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Homestar Runner Goes for The Gold! (toon)

The following transcript has been made using unofficial sources and may have transcription errors. Read at your own risk.

Remake of Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold!. Homestar Runner and Strong Bad go and dust off some memoirs. Shown at both of the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows.

Cast (in order of appearance): {{Film|Homestar Runner}}, {{Film|Strong Bad}}, {{Film|The Homestar Runner (storybook)}}, {{Film|Pom Pom}}, {{Film|Mr. Bland}}, {{Film|Strong Mad}}, {{Film|Tiny-Handed Strong Bad}}, {{Film|Strong Sad}}, {{Film|The Cheat}}, {{Film|Dijjery-Doo}}, {{Film|The Announcer}}, {{Film|The Grape Fairie}}, {{Film|The Fat Bee}}, {{Film|The Sneak}}, {{Film|The Prince of Town}}

Places: The Field, Storybook World

Running Time: 6:00


{The Field is visible in the background in full color as the foreground is silhouetted with a shed to the left. The entrance of a house is seen to the right in the same silhouetted fashion. Music begins playing and Homestar Runner and Strong Bad are seen leaving the house and walking towards the shed.}

{Zoom in full to the shed with Homestar Runner and Strong Bad}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh man, Strong Bad. You're not gonna believe this thing. {opens front shed door} Wait until you see this thing! {Takes out a large container, drops it in front of Strong Bad, and opens the lid} This thing's gonna take a life! Blow your mind! Break your nose!

STRONG BAD: And shut the dang up and let's see it already!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay. Okay. Um. It's um... It's right... um... {starts looking back and forth frantically}

STRONG BAD: Homestar, did you ramble on for some long that you forgot what you were going to show me?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um, no. And furthermore, no. {looks into the container} And it, um, is... {pulls a rubber burger out of the container} Squeakburger. {squeezes it twice} Burger burger.

STRONG BAD: {looking down into the container} Whoa! Look at this! {grabs an item from the container}

{Cut to view of Strong Bad holding the book}

STRONG BAD: The Homestar Runner and The Brothers Strong? An unfinished second children's book by Mike & Craig?! {Mike's name is covered with a brown marker and Craig's name is blurred out and censor tones play as Strong Bad says their names.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I've never heard of either one of them. I think those are terrible!

STRONG BAD: Come on, let's read it right dang now!

{Cut to a storybook cover of Homestar Runner standing in front of a red and yellow submarine with a white star on it.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: The Homestar Runner and the Bathyscaphe. A book where I take an underwater intrigue, man. Underwater pant.

{The storybook cover bursts as a cloud}

STRONG BAD: Uh, maybe I should read it.

{Cut to storybook cover of Homestar Runner and the Brothers Strong}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} The Homestar Runner and the Brothers Strong, aka Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold aka, old glue turns gross and brown and you let it sit around for 10 years. {the title changes as he says the alternate names}

{transition to the first page of the book}

STRONG BAD: Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: {moves up} Ding!

{page turn}

STRONG BAD: Tomorrow is the annual triathlon. {Cut to a scene with Pom Pom, Homestar Runner, and Mr. Bland all practising} Homestar Runner's team, the All-Stars {says All-Stars sluggishly and the respective words sink on the page} is practicing as we speak.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whistle loud, Pom Pom! {blows his whistle} Come on guys! Whistle to the max! {blows his whistle multiple times}

{Cut to Strong Mad, Tiny-Handed Strong Bad, and Strong Sad in the Storybook Field with the Jam Box.}

STRONG BAD: The Homestar Runner's rivals, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad {says Strong Sad sluggishly and the respective words on the page sink} are having a hot team meeting.

TINY-HANDED STRONG BAD: Strong Sad. You are too weak. You must be replaced by ... {The Cheat walks up from the right and makes a The Cheat noise} Dijjery-Doo! {The word "Dijjery-Doo" does not appear in the text box below. Dijjery-Doo walks up from the right side as The Cheat makes a displeased noise and black smoke rises from his head.}

{Cut back to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad reading the storybook in the Storybook Field}

STRONG BAD: The heck is Dijjery-Doo?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I tried to warn ya. I washed my hands before this whole affair.

STRONG BAD: I guess he looks kinda cool. Maybe he'll turn out all right.

{Cut back to the storybook with Tiny-Handed Strong Bad and Dijjery-Doo}

DIJJERY-DOO: Hey Strong Bad. I just want to say how happy I am to be part of the team. And the— ah! {Dijjery-Doo's right tooth falls out as both Dijjery-Doo and Tiny-Handed Strong Bad look at it. The last sentence does not appear in the text box.}

TINY-HANDED STRONG BAD: I'm immediately regretting this decision.

STRONG BAD: Said uncharacteristically candid Strong Bad.

{Cut to the All-Stars training as Strong Sad walks dejectedly in the foreground}

STRONG BAD: Rejected, Strong Sad moped pass the All-Stars.

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: What's {blows his whistle multiple times} wrong? {blows his whistle even more}

STRONG BAD: [asked The Homestar Runner.] said the greatest communicator on the planet.

{Cut to close-up shot with just Strong Sad and The Homestar Runner}

STRONG SAD: My brothers kicked me off the team and replaced me with Dijjery-Doo. {Strong Sad is interrupted at "Dijj—"}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: {interrupting} Yeah, yeah. We know all that. Chin up and start getting ready for next year.

{Cut to wider shot of Homestar and Pom Pom walking to the right as Mr. Bland does cartwheels.}

STRONG BAD: ...said The Homestar Runner as they left to compete.

{Cut to a silhouetted shot of everybody at the starting line}

STRONG BAD: All the teams lined up for the first event. {cut to shot of the banner above the starting line} Running!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm getting chills to see how I dominated this one!

{Pan down to the starting line with just Pom Pom and Strong Mad}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Wait, what? {music stops} Pom Pom?

{Cut back to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad reading the book in The Field}

STRONG BAD: I'm more worried about how this is clearly roller-skating. Is that what they called running in the mid-nineties?

THE ANNOUNCER: Ready! Set! {Strong Mad starts skating} Go! {Pom Pom starts skating}

STRONG BAD: Strong Mad gets an early lead. And wins!

{Cut to a scoreboard}

STRONG BAD: After the first time, the Strong Stars have a lead. {The Grape Fairie appears and changes the Strong Star's score to 1} On to the next event: {Cut to The Homestar Runner and Tiny-Handed Strong Bad at the pool} Swimming! {Cut to The Homestar Runner on his submarine} The Homestar Runner wins! What?!

{Cut back to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad in The Field}

STRONG BAD: You get a friggin' submarine and all's I get is a fish crammed through my head?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, you know. Standard Collegiate Swimming Rules. Please chant them.

{Cut to the Grape Fairie with a giant scroll with the title "Standard Collegiate Swimming Rules". Rules appear on the scroll as the Grape Fairie says them.}

THE GRAPE FAIRIE: Rule 1: The Homestar Runner gets a state-of-the-art bathyscaphe-type situation. Rule 2: Strong Bad... fish crammed through his head.

{Cut back to the scoreboard as The Grape Fairie adds a point to the All-Star's score}

STRONG BAD: Now his team is even with Strong Bad's team. Whoever wins the last event gets the gold!

{Cut to the Storybook Field with a banner above it reading "FLYING!". Mr. Bland and Dijjery-Doo and seen, with Mr. Bland a pair of wings and Dijjery-Doo a small propeller.}

STRONG BAD: Everyone's ready for the flying event! {Cut to a close-up of Mr. Bland as The Cheat walks up to him} Suddenly, Strong Bad's minion {The Cheat makes agreeing noises} the sneak, {The Sneak, with no storybook stylizing, walks up in front of The Cheat in front of Mr. Bland with a wooden baseball bat in his mouth. The Cheat walks away angrily with black smoke over his head.} cripples Mr. Bland. {Mr. Bland and The Sneak devolve into a fighting cloud of dust as The Sneak emerges fine and Mr. Bland badly injured and his wings beaten up} Everyone else takes off. {Dijjery-Doo's propeller begins to turn and he abruptly takes off}

{Cut to Pom Pom and The Homestar Runner looking at the crippled Mr. Bland}

STRONG BAD: What will the All-Stars do?

{Cut to The Homestar Runner in the foreground and Strong Sad in the background}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Sad, come take these broken wings {holds up Mr. Bland's broken wings} and learn to fly.

{There is a white flash as it cuts back to before The Homestar Runner says his line to Strong Sad}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Sad, you've got to fly. {holds up Mr. Bland's broken wings} Fly to the angels.

{There is a white flash as it cuts back to before The Homestar Runner says his line to Strong Sad}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Sad, you're motoring. {holds up Mr. Bland's broken wings} What's your price for flight?

STRONG BAD: said Homestar.

{Cut to a team picture of Pom Pom with skates, Strong Sad with the broken wings, and The Homestar Runner with swimming equipment}

STRONG BAD: Strong Sad was now an All-Star. They were back in business! {cut to a silhouette of the Storybook Field as Strong Sad and Dijjery-Doo are both in the sky flying} Strong Sad was making all kinds of ground. {Cut to a close-up of Strong Sad} He sure has a knack for this flying stuff.

STRONG SAD: I'm glad that I'm flying! {Strong Sad suddenly sports long legs with red heels, akin to Strong Glad's design. He starts flying faster, and he looks behind at his new legs.} Woo-hoo!

{Cut to Tiny-Handed Strong Bad}


{Cut to The Homestar Runner}

THE HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pause} Just no. {closes his eyes, then opens one}

{Coach Z pops up from the left}

COACH Z: I am into this!

{Cut to Bubs}

BUBS: I don't like it! And I am now in this book.

{Cut back to the cover of Homestar Runner and The Brothers Strong as a sticker reading "now with 100% more Bubs!" is slapped onto it}

{Cut back to Dijjery-Doo in the sky}

STRONG BAD: Dijjery-Doo was being passed by the high-flying Strong Sad.

TINY-HANDED STRONG BAD: Dijjery do something, Dijjery-Doo.

STRONG BAD: said master wordsmith Strong Bad. {cut back to Dijjery-Doo} He made a last-ditch effort to sabotage the All-Stars.

DIJJERY-DOO: {This text does not appear in the text box at the bottom} Okay, Strong Bad. I've got {pulls out a red and yellow missile} this little thing here. Oh! {Dijjery-Doo fumbles with the missile as his right tooth falls out. He falls from the sky with the missile in his hands.}

{Cut to Tiny-Handed Strong Bad looking up as Dijjery-Doo's disembodied right-tooth pierces Strong Bad's head and he falls on his back. Dijjery-Doo lands on top of Tiny-Handed Strong Bad as the missile subsequently explodes. Dijjery-Doo's propellor is destroyed and part of Tiny-Handed Strong Bad's head is blown off.}

STRONG BAD: Dijjery-Doo's plan backfired. {music stops} Uh, yeah, you think? You sure you didn't want to use any more adjectives there? Like, catastrophically head-chunkularly {both words are are added to the book in Strong Bad's handwriting} backfired? Maybe?

{Cut to the scoreboard as The Grape Fairie raises the All-Star's score to 2}

STRONG BAD: The All-Stars win! {cut to the whole storybook crew as Strong Sad stands in the middle with a medallion and glamerous legs} Getting the gold for The Homestar Runner changed Strong Sad. He is now Strong Glad.

{The music in the background raises in volume as Strong Sad begins to dance. The rest of the storybook characters begin to back away.}

{Cut to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad in The Field reading the storybook}

STRONG BAD: Yo, is this gonna leave Strong Sad with those... {his mouth trembles} those...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: HLLs? Hot Lady Legs? Yeah. I told you it was terrible!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, man. That piece of masking tape knows what it's talking about. That was some premium grade-A {cut to masking tape with the words "old H*R crap" written on it} old Homestar Runner crap.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well, hey, look! {holds up whistle} I found my old whistle! {makes whistle sounds, but not with the whistle}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, uh, I don't think you're using that right.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {continues to make more whistle noises} And so dings a great new era in Homestar Runner talk! {makes more whistle noises}


{Homestar Runner makes more whistle noises as he walks off-screen to the right}

STRONG BAD: Fantastic.

{Cut to silhouette of the shed and the house as Homestar Runner walks to his house while making whistle noises}

STRONG BAD: I sure hope this continues for the next 20 years. {Homestar peeks out of his house making more whistle noises}

{Cut to the Homestar Runner logo with the star replaced with a whistle and the numbers "1996 - 2016" below it. The whistle moves as Homestar Runner makes more whistle noises}

Fun Facts


Inside References

  • Dijjery-Doo, Strong Glad, and the book itself were all in sketches from the Museum sketchbook.
  • Strong Sad's line "I'm glad that I'm flying!" is a reference to the "I'm sad that I'm flying" inside joke.

Real World References

External Links


homestarrunnerdotcom Channel Logo
This article is about the the YouTube channel. For the website, see

homestarrunnerdotcom is the official YouTube channel for uploads of Homestar Runner cartoons. It was first registered on October 1, 2007, but remained inactive until early 2009 when it began to see uploads of DVD versions of toons, including a few that were previously DVD exclusives. It was proven that the account is official when an alternate version of independent was released there exclusively. Most animations are provided in 720p HD, however some are supplied in 480p or 1080p.

The channel was active until December 17, 2009, and was inactive until September 24, 2014, when a new icon, a One Channel banner, and a few playlists ("Strong Bad Emails", "Halloween Cartoons", "Teen Girl Squad", "Decemberween Toons", "Puppet Stuff", and "Live Action Crap") were added. Strong Bad Emails were also renamed to include their numbers. In more recent uploads, Easter egg scenes featured in toons at the end were added, alongside fake thumbnails in order to fake an ending to the video.

On March 27, 2015, a direct link to the homestarrunnerdotcom channel was added to the main site through a button in the NavBar, replacing the old Subscribe button.

Channel Description

Cartoons and more from the website featuring waggly, animated animal characters
like Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and Cherry Greg. Also Trogdor! We should probably mention Trogdor,
right? Oh man, this description is getting totally great! You can even PAUSE these videos unlike that
busted old website! Also they have better quality sound! But none of those hidden easter eggs. YouTube
doesn't know how to do that yet. Hey! That's one reason to keep Flash around! ONE!


Release Date Toon Description Watch Running
1March 31, 2009 Guitar Strong Bad shows off his guitar skills. watch 1:36
2March 31, 2009 Techno Strong Bad makes a techno song. watch 1:18
3March 31, 2009 Comic Strong Bad makes a comic about Brittany and her friends. watch 2:04
4March 31, 2009 Dragon Strong Bad teaches the world how to draw a dragon. watch 3:30
5March 31, 2009 Japanese Cartoon Strong Bad makes a Japanese cartoon. watch 2:06
6March 31, 2009 Kids' Book Strong Bad makes a kids' book called "Everyone is Different." watch 2:06
7March 31, 2009 Virus Strong Bad's Compy 386 gets a virus. watch 4:09
8April 1, 2009 Bottom 10 Strong Bad lists his bottom 10. watch 4:43
9April 1, 2009 Death Metal Strong Bad gives lessons in making a death metal song. watch 3:56
10May 12, 2009 Everybody to the Limit The Cheat makes a video of Strong Bad's #1 summer jam.The Cheat makes a video for Strong Bad's #1 summer jam. watch 1:57
11May 12, 2009 Different Town Strong Bad sings about how he would make his town different. watch 3:00
12May 12, 2009 Montage Strong Bad creates a montage. watch 3:23
13May 13, 2009 Video Games Strong Bad describes what his video game would be like on various systems. watch 3:03
14May 13, 2009 Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer Rather Dashing and Trogdor battle in the film adaptation of the text adventure Peasant's Quest. watch 2:56
15May 29, 2009 Sample of Style Mike and Matt Chapman give a behind the scenes look at how Matt does the character voices. watch 4:13
16May 29, 2009 Sample of Style Too Mike and Matt Chapman give a behind the scenes look at how they animate their cartoons. watch 4:39
17May 29, 2009 Band Names Strong Bad gives advice on choosing a band name. watch 1:20
18May 30, 2009 The Movies Strong Bad describes how annoying moviegoers can be. watch 4:00
19May 30, 2009 Theme Park Strong Bad describes what the Strong Badia theme park would be like. watch 4:20
20June 29, 2009 CGNU Strong Bad lets you know how to become a graduate of Crazy Go Nuts University. watch 1:22
21June 29, 2009 Action Figure Strong Bad details the features of his own action figure. watch 1:51
22June 29, 2009 Radio Strong Bad describes various radio host styles. watch 4:07
23June 30, 2009 Best Thing Strong Bad describes the best thing he's ever seen, done or eaten. watch 4:16
24June 30, 2009 Pizza Joint Strong Bad opens a pizza joint to score some chicks. watch 4:15
25June 30, 2009 I Love You Strong Bad gets an email from Fhqwhgads. watch 1:02
26June 30, 2009 50 Emails In honor of his 50th email, Strong Bad answers 50 emails. watch 2:51
27July 1, 2009 Slumber Party Strong Bad gives some advice on attending a slumber party. watch 4:17
28August 3, 2009 Fan Club Strong Bad realizes fan clubs and fan fiction aren't be so bad after all. watch 4:30
29August 3, 2009 Invisibility Strong Bad describes a day of invisibility. watch 1:55
30August 3, 2009 Sisters Strong Bad receives an email from two sisters asking if he has a girlfriend. watch 1:46
31August 3, 2009 Some Kinda Robot Strong Bad answers the age old question of whether he takes his mask and boxing gloves off before he goes to bed. watch 0:51
32August 3, 2009 Your Funeral Strong Bad details his off the hook funeral plans. watch 4:03
33August 17, 2009 Rap Song The Cheat makes a video for Coach Z's Rap Song accidentally featuring Peacey P. watch 2:42
34August 17, 2009 Dangeresque 3 Strong Bad offers the digitally remastered director's cut of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too? watch 5:00
35August 17, 2009 Email Thunder Strong Bad realizes Homestar is trying to steal his email thunder. watch 5:20
36August 18, 2009 TGS 12 The Teen Girl Squad celebrate Valentime's Day. watch 3:22
37August 18, 2009 TGS 15 The Teen Girl Squad go to the Priggidy Prizom. watch 4:15
38September 2, 2009 Donut Unto Others Homestar Runner opens his very own doughnut stand. watch 4:00
39September 2, 2009 For Kids Strong Bad describes what his television show for kids would be like. watch 3:29
40September 2, 2009 Geddup Noise Strong Bad explains what happened to the Geddup Noise. watch 3:44
41September 2, 2009 Independent Strong Bad explains the difference between indie and independent films. watch 4:39
42September 3, 2009 TGS 14 The Teen Girl Squad get ready for the end of the school year. watch 3:51
43September 8, 2009 TGS 13 The Teen Girl Squad try out babysitting. watch 3:31
44September 8, 2009 Animal Strong Bad gets a laptop computer and details what his own made up animal would be like. watch 4:09
45September 8, 2009 Blubbo-O's Commercial Checkout Blubbo-O's latest commercial. watch 1:57
46September 9, 2009 Space Program Strong Bad describes Strong Badia's space program, SBASAF. watch 3:50
47September 9, 2009 Trudgemank The Cheat makes a video for Taranchula featuring Peacey P. watch 1:50
48September 9, 2009 Myths & Legends Strong Bad tells the legendary legend of the Bear Holding a Shark. watch 3:00
49September 9, 2009 2 Part Episode: Part 2 The Topplegangers break into the Headquarters Playset to free Blue Laser Commander. watch 5:19
50September 9, 2009 2 Part Episode: Part 1 There is division within the Cheat Commandos as they attempt to arrest Blue Laser. watch 4:12
51September 16, 2009 TGS 11 The Teen Girl Squad go to summer camp. watch 3:34

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Background Emails

Occasionally, a Strong Bad Email will be seen in the background of a toon and not be acknowledged or explained. These include emails that were sent to Strong Bad as well as responses to emails that it seems that Strong Bad has typed.


  • Email the paper — During the flashback showing past experiences with The Paper, several emails are seen in the background.

See Also

For To

The phrase "for to" is a phrase used by the characters in the Homestar Runner universe that is used in the place of "for" or "to". Initially used in reference to Super Mario 64, the phrase has been used more broadly in later appearances.


See Also

Strong Bad and The Paper's Relationship

Strong Bad has a good relationship with The Paper.

Strong Bad and The Paper Working Together

Strong Bad's Concern for The Paper

  • Email car — Strong Bad calls The Paper "[his] man in the green and white stripes".
  • Email more armies — Strong Bad says of The Paper's poor condition, "That's a bad sign."
  • Email the paper — The entire email focuses on Strong Bad's sadness at The Paper dying.
  • Email bike thief — When New Paper imitates The Paper, Strong Bad says that it makes him feel better.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad is overjoyed to see The Paper come back.
  • Email independent — Strong Bad has the Compé-per play The Paper's "Preeeeow".

Strong Bad and The Paper in Conflict

  • Email 50 emails — Strong Bad is upset when The Paper comes down prematurely.
  • Email the facts — The Paper comes down in response to Homestar, to Strong Bad's chagrin.
  • Email animal — The Paper, not trusting the new Lappy, comes down slowly, then tells Strong Bad, "Enough already."
  • Sick Day — Strong Bad asks The Paper if he can blow his nose on it, causing it to disappear.
  • Email the paper — Strong Bad says that he doesn't like The Paper's goth and peppy phases.

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