on the disks in the floppy disk container read "oregon trail" and "oregon trail 2".
  • While TrogdorCon '97 was the new short, scrolling over "new short!" would make half of the Cheat's horn (from that short) appear. Clicking on the horn would start the short.


  • In order, the computers you can get from the Characters button are as follows (starting with the Shotgunned Compy 386):
  • The floppy disk in the Floppy Disk Container says "Oregon Trail 2" for the Broken Compy, Compy with system report, and The Lappy. For both of the Tandys, it says "Oregon Trail". There are no labels on the CDs next to The Cheat's computer.
  • Each button has a different font and/or style.
    • The Toons button has the regular button font (Bauhaus Thin).
    • The Games button has the navbar button font. If you view the Flash file and zoom in, you'll see the Games text seem to change to bold. This is because the text isn't embedded into the Flash file, but rather being read from your computer. To put it simply, zoomed out it's a 12 point font, but zoomed in, it's 72. It also changes font type when clicked.
    • The Characters button has the "Last Updated" font from the upper-right corner of the main page (Comix Heavy). The word "Characters" turns yellow when hovered above and it also changes green when clicked.
    • The Store button has the font from the "Latest Updates" buttons (Potrezebie). Also, when it is clicked, only the word moves downwards, not the button.
    • The Downloads and E-mail buttons are the older-style buttons from Old Main Page 6, Luau Main Page, and Main Page 10. These have a plain, solid-colored background unlike the newer style with shaded button backgrounds.
  • The HTML Code revealed when the duck from Duck Guardian explodes is "<html stuff><body><href>combledon".
  • When the random toon ("rando") and Podstar Runner ("podcast") links were added to the navbar, The Brothers Chaps forgot or chose not to update this page, as the navbar had to be embedded into the SWF movie in order to make it technically possible for the H*R logo to fall on the "sbemail" and "contact" links.
  • There is a Shotgunned Compy in the background, yet if it had been shot, it would seem to suggest that the viruses would be gone.
  • The Quote of the Week, Sketchbook, Fan Stuff, and Random Toon boxes appear slightly to the left of where they usually are. This also affects toons that pop up, like Biz Cas Fri 1.
    • This is because the menu has some black space on both sides, altering where the boxes are supposed to anchor themselves.
    • This glitch also pops up on the Strong Bad's Room Main Page for the same reasons.
  • When the takin' a baby break main page message was posted, the pop-up would appear behind Homestar's head.


  • There is a sound glitch in the Characters button. If you repeatedly play the glitched sound by hovering over 'Characters', all the sound in the file will stop for a few seconds.
  • If you roll over the Store button 16 or more times, to make it grow, then roll over the Downloads button, you can still see the left edge of the Store button when Edgar pops up.
  • If you highlight Downloads link, to start the animation for it, and quickly highlight Characters, Homestar's mouth opens but doesn't close, even after removing the cursor from the Characters link. This is fixed when you highlight another link.
  • When the Edgar Virus Ware comes up on the screen, move your mouse to where the store link is and you will see Homestar's head appear.
  • If you highlight the email button, click down on it, and pull your cursor off the screen without letting go, then trigger the Edgar Virus Ware, distorted Strong Bad and the html code will stay on screen.

Inside References

  • Strong Bad's line "Things were just about to start getting crazy-go-nuts!" is from the toon The Luau.
  • There are many references to the Strong Bad Email virus:
    • "Drop a train on 'em!" is what Strong Bad said when he ran Edgarware in virus.
    • Part of the desk becoming a red vector grid is from virus.
    • In virus, Homestar Runner also had The Homestar Runner's torso.
    • The sound Homestar makes when you scroll over the Characters button is taken from the noises Marzipan made in virus.
    • Pop-ups also appeared at the same parts of the screen in virus.
    • Homestar Runner's head also came off in virus.
    • Strong Bad's body becoming unporportional and getting Marzipan's hair style is also from virus.
  • The "fhqwhgads" sound clip is from Everybody to the Limit.
  • Powered by The Cheat Bubs and his line are from the Strong Bad Email mile.
  • Homestar's quip of "All right!" is taken from the Homestar Talker.
  • Homestar's head turning backwards when going out of the screen may refer to Main Page 10.
  • After the Duck Guardian duck explodes, it leaves behind an html script, which was also present in Main Page 18.

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