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*"Cheatachu72" is also The Cheat's username when he bids on the breakfast burrito in [[english paper]].
*"Cheatachu72" is also The Cheat's username when he bids on the breakfast burrito in [[english paper]].
*Strong Bad uses "Video Thyme" (similar to "Message Thyme") to communicate with Larry in [[death metal]].
*Strong Bad uses "Video Thyme" (similar to "Message Thyme") to communicate with Larry in [[death metal]].
*The sign leaning against a cinder block is seen again in [[Where U Goin' 2?]], albeit with something else written on it.
== DVD Version ==
== DVD Version ==

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Strong Bad Email #59
watch dragon huttah!
"Say you like me."
This article is about the Strong Bad Email. For the character, see Marzipan.

Strong Bad tries to prove that Marzipan loves him.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Marzipan

Places: Computer Room, The Field

Computer: Compy 386

Date: Monday, January 20, 2003

Running Time: 2:15

Page Title: Compy 386!

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two



STRONG BAD: There once was a man named email, and he did his best for a while.

{Reading email}

{Strong Bad stumbles with the second sentence, saying "The only female I've eev see sageento—". He starts the sentence over, this time without stumbling. Also, he pronounces "Ohio" as "Owa-hoh"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} What are you talkin about, Emily? Marzipan can't keep her hands offa me! In fact, I had to change my screen name cause she was buggin me so much. {clears screen} I'd be like, tryin' to write an email like... {typing} "Dear The Cheat" {stops typing} And then—

{message comes up: "hooray4dolphins: 'sup strong bad? i heart you so much."}

STRONG BAD: — it'd come up, and I'd be like close the window. {closes message, continues typing} "Anyways, The Cheat, I was going"—

{message comes up: "hooray4dolphins: i like all your muscles," Strong Bad closes it}

STRONG BAD: — "to ask you"—

{message comes up: "hooray4dolphins: do you go hooray 4 dolphins? i do," Strong Bad closes it}

STRONG BAD: — "if I could borrow"—

{message comes up: "hooray4dolphins: (a long string of characters typed in Webdings font)," Strong Bad closes it}

STRONG BAD: — "that big knife"—

{message comes up: "hooray4dolphins: are you trying to fade me?," Strong Bad closes it, clears the screen, and continues typing}

STRONG BAD: And if that's not enough proof {types "enüff prüf"}, just watch this...

{Scene cuts to Marzipan out in the field next to a sign laying against a cinder block saying Free Concert For Birds}

MARZIPAN: {singing} Oh yeah, oh yeah, and I really don't like him at all.

STRONG BAD: So, uh... {Combs back nonexistent "hair" and puts his comb into the back of his pants} Is that another song about Homestar?

MARZIPAN: No, it's about you.

STRONG BAD: About being in love with me?

MARZIPAN: That's disgusting. And I don't like your outfit.

STRONG BAD: Well, I'm not telling you my new screen name.

MARZIPAN: Well... I don't even know what a scream name is, so there you go. And if you'd please leave now, because I'm tinkering with my guitar.

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, well? Say you like me.

MARZIPAN: No, leave me alone.

STRONG BAD: Say you like me?


STRONG BAD: Then do you like {quickly and quietly} Strong Bad?

MARZIPAN: No! You're just saying your name fast. Go away.

STRONG BAD: What about that guy who's brothers with Strong Mad and {quickly and quietly} Strong Sad?

MARZIPAN: That's still you! No!

STRONG BAD: Then how about this one? Do you don't not dislike not Strong Bad?

MARZIPAN: Uh... I guess...

STRONG BAD: See! I told you you loved me! Ooh! I knew it all along! Wait until my friend Emily from Ohio {pronounces it "O-hee-oh"} hears this!!! Oooh, I knew she loves me! {gibberish}

MARZIPAN: Whatever... Come on Carol, let's rock.

{Scene cuts back to Strong Bad's computer room. Three messages pop up from The Cheat:}

cheatachu72: yo SB! you there? you still want that knife?
cheatachu72: ello?
cheatachu72: i gots to jet. makin' a video for a client
cheatachu72 has signed off {sign off is punctuated by a vocalized imitation of AOL Instant Messenger's sign off sound}

{The Paper comes down.}

{After a while, a message pops up from Strong Sad:}

depressio111117: vinegar toast? did you really think i'd fall for that?

Easter Eggs

  • At the end, click on "video for a client" in The Cheat's last message to see a Powered by The Cheat music video for Marzipan's song. See also the visuals from the music video.
MARZIPAN: Come on, Carol, let's rock.
{Marzipan sings:}
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
And I really don't like him at all.
MARZIPAN: Thank you! {Birds chirp} Those are the birds.

Fun Facts


Don't decode this
  • The Webdings message translates to:
    hooray4dolphins: i seriou
    sly hope you
    didn't somehow
    decode this. it
    would make me real
  • Strong Sad's message is a reference to how Mike Chapman once tried to feed his brother Matt cupcakes with toothpaste in them, only to have the younger brother retaliate with vinegar toast. (From ajc interview)
  • When this email first came out, The Brothers Chaps registered the AIM screen name hooray4dolphins. It was always online with an away message, saying that Marzipan wasn't really using that screen name, since she doesn't use computers.
  • This email marks the first appearance of Marzipan's guitar Carol. She had previously been seen in The Luau playing a ukelele with an M on it.


  • Strong Bad says that "Marzipan can't keep her hands offa" him, but Marzipan doesn't have any visible hands.
  • Besides "Do you like Strong Bad," the quadruple negative "Don't not dislike not Strong Bad" could be interpreted to mean that Marzipan dislikes everyone except Strong Bad, rather than specifically liking him.
  • In The Cheat's video, Marzipan's guitar reads "Carl" instead of "Carol".
  • In the shot when Marzipan claims she doesn't know what a screen name is, the field behind her is a much older version of the current field.


  • If you turn up the contrast at the very end of the email when the IMs are on the screen, the IM boxes don't change with the rest of the screen. They just stay black.
    • Strong Bad's reflection is also not visible in the IMs, even though they are the same color as the screen.
  • Also, after Strong Sad's message pops up, if you watch Marzipan's video, Strong Sad's message reappears afterwards.
  • Marzipan blinks over her closed eyes twice.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The IM boxes that pop up on Strong Bad's computer look like those seen in Microsoft Windows 3.X, which definitely fits with Strong Bad's computer, as the 3.X series was made for the then-state-of-the-art 386 PCs.
  • This email is the second time we see The Cheat's screen name, which is cheatachu72. This is obviously a reference to the Pokémon Pikachu, to whom The Cheat shares an incredible likeness.
  • Marzipan's supposed screen name, "hooray4dolphins", is an example of Internet Slang.

Fast Forward

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.
    • The commentary continues into the "Yeah Yeah" music video Easter egg.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, Marzipan)

MIKE: Marzipan.

MATT: Speaking of Marzipan, look who's here.

MARZIPAN: Hi, guys.


MATT: {simultaneously} Hi, Marzipan.

MIKE: How does it feel to be featured in your very own Strong Bad Email?

MARZIPAN: It feels about normal.

MATT AND MIKE: {simultaneously} Yeah.


MATT: It's got your name. It's got your name all over it.


MIKE: There it is, I'm pointing to it right now.

MARZIPAN: I see. I, uh—I thought this was a particularly thoughtful email.

MIKE: Yeah?

MARZIPAN: And, um, I thought the costume design was very good.

MIKE: There's... Yeah?

MARZIPAN: My—my outfit.

MIKE: It's the same one you're always wearing.

MATT: Well... It's a good outfit, right?

MARZIPAN: Well... Sometimes I change.

MIKE: Oh, okay.

MATT: Oh, an interesting note about that last one that popped up was, uh, it spelled out something, and, what was it—

MIKE: It was in, like—

MATT: —it spelled out "I really hope you didn't translate this. That would make me sad." And of course—

MIKE: And it was in, like, Webdings—

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: Or some Dingbats or something and people translated it.

MATT: It made me really sad.

MIKE: Yeah.

MARZIPAN: Did you notice you reversed my eyes on this one?

MATT: I—look, I—

MIKE: I think they are—

MATT: I don't know...

MIKE: I think we did something wrong.

MATT: But they'd be—make sense in perspective, right? The smaller eyes...

MIKE: But that wasn't why—that's not why...

MATT: She just has one—one eye smaller than the other?

MIKE: Yeah, just like Strong... Just like Strong Ma—er, uh...

MARZIPAN: That's why I get confused later, because I can barely see Strong Bad while I'm talking to him.

MATT: Oh-ho, see Mike, it's your fault. You put her eyes on backwards.

MIKE: Well... uh, we'll look into that.

MARZIPAN: Plus everyone forgot to bring the birds in that day, so no one showed up. There were no extras.

MIKE: Uh, I don't think anyone wanted to hear your song, maybe.

MATT: Mmm, it was a pretty good song.

MIKE: How was the, uh, did you market it very much? That concert? What promoter did you use?

MATT: Pass out flyers?


MATT: Go down to the Whole Foods?

MARZIPAN: You've got to realize this is all acting. You know, this is just not what I usually do.

MATT: What do you usually do?

MARZIPAN: Well I'm usually gardening.

MATT: So is—is the playing a guitar all just part of your character?

MARZIPAN: Yeah. I mean, I play it sometimes, but...for this, you know. I'm—I have a much better guitar than that, usually.

MATT: {laughs} What's its name?

MIKE: Carol... Is that just a prop?

MARZIPAN: It is a prop.

MATT: What's your guitar's name?


MIKE: Carol and Joan, huh?

Easter Egg Commentary

MIKE: So here's your video...Marzipan.

MATT: The Cheat misspelled the name of your—your prop guitar there.

MIKE: Yeah, he calls it Carl.

MARZIPAN: I know, I know. That's okay.

MATT: Did you help, like, do the art direction on this one?

MIKE: {almost simultaneously} Have you ever been before?

MARZIPAN: Uh, uh, I did actually. I—I like The Cheat a lot. {slight pause} See? There was only one bird there.

Fun Facts

  • Whole Foods is a grocery store specializing in organic food (the kind of place Marzipan would shop).

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